Bedroom color ideas – 10 paint and decor hues that will transform your sleep space

These bedroom color ideas will help you pick the perfect hue from dawn til dusk, from textured finishes to soothing paints

A composite of bedroom color ideas
(Image credit: Davide Lovati/Zoe Feldman/Kitesgrove)

Thinking carefully about your bedroom color ideas is vital to getting the room's scheme right, as color has the power to change the mood from fresh and invigorating to soothing and restful. 

For a classic look, many will err on the side of caution with their bedroom ideas and choose a completely neutral scheme, forgetting that a little lift of color can cheer up a room immensely. 

Painted finishes work well for timeless schemes and, of course, can be updated at a later stage if you’re confident enough with a paintbrush. Alternatively, go bold with a wallpaper which can allow you to add more than one color with ease. 

Bedroom color ideas

Our curated selection of bedroom color ideas are sure to inspire you, whether you are looking for bold shades for your walls, or accents to enliven a simple scheme. From snooze-inducing blues to earthy pinks, these ideas will help you choose the perfect hue for a good night’s sleep. 

1. Modernize your neutrals with grey 

A bedroom color idea with dark grey walls, white armchairs and blue artwork

(Image credit: Jonathan Adler)

If you’re looking for a neutral bedroom scheme that feels fresh and modern, embrace grey bedroom ideas

‘Greys are hugely versatile, from cool off white shades, through warmer neutral mid tones to the very deep and mysterious,’ says Judy Smith, Color Consultant at Crown. The walls of this bedroom put together by Jonathan Adler lean towards the darker end, but are kept fresh by being paired with crisp white. 

‘They have more color and texture within them than straight black,’ adds Smith. ‘A monochrome scheme of black and white is much more unforgiving than shades of slate and clay, which will change subtly with the light throughout the day, giving them personality and character.’ 

2. Go from morning ‘til night with white 

A bedroom color idea with white walls, dove grey headboard, white curtains, cream throw and tarnished black-framed mirror

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Heading towards the lighter end of the spectrum, white bedroom ideas have the unique ability to feel both soothing and calm before sleep, but bright and airy in the mornings. Layer whites on whites to create a sophisticated, elegant scheme and embrace both gentle tonalities of white – from dove grey to ivory – as well as layers of texture. On the bed, use classic crisp white sheets as the base, and make the room feel cozy with woolen blankets and boucle cushions. 

3. Rouse yourself with earthy reds

A bedroom color idea with red walls, white ceilings and a yellow velvet stool

(Image credit: Davide Lovati)

Your bedroom scheme needs to not only help you fall asleep, but be a pleasant environment in which to wake up. ‘As a guide, warm colours such as red, orange and yellow are considered to be stimulating while cool colours such as blue and green tend to be more restful,’ says Smith. ‘It’s useful to consider these factors when designing spaces, we live, work and play in.’

If you’re the type who likes (or needs) a bit of get-up-and-go in the mornings, consider earthy tones of red. While not traditionally thought of as one of the best bedroom colors, these reds are at once regal and romantic. To keep this choice feeling modern, choose a red with an orange undertone, pair with crisp white ceilings, and accessorize with ochre pieces like in this North African-inspired scheme. 

4. Choose blue for a serene scheme

A bedroom color idea with navy blue walls, white ceiling and pendant light with oversized bulb

(Image credit: Alexis Hughes & Co/Raquel Langworthy)

‘I love blue in bedrooms because it’s contemplative and calming,’ says artist and color expert Annie Sloan. ‘My bedroom is painted in deep dark Aubusson Blue because I wanted the space to feel cosy and calm.’ 

An enduring favorite, blue bedroom ideas are proven to have a soothing effect on the brain, helping ready you for sleep. While lighter blues or bold accents are more instinctive choices, don’t be afraid to use darker shades on the walls. In this bedroom by interior designer Alexis Hughes, a deep navy blue paint is paired with white ceilings and a gloss finish to allow light to bounce around the room.  

5. Head over to the dark side 

A bedroom color idea with black-based wallpaper, bedding in autumnal colors, and black four poster bed

(Image credit: Dan Duchars)

Far from being fodder for moody teenagers only, dark bedroom schemes are gaining in popularity among the design conscious, with even black bedroom ideas making waves among jewel tones of blue, burgundy and green. 

‘Darker tones of charcoal can be used to add drama anywhere in the home, from a living room to a bedroom or even a small hallway,’ says Smith. ‘With clever lighting and mirrors you can create a look that is both strong and atmospheric.’ In this bedroom, a black-based wallpaper design is built upon with patterns-on-patterns in autumnal tones, a black four poster bed framing the look. 

