Chiana Dickson

Chiana Dickson

Junior Writer

Chiana is the junior writer for Homes & Gardens online. She joined the brand in June 2022 after achieving a 1st class degree in English Literature from Lancaster University and interning as a sustainability writer. She is now navigating her first job after university and making her way in the interiors journalism world. 

Her role at Homes & Gardens allows her to unite her passion for interiors and the outside world with her love of writing, having first become interested in design as a child after spending her summers helping her parents redecorate her childhood home. As a long-time reader of Future’s homes titles, Chiana is constantly finding new inspiration at work as she focuses on emerging trends, how-to’s, and news pieces. 

Her personal style is influenced by dark, earthy color schemes and she is an advocate for cozy homes you can escape the world in. Outside of work, there is nothing Chiana likes more than taking life slowly and pottering around her kitchen baking. 

Chiana is originally from the North West of England and currently lives in Lancaster, however, you can often find her on adventures in the nearby lake district admiring the cottages and lounging by rivers.

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