2024's Colors of The Year – 12 of the most anticipated newly launched paints

These twelve hues are set to inform 2024's most significant color trends

Peach whimsical interior with cloud-like sofa and blue walls in home office
(Image credit: Pantone, Benjamin Moore)

With the new year now upon us, we can reflect on the most anticipated colors that have been announced by many leading color authorities and paint companies as 2024's Color of The Year. From Pantone's Peach Fuzz to Benjamin Moore's Blue Nova, there has been a range of standout shades unveiled, each expected to inform this year's most popular color trends.

This year's offering is a diverse range of hues, ranging from deep and moody shades to uplifting peach tones. Below, we've done a deep dive into 12 of the most significant paint colors recently launched, exploring the most popular color themes we will no doubt see dominate this year. 

2024 color trend themes

There's no doubt that dark shades are going to be significant for 2024. Spanning deep greens and rich blues, these colors are collectively praised for their ability to create warming and cozy atmospheres in the home, and it's clear that paint companies are championing this as a key trend. 

Decorating with neutrals is also proving to dominate home design in 2024 but with a revised twist. Rather than traditional beiges, we see paint companies elevate neutrals with a more exciting update, creating standout colors that act as backdrops in the home with a point of interest.

Establishing a more daring color trend for 2024, uplifting peach and terracotta tones also stand out this year, reflecting a theme of using home decor in an expressive way to create joyful and vibrant spaces. 

Well-being in the home is no doubt a key theme for 2024, with many paint companies noting the uplift in desire for homeowners to create spaces that feel restorative and calming, acting as a separation from the fast pace of day-to-day life. 

1. Renew Blue by Valspar

Blue living room

(Image credit: Valspar)

Described as a 'new neutral', Valspar's 2024 color of the year is Renew Blue. The shade is an uplifting blue that includes hints of grayish sea green and is all about well-being and restoration. 

With strong references to nature, the shade is instantly relaxing and aims to be used throughout the home, whether as a primary or accent color, to create a restorative and balanced environment. 

2. Persimmon by HGTV Home, Sherwin-Williams

Peach living room

(Image credit: HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams)

For 2024, HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams revealed Persimmon as its color of the year, alongside a 10-shade 2024 color collection called Renewed Comfort, designed to encourage tranquillity and rejuvenation.

Persimmon is an earthy terracotta color that again, promotes comfort in the home and provides a pop of energetic color whilst maintaining a soft look. 

3. Cracked Pepper by Behr

black home office

(Image credit: Behr)

Cracked Pepper was announced as the 2024 Behr color of the year for the California-based paint company. A soft black shade that is prized for its versatility, the color was designed to capture the warming and comforting effects associated with dark colors in the home. 

With a signature elegant look, Cracked Pepper allows homeowners to create sophisticated spaces that feel equally inviting and relaxing, perfect for rooms such as cozy living room ideas

4. Limitless by Glidden

Yellow kitchen

(Image credit: Glidden)

Glidden's 2024 color of the year is Limitless: a warm, honey-toned neutral shade. The fresh color is highly versatile by perfectly balancing the understated nature of neutrals whilst also bringing a pop of primary color to the home.

Limitless has been crafted carefully to work well across many interior styles, and can be used to make a loud statement as much as it can create a calming backdrop in the home. 

5. Ironside by Dutch Boy

Dark green living room

(Image credit: Dutch Boy Paints)

Ironside, a deep olive shade, claims the title of Dutch Boy's 2024 color of the year. Responding to the rising popularity of deep shades in the home, Ironside balances both sophistication and comfort.

Ironside also links to nature, creating an organic feel in the home that is a great choice for creating a timeless space, such as dining room ideas.

6. Bay Blue by Minwax

Blue cabinets in kitchen

(Image credit: Minwax)

Bay Blue, announced by Minwax is a wood stain, falling somewhere between a green and a blue. Designed to enhance natural wood throughout the home, Bay Blue aims to propel homeowners to get creative and use the shade to elevate spaces – or furniture items – with its uplifting hue.

The stain works well with warm-toned wood as well as copper, and perfectly complements decorating with vintage, as well as translating well to more modern spaces. 

7. Upward SW 6239 by Sherwin-Williams

light blue bedroom

(Image credit: Sherwin-Williams)

Sherwin-Williams unveiled a versatile blue hue as its 2024 Color of the Year, Upward SW 6239, that can be used across a wide range of interior styles. Inspired to create spaces that feel relaxed and welcoming, the new color aims to promote a peaceful feel in residential projects.

Opt to use the color on all four walls of a room, or for a more reserved introduction of blue into the home, you can use the calming color to decorate furniture pieces. 

8. Anthology Collection by Sherwin-Williams

Deep blue living room

(Image credit: Sherwin-Williams)

Offering a color trend report in addition to its Color of the Year, Sherwin-Williams launched Anthology: a collection of 48 hues for 2024. Divided into four key color families: blues and greens, reds and purples, deeps and darks, and delicate tints, the collection is all about boosting well-being in the home.  

Balancing vibrant hues with understated neutrals, the selection collectively acts as staple colors for the home that create warming and relaxing spaces that inspire personality. 

9. Sweet Treats by Little Greene

yellow entryway

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Little Greene's newest color palette is titled 'Sweet Treats', and it's all about replicating the rich and indulgent shades associated with iconic desserts. A collection of nine new hues, each tone is a fresh take on neutrals that feels instantly warming and sophisticated.

Thanks to the collection's timeless colors, they are ideal for multiple uses in the home, whilst their richness makes them perfect for creating cozy fall color schemes

10. Viridis by Graham & Brown

green living room and chair

(Image credit: Graham & Brown)

Interior brand Graham & Brown announced its color of the year for 2024 as Viridis, a soft and earthy shade of green. Designed to create restful and restorative spaces in the home, the new hue takes reference from nature and promotes an organic look.

Not only did Graham & Brown unveil a color for the year ahead, but also its design of the year: New Eden, a green-toned forestry print that pairs beautifully with Viridis and is available as wallpaper, curtains, and blinds. 

11. Blue Nova by Benjamin Moore

blue bedroom

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Benjamin Moore's newly unveiled Blue Nova is a unique color for 2024; a mid-tone blue that has warm violet undertones to it. Centered around the core theme of juxtaposition, the new hue is inspired by the night sky and has an intriguing mystical feel to it. 

Color experts at Benjamin Moore suggest that this new blue is versatile to be used throughout different rooms in the home and is a more adventurous take on classic navy shades. 

12. Peach Fuzz by Pantone

Pantone color of the year 2024, cozy living space with furry seating

(Image credit: Pantone)

Pantone's Color of the Year for 2024 was unveiled as Peach Fuzz, described as a 'warm and cozy' peach shade. Unlike the occurring theme of darker, moodier colors that have somewhat dominated 2024 color trends, Peach Fuzz establishes a more vibrant, playful trend. 

While it's fair to say opinions on Peach Fuzz have been divided, we're intrigued to see how homeowners and interior designers decide to channel this standout color this year. 

Whilst there's a range of ways to incorporate 2024's key colors into the home, we've summarised the bedroom color trends to help inspire you in your decor choices for the year ahead. 

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