10 guest room office ideas – achieve a smart work space no matter the size of the room

Guest office ideas can be beautiful if you follow this expert advice for getting the most out of the limited space available

Guest bedroom ideas
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Once considered a luxury, guest room office ideas have become a necessity for many in the post-pandemic world, with more of us working from home regularly or perhaps even permanently. 

Whether you’re repurposing a box room to function as your guest home office, have recently moved house to enjoy the benefits of office space, or are looking for ways to work a small home office or bedroom office into an empty corner of your home, our guest office ideas are here to inspire. Designed with productivity in mind, these spaces are stylish and functional, whatever your work from home needs.

Guest office ideas

With practical home office storage solutions, curated home office paint colors and enviable interior design schemes, these guest office ideas are bound to inspire your next guest bedroom remodel.

1. Creating a calming space  

guest room office with desk and chair, leopard print wallpaper, vintage chinoiserie storage, black accessories

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'Not all of us have space for a dedicated office in our home, so guest rooms can provide the perfect alternative, offering a calm and quiet place in which to concentrate. 

I’d suggest choosing a desk that can double up as a dressing table; that way you’ve got the perfect space for your work, but it can also act as a handy surface for guests to use when they stay,' says Sue Jones, co-founder and creative director at OKA. 'Then, I’d add a few decorative pieces, such as a statement lamp or some characterful bookends; not only will this create a nice environment to work in, but it will keep the room looking attractive for when guests come to stay.' 

2. Give your guest options

Guest bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Future / Mark Bolton)

This neat area is perfect for a spot of email checking and there's a handy desk lamp for working in the evening. Or, sit in the comfy armchair with laptop on your knee. Giving your guests a couple of options is key, especially if they're staying for a while.

3. Install a custom-built desk area

guest bedroom with aqua blue custom desk/dressing table with turquoise upholstered velvet chair, mirror, ornaments, retro table lamp

(Image credit: ND Studios/Helen Cathcart)

Step away from the corporate and there exists a plethora of home office desks and chairs that could complement your home’s architecture. The materials from which the desk and chair might be made together with color options add to the breadth of choice.

'I like to provide my guests somewhere to sit away from the bed. I always include a comfortable upholstered chair and place a table and lamp close by to create a cute reading corner, or, somewhere to work,' says Natascha Dartnall, interior designer and founder of ND Studios.

4. Always provide extra touches for your guests 

gray home office desk idea with gray desk, rug on wall, gray carpet

(Image credit: Jessica Lagrange Interiors/Werner Straube)

Providing a small space for work is a thoughtful way to welcome guests into your home as they may be visiting during the week. The office space does not need to be extravagant or elaborate since it is for temporary use, so the essentials of a comfortable chair and a functional desk are the main requirements. 

'We like to take it a step further and prepare the space with fresh flowers and some writing utensils,' says Jessica Lagrange, founder and principal designer of Jessica Lagrange Interiors

5. Don't neglect your guest room office decor

guest room with home office area, carpet, stripe wallpaper, neutral scheme

(Image credit: Karen B Wolf Interiors/Racquel Langworthy)

Home office design has become increasingly important, as more people spend time working from home. It’s important for the space to suit both individual style as well as be conducive to productivity. 

Karen B Wolf, creative principal at Karen B Wolf Interiors agrees: 'A fantastic approach to add interest and help create a fashionable and individual touch to an office space in a guest room is to add wide two-tone stripes.'

6. Create a welcoming space with a hint of color

guest room home office with vaulted ceiling, sofa bed, desk, blue and white walls

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Our homes are serving multiple purposes, from being a home office, to somewhere we entertain and have guests stay overnight, to being our own personal sanctuaries – the place we relax and unwind. As a result, creating an environment that feels uncluttered yet warm and welcoming is paramount. The trend for warm minimalism does exactly that. 

'Characteristically, minimalism is paired back with a clean feeling where less is definitely more,' says Helen Shaw, UK Director of Benjamin Moore. 'Whereas warm minimalism allows for an element of homey-ness to be incorporated into the scheme.'

7. Consider flexible lighting for your guests 

hidden desks and small home office ideas

(Image credit: Original BTC)

The right home office lighting ideas will ensure working on screen, or close up according to your needs, is comfortable and eye strain is avoided – crucial factors in any guest office space. 

'Clip lights are a flexible, easy way to light key features such as bookshelves and fireplaces, providing an immediate solution to illuminate a temporary workspace. Easily moveable, they can transform your lighting scheme without any installation costs or need for an electrician,' says Charlie Bowles, director of Original BTC.

8. Make your guest room a multi-use space

custom built home office/guest room office with upholstered stripe armchair, shelving, ornaments

(Image credit: Bee's Knee's Interior Design Studio/Kyle J Caldwell)

Turn a guest room into a home office or study area is no easy feat, but done right, it is a great way to make the most of limited square footage. 

'For those who do not have the room for a dedicated enclosed space we can steal/borrow room from other areas, such as a guest bedroom and make it a multi purpose space,' says Mary Maloney, owner and lead principal at Bee's Knee's Interior Design

9. Be functional, but add comfort too

guest room home office/bedroom home office with desk, chair, armchair, floor lamp, desk lamp, draped curtains, carpet

(Image credit: Kitesgrove)

A guest room office does not need to be formal or soulless, we enjoy layering pattern and texture to introduce personality. Above all, focus on comfort. 

'Functionality does not need to come at the expense of comfort or aesthetics, and the most important investment for a working space is a good chair,' says Clara Ewart, head of design at Kitesgrove. 'Choose something that you love and which will support you throughout the day.'


10. Inspire the creative guest 

guest room office with rustic desk and mahogany chair, leather armchair in corner, bed in foreground, Marilyn Monroe print, brass desk light

(Image credit: Francesca's Paints/Artist Residence)

A guest office should be a place of inspiration and creativity. This is also a wonderful opportunity to show off your logistical and decorating knowledge, too.

'This rustic guest room office space has all the charm – vintage desk, antique chair and cozy leather armchair in the corner,' says Melanie Griffiths, editor, Period Living. 'On the bed there's an oh-so-soft blanket ready for those cooler evenings that can be pulled over your shoulders if working late. And don't forget lighting, a good desk lamp that doesn't take up much space is essential.'

How do you make an office also a guest room?

Turning an office into a guest room, or vice versa, is not always easy. We recommend scaling things down, or, in other instances, using the right bedroom color and prioritizing which areas of the room are to be the focus. 

Think carefully about how you use each area of your room, and what purpose they serve before designing an office space. It may be work calling in the experts if in doubt.

Sophie Warren-Smith
Contributing Editor

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