Home office ideas that are smart, practical and stylish

Whether you have enough space for a fully fledged home office or can simply dedicate a corner of another room to a work space, ensure your zone is as inspiring as it is functional with these ideas.

Looking for home office ideas? As working from home becomes increasingly popular, it’s worth dedicating a while room or outdoor garden studio to office space, if at all possible. These home office ideas should help you create the study of your dreams.

Although the home office needs to be practical, that doesn’t mean it can’t be inviting. Think about using colour and pattern to create an attractive work environment, but ensure the scheme remains calm to aid concentration.

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With a carefully considered layout, it’s possible to turn a guest room into a dual-purpose space that can accommodate overnight visitors and also work as an office. The key to this partnership is built-in storage, which conceals clutter and work-related papers, keeping the room ordered.

How can I decorate my home office?

‘It is best to site your work zone where there’s plenty of natural light, although task lighting can always be incorporated into a design. Practical features, such as power and data sockets, will need to be considered. Always opt for more sockets than you think you’ll need and include a charger drawer with power built in for your mobile phone and tablet,’ explains Emma Sims-Hilditch, interior designer, simshilditch.com.

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Turning a garden room into an office space is ideal for keeping work and living area separate. Using one end of the room for correspondence and filing and the other for more creative work helps towards a sense of serenity.

Home office ideas

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A hallmark of Hockney’s depictions of interior spaces is the juxtaposition of competition pattern. To offset the intensity of the effect in a home office, walls in green and a space to relax beside floor-to-ceiling windows bring a sense of calm.

Home office ideas

(Image credit: Damian Russell)


A board covered in sketches and photos makes a lively wall display. Recreate this idea by covering a large cork pinboard. A wall of black-and-white photographs in simple frames makes a good backdrop in almost any scheme, while a large blackboard is fun for children –and adults – in a family-friendly study area.

Home office ideas

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If you don’t have a room to dedicate to an office, a well-defined work area will ensure you can still exercise your creativity. The elegant lines of a contemporary desk complement the light setting of a bay window. Opt for office storage that coordinates with your scheme to create a pretty and practical decorative touch.

Home office ideas

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Choosing an image you love and having it turned into a mural is a great way to add character to an office space. Wallpaper and murals are a great way to help distract from messy desks.

Home office ideas

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A light-filled converted loft offers the ideal situation for a secluded office, while storage can easily be tucked under the eaves to make the most of unused space.

Home office ideas

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A stylish framed desk defines a work area in a multi-use space. Accessories in brass and natural blond wood bring textural interest and contrast to a desk top.

Home office ideas

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Take advantage of an interesting architectural detail by converting it into a functional space, giving the hallway a focal point. The area under your staircase is a golden opportunity for creating a compact home office, complete with desk space, compartments for storage and shelving.

Home office ideas

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A home office should never be dull. After all, it is a place for creativity. This striking geometric wallpaper creates an enclosed, intimate feel, enhanced by open shelving that lets the pattern show through. The use of charcoal linen on classic upholstered pieces brings these traditional designs up to date.

Home office ideas

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This creative study features plenty of pattern, texture and colour for a truly unique and characterful feel. The large-scale pattern of this floor rug makes a design statement, which is balanced by monochrome wallpaper for a harmonious overall effect.

Study area

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One side of a double reception room in a classic Victorian house has been put to good use a family study. The work table – a glass design, which doesn’t feel bulky in the space – has been placed in the middle of the room so that the two main walls could be lined with bookcases. Note the ingenious ladder on wheels, for accessing the high shelves.


(Image credit: James Merrell)


This creative studio features open shelves that house both work folders and fabric samples, bringing colour to the monochromatic scheme. The unusual articulated wall-mounted task lights free up desk space and make striking sculptural features in their own right.


(Image credit: Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer)


Carve a small home office out of an awkward semi-open-plan space. To link the two spaces, the decorative and eye-catching Hicks Hexagon wallpaper by Cole & Son, has been used with practical furnishings, such as the classic Swan chair by Arne Jacobsen.

small space

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