Black bedroom ideas – 12 ways to bring this deep, dark color into bedrooms

Don't be daunted by black bedroom ideas. Going dark can make a very chic statement in your sleep space

An example of black bedroom ideas showing a composite of black bedroom ideas featuring floral wallpaper, wall paneling, and decorative cushions
(Image credit: Jonathan Gooch/Farrow & Ball/Polly Wreford)

Black bedroom ideas may not be for the faint-hearted, but you should never be afraid of the dark. 

A rising trend among bedroom ideas, black in quantities both small and large, including as full-blown wall paint, is sweeping sleep spaces and making a very stylish statement.

‘If you want to introduce drama into your home, then black is the perfect color,’ says Natasha Bradley, color and interiors expert at Lick. ‘It can be intimidating, but when used intentionally, black can look stunning, it’s very chic and completely timeless.’

Charlotte Cosby, Head of Creative at Farrow & Ball, also believes black deserves a firm place among your bedroom color ideas, even for naturally darker rooms.  

While dark colors for any room can often feel like a leap of faith, they can create surprisingly cocooning spaces, especially in north-facing bedrooms that lack natural light or small bedrooms in need of interest.’ 

Black bedroom ideas

Whether you’re looking to pick the perfect black paint for your walls, or want to know how to incorporate a little darkness into a colorful scheme, we asked the experts to share their best black bedroom ideas, and gathered some stunning examples that will convince you to come to the dark side. 

1. Lighten up with contrasting white ceilings

A black bedroom with paneled walls, a wooden desk and a white ceiling

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Black wall paint is a seriously chic choice, but if you’re worried about the room feeling a little heavy, open things up with a white ceiling. 

While dramatic, the crisp contrast will actually help the room feel balanced, particularly if you introduce the white from a picture rail upwards, as in this room with panelled walls. 

This is also a trick that works really well with gray bedroom ideas, too. Both dark and light create a tonal effect in your paint scheme and feel like a breath of fresh air.  

2. Add texture with cozy neutral linen

An example of black bedroom ideas showing a bedroom with cream curtains, a rug and bed linen

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

A black and white look isn’t created through paint alone. Textiles are an essential part of any bedroom, but really help to add interest and warmth to a simple color scheme. 

‘Pure-black walls with crisp white linen will create a monochromatic look that feels architectural and clean,’ says Cosby. 

‘When using black, I always advise adding lots of texture, just so that the room remains feeling light and interesting,’ adds Bradley. 

‘Try to keep the furnishings lighter, so white bedding, white linen curtains etc.’ Adding texture in this way is also important in white bedrooms, helping a room feel less clinical and more cozy. 

3. Make an impact with black-based wallpaper 

A bedroom with black floral wallpaper and a four poster bed

(Image credit: Polly Wreford)

Can’t decide on the best color for a bedroom? Use a densely patterned wallpaper to set a palette that encompasses three or four key colors, and run with those throughout the room. Back this wallpaper with black, and you’ll make even more of an impact. 

This makes for a great platform for adding large amounts of black elsewhere in the room, such as in furniture or bedding, without it feeling too dark. 

The lighter or colored accents in the wallpaper keep it balanced throughout, while also giving you licence to litter the room with lighter accents alongside the darker pieces. 

4. Invigorate a monochrome scheme with geometric pattern

A black bedroom with a large screen behind a black headboard, with a geometric black and white pattern

(Image credit: Douglas Friedman, Courtesy of Martyn Lawrence Bullard)

A monochrome scheme should never be boring and injecting a scintillating geometric pattern into the room is a great way to make black accents on white feel explosive.

In this room by interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, a black headboard is backed with a statement geometric screen. The pattern of which is akin to the cushions on the bed, and refracted by the transparent prisms used in the four poster bed. 

5. Cool blacks pair well with blue tones 

An example of black bedroom ideas showing a close up shot of a bedside table in front of a black wall

(Image credit: Future)

Believe it or not, black is not just one color and choosing a pure, cool or warm black can make all the difference to your bedroom. 

Like many paint purveyors, Lick produces more than one black paint color, including one that Bradley calls ‘a lighter, soft off-black with a blue undertone.’  

‘I recommend this for smaller rooms because it has a coolness, which helps to make the room feel brighter as well as adding lots of character,’ says Bradley. 

These blacks also pair well with blue bedroom ideas, so make sure you choose cool black accents if your room is largely blue. 

6. Mix black with flecks of gold for indulgent luxury

A black bedroom with gray-black walls, a gold light fitting and velvet throws

(Image credit: Brianne Bishop Design/Anthony Tahlier)

Slick black with glistening gold is the surely most indulgent form of aesthetic luxury. 

In this bedroom by Brianne Bishop Design, a highly textural room filled with black architectural accents and deep gray velvets is given a warming lift by a gold light fitting, bar cart and textiles.  

