Ashley Tisdale uses this on-trend feature to create a soft and harmonious look in her neutral living room

The actress's retro-inspired couch taps into the trend of rounded furniture, which experts say gives homes a gentle yet playful appearance

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Ashley Tisdale's forray into the world of interiors has meant that she has been sharing home and design photos both from her brand, Frenshe, and her own page, becoming a consistent source of inspiration for us. The latest photo she posted has been on our minds – it's a living room shot that is as chic as it is cozy.

The High School Musical star's living space features warm wood ceilings, bright double windows, a large plant, and our favorite element: a curved, dijon-mustard-colored couch, which softens the soothing space.

Curved furniture is often associated with retro trends, having been a huge living room staple in sunken living spaces throughout the '70s. However, experts say that we are seeing a resurgence of the style today.

'The allure of curves is experiencing a renaissance in home design,' says designer Nina Lichtenstein. 'Curved furniture, with its soft lines and graceful arcs, is making a significant impact, including in dining rooms, which often incorporate angular lines. This elegant shape not only adds visual interest but also brings a host of benefits that can transform your dining space into a harmonious and inviting gathering spot.'

Not only does it look visually pleasing, but according to Lichtenstein, curved furniture has some body-focused benefits.

'Curved furniture often offers greater comfort than its straight-edged counterparts,' she explains. 'Chairs with rounded backs or armrests provide better support and encourage a more relaxed posture, making dining experiences more enjoyable. A round or oval dining table can also make it easier for everyone to engage in conversation, as there are no sharp corners creating distance.'

As far as colorway and fabrics, Lichtenstein confirms that muted and neutral tones, like the mustard Tisdale has opted for, are ideal picks for curved sofas.

'Choose colors and materials that highlight the elegance of curved furniture,' she says. 'Soft, neutral tones can enhance the calming effect of curves, while bold, contrasting colors can make the shapes stand out.'

She says that rich materials like leather and velvet can further elevate a curved furniture piece.

Overall, Lichtenstein says balance is key in any space with curved furniture.

'To create a harmonious look, balance curved furniture with other elements in the room. Pair a round dining table with curved-back chairs to maintain consistency, or mix in straight-lined pieces to add contrast and keep the space visually interesting.'

Hannah Ziegler
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