6 smart home cleaning tools – that are guaranteed to shave time off your chores

Make cleaning a breeze with these six smart cleaning essentials

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We are all looking for some better ways to relax at home, and what better way than to cut back on our weekly chores?

While it is not possible to stop doing chores completely (much to our dismay) it is possible to offload some of the effort onto smart tech, using machine power to stay on top of the mess without additional manpower.

We spoke to professional cleaners to learn more about the six best ways you can use smart tech to help keep a home clean while relaxing at the same time, and how you can build their use into your smart habits to spend less time cleaning.

Smart home cleaning tools

With so many ‘smart home must-haves’ available, it pays to sort out the pieces worth investing in and the gimmicky hacks that could result in more work. These professional cleaners swear by these six smart tech appliances to make their jobs easier.

1. Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuum

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When you think of using technology to make cleaning a house easier, you instantly think of robot vacuums – and for good reason. The right model can clean and polish any floor type, and some can even empty and charge themselves – all while you spend some much-needed time with family, or on the sofa with a movie.

‘For smart home appliances, I highly rely on robot vacuums,’ Yessica Bello, a professional cleaner at Bello’s Cleaning agrees. ‘They handle continuous floor cleaning, reducing manual labor by about 20%. This allows us to focus on more detailed cleaning tasks that require human intervention.’

2. Appliances with timers

Miele washing machine in a chic farmhouse style laundry room with striped wallpaper and flowers in the sink

(Image credit: Miele)

More appliances than just vacuums have gotten an automatic upgrade in the last few years. Now, everything from smart dishwashers to washing machines to an AI refrigerator is available to make your life easier.

Picking appliances such as washers and dryers that have integrated timers and customizable cycle settings means doing laundry is reduced to filling the machine and emptying it as required – no more faffing with remembering to switch items over, or having to read up on settings before you start a new cycle. You can even program them to start and finish in time for you to have a fresh, fluffy, warm towel for after your morning shower.

3. Air purifiers and dehumidifiers

Air purifier

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More preventative than actual cleaning tools, air purifiers and dehumidifiers are perfect for cleaning the air in your home, removing dust before it settles, and preventing mold and mildew growth that can result in musty odors or pest infestations.

Picking models with timers and sensors so that they switch off when not needed, and can turn on when the air quality drops are ideal for keeping your home clean and reducing how much time you have to spend cleaning during the week.

4. Smart plugs

Smart plug

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When setting up a smart home, you would be remiss to forget about smart plugs and timer plugs, says Yessica Bello, professional cleaner.

‘Using smart plugs for scheduling cleaning appliances helps in automating tasks effectively,’ she says. They can also be used to turn on air purifiers and dehumidifiers as required (all while helping to save money on energy bills), or charge batteries for cleaning appliances such as cordless vacuums right before your scheduled cleaning session so you aren't left hanging in the middle of your cleaning flow.

5. Smart mops

A finger switching on a robot vacuum to clean a kitchen floor.

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Much like robot vacuums, smart mops can keep your hard floors streak-free and dry without the need to mop yourself. Mitigating excess water usage and ensuring your floors stay looking their best without stains, says Lina DaSilva, cleaning professional and owner of Toronto Shine Cleaning. ‘A smart mop is also very good for handling spills and mopping tasks with minimal supervision,’ she adds.

Most robot vacuums come with a mop built in now, too, making them great multi-faceted smart home cleaning appliances.

6. Steam cleaners

Someone using a steam cleaner on couch cushions

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Although not an automated cleaning tool, steam cleaners are a must-have for expert cleaners who want to make their lives easier, says Will Cotter, cleaning expert and owner of HappyCleans:

‘I think the grout lines in my bathroom are cleaner and whiter when I use a steam mop. I don’t even need to use cleaning products. I simply use steam, and when the grime, dirt, and soap scum lift, all I have to do is spray it with water and wipe it away.’

Combining the use of these smart home cleaning tools with your everyday cleaning tips will help to significantly reduce how much time you spend scrubbing and tidying each week, resulting in more time to relax and rejuvenate. Don’t forget, however, that these tools are there to supplement everyday cleaning and not replace it – you still need to get rid of kitchen grease and clean a bathroom for a truly hygienic home.

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