‘Black and gold are a great combination in wallpaper,’ suggests Cosby. ‘This combination will create the ultimate boutique-feel bedroom and looks great with black furniture.’ 

Consider adding gold into a dark green bedroom, or any scheme with a deep, jewel-toned base color. 

7. Boost a black scheme with bold colors 

A black bedroom with a pale gray bed and mustard yellow throw

(Image credit: Kersaint & Cobb)

Black doesn’t have to dominate a scheme. If used carefully, it can act as an alternative blank canvas onto which to layer bright colors. 

‘Black is the absence of color, so it provides the perfect backdrop to furnishings, natural wood tones, plants, and colors, especially bolder choices like yellow or orange,’ says Bradley. 

A well-chosen black wall paint can also make an excellent background for wall art, particularly when given some framing with white to make a print pop. 

8. Soften a black scheme with very dark gray  

A black bedroom with a wooden bed, white linen and a black and white striped rug

(Image credit: Jonathan Gooch)

Black comes in many shades, but it also comes in many tones. For neutral dark bedrooms that aren’t overwhelming, choose a soft black that borders on being very dark gray for your walls. 

A slight tint will prevent the walls from sucking light from the room, and add scope for building a tonal range with darker black accents throughout the room. In this bedroom, soft black walls are paired with crisp whites, blue-grey textiles, and a rug that includes a darker shade of black. 

9. Pair warm blacks with browns and reds 

A sand colored bedroom with a black headboard and lamps, and a canopy with red patterned fabric

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

Just as there are cool blacks, there are warm blacks, too. As you may possibly expect, these blacks are best paired with dark browns, crimson reds and pale pinks. 

‘You will find warmer blacks, such as [Farrow & Ball’s] Paean Black, a chic, red-based black, will add richness to a bedroom,’ says Cosby. 

In this room, a warm black headboard, bed skirt and lampshades are among the dark accents paired with peachy sand walls, cream bed linen and textiles with red ochre-inflected patterns. 

10. Paint woodwork black for architectural contrast

A monochrome bedroom with white walls and black woodwork

(Image credit: Future/James French)

‘If clients are nervous about painting a whole wall or room black, then I always advise them on ways to incorporate it into the room, by adding highlights or accents with black – painting the skirting boards, window frames, etc.,’ says Bradley. 

‘This method is also brilliant for displaying the architectural features of a room.’ 

‘Black can also be a great color choice when looking to make a room appear brighter and lighter, says Bradley. ‘If you do choose to paint your woodwork black, the walls will immediately appear brighter.’

11. Add depth to breezy, floral schemes 

An example of black bedroom ideas showing a black bed with orange and white wallpaper

(Image credit: Future/Jane Gilmour)

Using black in the bedroom can be a tool as much as it is a statement. If you have a bright, spring-like scheme that is lacking some oomph, bring black accents into the room to ground it and create some structure. 

Here, a Japanese-inspired, floral bedroom wallpaper idea takes the lead, with its pale red flowers inspiring the pink throw and welcoming contrast in the blue bedside table. 

A black headboard, tabletop and light fitting add a sense of seriousness to the room, making the scheme feel more grown up.

12. Take it to the floor

A bedroom with a black framed glass door and a white, gray and black geometric tiled floor

(Image credit: Future)

If using black on the walls feels a little too in-your-face, consider it as an option for your floor. 

A gentle, largely monochrome look has been achieved in this bedroom, as white walls keep the room bright, while a geometrically patterned floor brings visual interest into the scheme. 

To prevent the darker elements of the room feeling too bottom-heavy, a black-painted sliding door and reading lamp bring the black closer to eye level. 

Is black a good color for a bedroom?

It is indeed but you need to work with it carefully and, as Bradley suggests, be intentional with it. 

Black works really well as a paint color, as long as you match the light levels and size of your room correctly with the tone and shade. Cool colors and soft blacks are good if you want to prevent small bedrooms from feeling too dark, whereas warm blacks will make a bedroom feel cozy, and make a large bedroom feel more intimate. 

‘Black does not necessarily have to be on every wall either,’ says Bradley. ‘By combining it with another color of similar undertones, such as [Farrow & Ball] Preference Red walls and a Paean Black headboard, it will melt into the walls. It is also great for zoning off areas in a bedroom, such as a desk area.’

What color goes with black bedroom furniture? 

Black can, of course, be introduced into the bedroom in alternative ways to wall paint. Black furniture makes for a great way to add drama into an otherwise light palette bedroom. 

Pairing crisp black lines against white or cream walls is an eye-catching choice. Just remember to soften a monochrome palette with layers of textured bed linen, throws and cushions to keep it feeling contemporary.  

Black furniture can also work well as part of a dark bedroom scheme, particularly if your scheme features a patterned wallpaper. Adding some interest to the walls will help solid black furniture feel less heavy, and create a grounding monument within a lively scheme instead. 

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