6. Let the natural world in with green

A bedroom color idea with green and white wallpaper and dark green velvet headboard

(Image credit: Kitesgrove)

Following a huge paint trend across much of the home, green bedroom ideas are a great way to channel the invigorating and relaxing qualities of the natural world. ‘Green is a grounding, calming colour and works beautifully in bedrooms, especially when paired with the right lighting to make the most of all the pigments in a high-quality green,’ says Sloan. 

In this room by design agency Kitesgrove, a small format white and green wallpaper is paired with a deep emerald velvet headboard. ‘Greens are soothing and a bit more unexpected than a blue if you are trying to introduce color,’ says interior designer Zoe Feldman. ‘Incorporating wallpaper can create a ‘jewel box’ that hugs you in your bedroom.’ 

‘Dark green paint colours are best used in a space with good natural lighting or somewhere you’re hoping to create a sense of cosiness and safety,’ adds Sloan. 

7. Warm up blue’s benefits with purple 

A bedroom color idea with purple walls

(Image credit: Alicia Taylor)

‘Purples in general are warm, comforting colours,’ says Sloan. ‘They have the receding values of blue, making a space feel larger, as well as the warming properties of red, making a space feel cosy. This makes them great for bedrooms.’ 

When picking your purple, you’ll need to choose your shade carefully to avoid the scheme feeling dated. Pick a tone with some grey in it like in this example, stay light with pale periwinkles, or delve into the dark bedroom ideas trend with eggplants, mulberries and grapes. 

8. Layer harmonious colors

A bedroom color idea with green floral wallpaper, and blue and yellow velvet bedding

(Image credit: Zoe Feldman)

Of course, it’s often not just one color you’re looking to decorate with in a bedroom – especially if you’re delving into the world of bedroom wallpaper ideas like in this example by Feldman. To create a coherent scheme that feels unchallenging and enveloping at the end of the day, layer up on harmonious colors i.e. ones that sit beside each other on the color wheel. In Feldman’s design, a green-based wallpaper is paired with blue and yellow scatter cushions on the bed, mirroring the details in the pattern. 

9. Rethink pink and choose a natural shade  

A bedroom color idea with pink walls, and bedding with sage green and burgundy accents

(Image credit: Kitesgrove)

Long gone are the days when pink was just for bedroom ideas for girls. The color is gaining traction across all rooms of the house, and showing a new, earthier side to itself. Pink’s comforting qualities make it a perfect pick in a bedroom for all genders, but to make it feel modern, avoid the sugary sorts. Opt instead for pinks with brown undertones, from orange-laced terracotta to a natural blush like in this bedroom, also by Kitesgrove, and pair it with muted shades and natural textures 

10. Take one color and explore all of its tones 

A bedroom color idea with wall mural and layers of tonal brown bedding and accessories

(Image credit: Simon Bevan)

While sticking strictly to one color may sound like an easy way out of concocting color combinations, going monochromatic can make a real statement.

‘To make an impact, use one color – or tones of one color – in a room,’ says Smith. ‘If you paint walls, skirting, doors, cupboards, radiators – and even window frames – in the same color it will look thoughtful and sophisticated.’ 

In this example, a tonal palette is explored through the soft furnishings used in the bed ideas. Brown ochres are explored from pale incarnations on the bedspread through to robust, warm examples in the woven headboard and lampshade, through to dark details in the scatter cushions. 

 Which is the best color for a bedroom? 

Choosing the best color for a bedroom is almost entirely down to personal taste. We say ‘almost’ because there are a few key factors you’ll need to take into consideration when choosing a bedroom color. 

If you tend to find it difficult to nod off, steer clear of brights and opt for soothing colors in more muted tones, such as blues and purples with a touch of grey in them, or even grey itself. Dark colors are also great for creating a cocooning space that looks great at night when cleverly lit with warm, glowing lamps. 

For those who don’t find sleeping to be too much of an issue, opt for something a little more invigorating. Bright shades are still a no-go, but consider warm earthy tones or red, orange and brown to create a scheme that will feel romantic in summer and cozy in the cooler months. An all-white scheme is soothing in its simplicity by night, but fresh and bright in the mornings. 

What is the most relaxing color for a bedroom? 

The most relaxing color for a bedroom is down to personal preference, but blue has been proven to induce a calming effect on the brain and is therefore an enduring favorite in the bedroom. Pair with crisp whites for a fresh look, or layer muted tones for a softer scheme. It even works surprisingly well en masse in darker shades – wall-to-wall navy blue is a growing favorite that looks stylish and is super relaxing. 

Outside of blue, consider its closest relatives. After a year or so of being stuck indoors, green is gaining popularity for its affiliation with nature. Choose shades of sage and olive to stay on trend, or create a jewel box effect with emerald. Purple works well for a warmer scheme, while soft greys are an on-trend choice for a soothing, neutral scheme.