Introducing the Mylands Paint Spring 2020 colour palette – a mix of beautiful, rich blues

Inspired by nature, hues of blue set a refreshing tone for the new year

Planning a spring makeover in your home? You’ll want to know the paint colours that are going to be big next year. Thankfully, the Mylands Paint Spring 2020 colour trends have just been announced – and they’re singing the blues in four contrasting tones, from bright and bold through to soft neutrals.

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The Mylands paint spring 2020 colours include Walpole, Morning Blue, Observatory, and FTT 018 from its Film, Television and Theatre paint collection – a colour that was even used on the Harry Potter sets that has now been reincarnated for interiors.

Britain’s oldest family-run paint manufacturer, Mylands’ used its in-house colour experts to carefully curate the palette to reflect the versatility and perennial popularity of blue –from the understated calm of Walpole’s off-white with soft blue-green tones, to the high-impact electric blue of FTT 018.

Mylands paint spring 2020

Blues give a fresh feel to a space and evoke feelings of calm. Often thought of a cool colour, Mylands’ blues will bring warmth to a space through the soft tones and depth of pigments. Each colour can be used on its own or combined with any others within the palette for a harmonious and sophisticated interior. They can also be used with contrasting pinks, greens or greys for a layered look.

The Mylands paint spring 2020 colour palette in detail includes:


Mylands paint spring 2020

A delightful off-white colour with soft blue-green tones, named after Horace Walpole, man of letters.


Mylands paint spring 2020

This calming pale blue colour comes alive in the morning light.


Mylands paint spring 2020

A deeply intense indigo blue inspired by the night sky.

• FTT- 018

Mylands paint spring 2020

An electric blue for high-impact interiors. From Mylands’ Film, Television and Theatre range, this was first created in 2001 for the Harry Potter films. It was used for special effects and has a particular pigment in it that is not used in any other paints.


Mylands’ colours are created to be timeless and enduring, painstakingly developed and handmade by in-house experts at its London-based factory for the last 135 years.

Its unique Marble Matt finish is made with crushed Carrara marble to make it highly durable and scrubbable, and perfectly finished in just two coats for ease of application.

This, together with the high pigment content, means Mylands paints offer unparalleled quality in terms of colour appearance and durability.

Mylands paint spring 2020

Dominic Myland, Managing Director, explains: ‘We have selected this palette because we have seen them growing in popularity recently as result of their prevalence in many different areas, be it nature, art, interiors or fashion.

‘It’s all about blue, its enduring appeal and its versatility. People are often drawn to blue as it is hopefully the first thing we see when we look out of the window in the morning and the last thing we see in the evening as those darker, blue black tones fill the sky.

‘Light blue can be very soothing, and more saturated blues can be stimulating or act as a quieter backdrop for other colours within a space.’

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