Roomba vs Shark: which robot rules in 2023?

We pit the Roomba vs Shark to see which robot vacuum brand comes out on top

Roomba vs Shark: An iRobot Roomba j7+ and a Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop on a white background
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Since the invention of the robot vacuum in 2002, iRobot have ruled the roost. It's not surprising — their first Roomba was the original robot vacuum. They  literally invented the technology. However, this paved the way for upstart vacuum brands like Shark to develop their own robot vacuums. 

TLDR: Roomba is better, but Shark offer better value. We love the Roomba j7+ — our tests have shown that it's the best robot vacuum. However, its 95% score is narrowly followed by the 90% of the Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop, which retails for $100 cheaper, and often even less if there's a deal running. This is also true of their other products. We liked Roomba's latest robot, the s9+, but with 90% it had a couple of flaws that kept it from the top spot. It was a similar story with the Shark IQ Robot XL, which scored 80%. 

Our verdict? If money's no object, opt for a Roomba, but if your budget is tighter, opt for a Shark. We go into all the detail below. 

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Alex is Head of eCommerce at Homes & Gardens and spends his days trawling the internet for the latest product launches and deals, as well as testing homes products in our specialised test facility. Before H&G, he got his start in consumer journalism reviewing vacuums; his first ever news feature was a robot vacuum test, and after years of vacuum reviews he's well placed to uncover the very best. 

Roomba vs Shark - the top two

Roomba vs Shark - the best of the rest

Roomba vs Shark - which is best?

WINNER: iRobot Roomba j7+

 Our overall pick - and the best robot vacuum in the world - is the Roomba j7+. It easily avoids power cables and furniture, powers through all kinds of debris, and can even detect pet messes. It's at its best combined with the self-emptying base, which means you can go weeks before you need to take any waste to the trash can. 

Our runner up is the Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop. It also has excellent debris pick-up, but innovates by including a mop, so it's a good choice for hard-floor houses and apartments. However, this mop needs a little oversight, so it's not as automatic as it could be. The app also isn't as good as the Roomba j7+, so while it's cheaper, it narrowly misses out on the top spot. 

Roomba vs Shark - which has better suction?

WINNER: iRobot Roomba s9+

The Roomba has better suction. The Roomba s9+ has exceptionally good suction, never once getting clogged or stuck on large debris. It has a turbo mode for particularly soiled areas.  If anything, this robot is too strong, which is why we marked it down. It has a tendency to knock down  light furniture like dining chairs or lamps. The next best is the Roomba j7+, which won't knock anything down, but isn't quite as strong.  Our reviewer found that it had excellent pick-up on large debris like leaves or loose dog kibble. It can detect areas that have particularly heavy dirt, and while it doesn't have a boost or turbo power mode, it will go over those areas again and again until they're thoroughly clean.  

While the suction on the Shark AI Ultra is nearly as good as the j7+ easily tackling rice and potting soil, the Shark IQ fell short, pushing cereal around the carpet and not picking it up. We think that Roomba wins out for suction. 

Roomba vs Shark - which has the best app?


A good app interface is crucial with a robot vacuum cleaner. There's no buttons on most robot vacs, so if the app is poor, it can be hard to control. 

The best user experience came from the Roomba j7+. Our big complaint is that it takes a while to build its maps, but once it has the lay of the land it can set 'Keep Out' zones, which will keep it away from wires or pet beds. Though there were some minor glitches, it will identify potential obstacles and keep well clear, sending you a notification once cleaning is finished to let you know. 

irobot roomba j7+ obstacle detection

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By comparison, the Shark AI Ultra was a little confusing to use. Our expert tester Camryn found that she needed 'several tries to figure out how to select just one room for cleaning'. The functions are also unclear, as they have similar names  — it's hard to differentiate between 'Zone Cleaning' and 'Room Cleaning', or 'Max suction' and 'Ultra mode'. Overall, Camryn though that Shark's app needed 'a little more finessing' to ensure that it's 'more streamlined' and 'easier to navigate'. 

Shark AI Ultra 2 in 1 review

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Roomba vs Shark - which is quietest?

roomba s9

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WINNER: Shark (as a brand)

Vacuum manufacturers are loathe to release their recorded decibel levels. That's because dB (decibel) recording are relative, and the same noise level can sound very different in one room with soft furnishings and another with more echoey acoustics. So while we can't report on exact dB readings — and it wouldn't be particularly helpful if we did — we can say how they sounded in person. 

We had big issues with the noise level of Roomba robot vacuums. The biggest culprit is the s9+, which is loud as it operates but nothing compared to the noise of its bin. When the self-emptying bin fills, it makes an incredibly loud noise. It's so loud that our tester Alex described it as like 'a jet plane taking off'. That's not hyperbole, it really is that loud. You can't hear yourself talk over the noise of it, and it lasts for several seconds. If you work from home, it's not a noise you want to interrupt your meetings, and it might disturb you on the weekends. With that said, Shark vacuums aren't exactly subtle, but they're not as bad as Roomba. 

Roomba vs Shark: which is best for pets?

irobot roomba j7+ hero

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WINNER:  iRobot Roomba j7+ Robot Vacuum

The j7+ wins out if you want a robot vacuum that's good with pets. The Shark AI Ultra is great at picking up pet hair, and it's a little quieter than the Roomba, so is the option for jumpy pets. However, iRobot run a policy of P.O.O.P. — a Pet Owner Official Promise — that the j7+ won't run through any pet messes. If it does, they'll replace the machine for free. That's a fantastic guarantee, because the danger with a robot vacuum is that it will run through pet droppings, creating a gross mess. Combined with excellent debris pick-up, we think that the j7+  is the best choice if you have pets.

Roomba vs Shark: which has the longest battery life?

WINNER: Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop

This is a straightforward one to answer. Of the Shark and Roomba robot vacuums we've tested, the Shark AI Ultra has the longest runtime. It offers two hours of cleaning, enough to fully clean an entire floor of most houses. 

Roomba vs Shark: which has the biggest capacity?

WINNER: iRobot Roomba j7+ Robot Vacuum 

Another easy answer. The Roomba j7+ has the biggest capacity of these brands' robot vacuums, offering a .42 gallon dust bin. 

Do you need a robot vacuum? How they stack up against an actual vacuum

Dyson Ball Animal 2 vacuum cleaner

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Robot vacuums are brilliant for specific users, so whether you need one ultimately depends on your habits. If you're tight on time and often too busy to tidy, you'll find the schedules and independent cleaning capabilities of vacuums really useful. They'll save you time and stress, without compromising on cleanliness. If you struggle with mobility, they can save you a lot of pain and frustration too. 

However, there are plenty of people who enjoy cleaning at a specific time with a cordless or upright vacuum. These models are also much more useful if you have a specific area that you need to clean, so if you've had a spill, a handheld vacuum will give more direct results. Although some robot vacuums do have mess detection, like the Euphy.