Small bedroom ideas – to make the most of a compact space

Keen to make the most out of a small bedroom? Consider these points when it comes to creating a practical and welcoming space.

Looking for small bedroom design ideas? Even the most humble of box rooms has the ability to serve as a comfortable bedroom, and clever use of furniture can turn it into a multi-functional space too, incorporating useful study and storage areas. Careful planning and a dash of inspiration are all that’s needed to maximise a small room’s potential.


Like any small space, the key to a successful compact bedroom is to create adequate storage within a functional layout. Often in a small guest room, a couple of large, hard-working pieces of furniture will create a less cluttered look than several small pieces. 

Consider how the space can serve more than one function, such a doubling up as a workstation too. When square footage is at a premium, try incorporating a wall bed instead of a traditional sofa bed. It takes a standard mattress, offering greater comfort, and can fold away to look like a wardrobe or cabinet, freeing up valuable floor space for a desk and chair. 

Ensure that the surrounding furniture is lightweight so that it can easily be moved to accommodate a pull-down bed. If you have adequate ceiling height, look at bespoke options, such as a simple mezzanine incorporating a sleeping area on a raised platform with a wardrobe or shelving below.


Try to think creatively. If there is no space for a headboard, then paint one on the wall. And in all bedrooms, small or large, a sense of real luxury comes from a good mattress, high thread-count sheets, and a soft rug to step out of bed onto. These are the things that make the most difference to a sense of well-being.

small bedroom ideas

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Another option is to go for a statement bed and little else. If you follow this route, use a bed that offers plenty of in-built hidden storage, or space underneath to store boxes and vacuum bags. Choose bedside tables with multiple drawers either side, or if room does not allow, choose ergonomic wall-mounted lights as seen here.

small bedroom ideas

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Maximise storage by using clever multi-functional furniture where suitable, using the walls and height of the room as well as the floor space. Bespoke fitted furniture is a good option for a small space. 

While freestanding furniture has its uses for both storage and display, there is nothing more efficient than well-designed, fitted furniture that allows you to squeeze every inch of use out of even the most unpromising corner, and in a most streamlined way. 

The key is to wake up to your home’s hidden potential.

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Provide one or two key focal points to draw the eye to the outer spaces of the room, for example a striking piece of artwork, patterned wallpaper or headboard covered in stunning fabric. It only takes one wall to give a room the wow factor. Generally your feature wall will be the one you see first when entering a room but you could choose one behind a key piece of furniture such as behind the bed or sofa

small bedroom ideas

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Decorating schemes will never tire of white but an all-white scheme can make a real statement. Glamorous yet relaxed, mix up different tones of white for a fresh and airy feel. Avoid the 'clinical' look by make sure that there are some elements of natural materials in the room – perhaps wooden furniture or wicker storage baskets.

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A loft conversion can be one of the most straightforward ways to introduce extra space into your home. Given the right loft space, the addition of another bedroom, office or just extra storage will make all the difference and can mean you’re able to stay on in a house that you may have thought was too small – plus it will add value to your home, too.

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Ensuring adequate light is crucial. When it comes to decorating, light colours are a safe and effective choice: sunlight flooding through a roof lights onto crisp, white walls creates an uplifting sense of space. You will also need to think carefully about furniture placement in a loft bedroom, as sloping walls may limit your options.

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A small bedroom can really benefit from rich, luxurious soft furnishings. Your bedroom should be a haven of peace and it should reflect your true self. Simple pattern, subtle textures and soothing colours will create the perfect refuge from the stress of a long day.

small bedroom ideas

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