Home office ideas that are smart and practical

Pretty and practical, these schemes offer ordered simplicity in soft neutrals or vibrant brights.

As working from home becomes increasingly popular, it’s worth dedicating a while room or outdoor garden studio to office space, if at all possible. These home office ideas should help you create the study of your dreams.

Although the home office needs to be practical, that doesn’t mean it can’t be inviting. Think about using colour and pattern to create an attractive work environment, but ensure the scheme remains calm to aid concentration.

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With a carefully considered layout, it’s possible to turn a guest room into a dual-purpose space that can accommodate overnight visitors and also work as an office. The key to this partnership is built-in storage, which conceals clutter and work-related papers, keeping the room ordered.

‘It is best to site your work zone where there’s plenty of natural light, although task lighting can always be incorporated into a design. Practical features, such as power and data sockets, will need to be considered. Always opt for more sockets than you think you’ll need and include a charger drawer with power built in for your mobile phone and tablet,’ explains Emma Sims-Hilditch, interior designer, simshilditch.com.