Best cordless vacuum cleaners 2024 for versatile, cord-free cleaning

Ditch the power cord for one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners to swiftly clean your home from top to bottom

One of the best cordless vacuum cleaners, the Shark Vertex, cleaning a rug and a wood floor
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An example of what's on sale in the Walmart Deals Holiday Kickoff - a Dyson V8 Vacuum

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The list in brief ↴
1. Best overall: Dyson V15 Detect
2. Best value: Shark Vertex Cordless
3. Best for big homes: Dyson Outsize  
4. Best for allergies: Samsung Bespoke Jet Cordless
5. Best for all floor types: Dyson V10
6. Best for small homes: Dyson V8
7. Best for hard floors: Dyson Omni-Glide
8. Best smart: Tineco Pure ONE
9. Best for carpet: Hoover ONEPWR
10. Best for pet hair: Bissell ICONpet
11. Best budget: Ultenic U12
12. Best handheld: Brigii Handheld
13. Best budget clean base: Ultenic FS1
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The best cordless vacuum cleaners make cleaning convenient. The top models pack a punch when it comes to power, but are still lightweight and easy to use. Many come with a number of useful attachments to enhance how deeply you can clean. 

Our team of vacuum experts examined the market-leading models, from brands such as Dyson, Shark, and Bissell, as well as lesser-known, up and coming models. We put them through a series of rigorous tests to create a shortlist covering every cleaning need.

We take vacuums to our test center to trial them on carpet, wood floors, and linoleum using a wide range of different types of debris to test dust, crumbs, and hair. We also use them at home, especially in homes with pets, to see how they handle pet hair. With increasing amounts of smart technology creeping into cordless vacuums, including some dubious claims about AI, we also consider their features to see if the latest and greatest models can live up to their grand promises. 

There are plenty of cordless vacuums that impressed us, as well as plenty that did the opposite. This guide is our cherry-picked selection of the very best. However, cordless vacuums aren't your only option, and it's worth considering the best vacuums of every type, including the best vacuums for pet hair.  

The quick list

Here's a quick summary of our favorite cordless vacuums, but there's plenty more in-depth information further down the page. Read on or click the navigation links for more details.

The best cordless vacuum cleaners 2024

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The best cordless vacuum overall

A fast favorite with the latest technology and greatest suction power


Battery life: Up to 70 minutes
Dust bin: 0.2gal
Weight: 6.8lb
Power: 230 AW

Reasons to buy

Smart dust detection
Excellent suction across floor types
Numerical cleaning feedback
New anti-tangle hair screw
Incredible suction
Versatile attachments

Reasons to avoid

Laser is only good on hard floors
Have to hold trigger

This is quite simply the best vacuum we've ever tested. We found that it picks up dirt and dander that other vacuums can't pick up. No matter how you cut it, no other cordless vacuum cleans as well as this does. We used this on a dog bed and it cleaned so well that it restored the original color. 

It's also packed with tech. There's a green laser which will illuminate previously invisible dust on surfaces. We found this isn't a gimmick, as it's really useful to see the dust illuminated on hard floors and catch any dirt you may have missed with the naked eye. This laser technology is complimented by a Piezo sensor that measures microscopic dust particles as small as 10 microns in real-time, giving more proof of a deep and effective clean. If that's not enough to have you excited to clean, we found that the anti-tangle conical bar brush prevents any hair tangling, saving you a gross job later on. 

Getting started is as simple as pressing the trigger, which you have to hold the whole time you vacuum. If you want the vacuum to work harder (Eco and Auto were plenty sufficient in our day-to-day cleanings), you have the option to also go into Boost mode, but it shortens the battery time.

There are some Dyson quirks which don't appeal to everyone: a lot of the feedback it gives you is superfluous. Knowing the number of particles it picks up down to the micron is amazing tech but not particularly helpful for the average user. Like all Dysons, you have to hold down the trigger the whole time for it to operate, which can become uncomfortable, especially if you have mobility issues like arthritis. Moreover, it comes with a big price tag, so is best bought at a discount - if you can find one.

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The best cordless vacuum for value

All the luxury features without a premium pricetag


Battery life: Up to 60 minutes
Dust bin: 0.34qts.
Weight: 9.04lb
Power: 281W

Reasons to buy

Easy to store
Super lightweight
Easy to remove dust cup
Does not require a charging hub and charges through a removable battery
Anti-allergen seal traps dust and allergens

Reasons to avoid

Cumbersome to unfurl back up from storage mode
Small dustbin

This vacuum boasts some of the best features on the market. When we tested it, the suction power was like magic. It doesn't look it, but the soft roller can pick up cereal and dust from even the deepest pile carpets. Even better, the anti-hair wrap technology genuinely stops hair wrapping round the brush roll, saving you from cutting it out of the vacuum.

If you have mobility problems, you'll find the Multi-Flex technology immensely useful. It can flex to a 90-degree angle so you can access low areas without bending over, and it's what allows the vacuum to fold in half for compact storage.

In our tests, this could last for up to an hour of vacuuming, by which point you'll probably want a break. However, if you choose to use different modes, such as Boost, it will drain the battery. We only got 12 minutes out of it when it was vacuuming at full suction. 

The other downside of this vacuum were the flexion. Whilst it's good, it is harder to control when you're under low furniture. Compared to other models, our team would spend $50 more and upgrade to the Vertex Pro version which features a more sophisticated LCD display and a slightly larger dust bin. 

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The best cordless vacuum for big homes

A powerhouse with formidable suction and dustbin capacity


Battery life: Up to 120 minutes
Dust bin: 0.5gal
Weight: 7.85lb
Power: 220 AW

Reasons to buy

Incredible suction
Quick to charge
Easy to handle
Versatile attachments

Reasons to avoid

Top heavy
Not Great on Area Rugs

Our experts have a lot to say about the Outsize, but we think the half gallon dustbin, two hours run time, and deep suction speak for itself. If you have a corded vacuum and don't want to compromise on performance, this is the model you need. 

It automatically senses and adapts to floor types. Even better, the digital display shows the exact remaining run time for whichever mode you choose: Eco, Auto, or Boost, so you'll always know just how much time you'll have left on a single battery. Auto was powerful enough for everything we needed on test, and we found it did a particularly good job on carpets. It has an extra-wide floorhead and (relatively) large dustbin too, so it's as capable as a full-size corded vacuum.

We would caution that there is such a thing as too much power. We found that if you have lightweight area rugs around your house, they don't stand a chance with the Outsize +, and will be sucked up into it. Similarly, you may find this is a little top heavy after some time. There was also a small amount of hair wrap on hard floors. 

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