White bedroom ideas – 10 ways to create a fresh, light and airy feel

Our curated white bedrooms ideas will inspire you to create a calm, restful bedroom scheme

A composite of white bedroom ideas
(Image credit: David Lovatti/Paul Raeside/Jan Baldwin)

White bedroom ideas are a timeless choice, and are ones that will work regardless of your style of home. 

Evoking purity and cleanliness alongside confidence and sophistication, white is a color that works really well for bedroom ideas of all shapes and sizes. 

‘The reason people like decorating with white is because it is so versatile,’ says artist and color expert Annie Sloan. ‘There are so many varying shades of white from warm white to cool white and the great thing about decorating with it is that whatever your style of interior – be it contemporary; industrial; Scandinavian; country rustic; minimalist or maximalist – white-on-white is a scheme that is guaranteed to look chic.’

White bedroom ideas

Our curated selection of stunning white bedrooms will provide all the inspiration you need when it comes to decorating and choosing the best bedroom color ideas for your scheme.

1. Build a monochromatic scheme with white-on-white

A white bedroom idea with pale grey headboard and tarnished mirror

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

The secret to a stylish, all-white scheme is appreciating that white comes in many forms. Don’t feel like you have to stick to one white – build them up to create a room with depth. 

‘I would go for a lot of different nuanced shades of whites – that’s more interesting than just pure white,’ says Sloan. ‘Pure white is quite tricky to use on its own and even with a lot of texture thrown in it can still look a bit flat and cold. Lots of different whites I think create a softer, more flattering look, mixing painted white furniture, white linens and white cottons. You can’t go wrong.’

In this room, light grey bedroom ideas sneak into the scheme via the headboard, along with creams and crisp pure whites in the sheets, pillows and curtains. 

2. Create interest through textures

A bedroom curtain idea with white walls, sheets and curtain on a black rail

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

To avoid an all-white bedroom feeling sterile, get tactile. ‘A good way to warm your whites is through textures,’ says interior designer Claudia Afshar. ‘White boucle is a standout trend, and pairing a white cashmere pillow works nicely to add layers. Also, try choosing a high-pile rug, tailored bedding, or textured wallcovering to make your whites interesting.’ 

3. Keep the focus on you with a white dressing room

A white bedroom idea with white and mirrored wardrobe and black chandelier

(Image credit: David Lovatti)

When choosing the best color for a bedroom, think about how you intend to use the space. White can provide a blank canvas that allows you to bring focus to certain aspects of a room. If fashion is your friend, consider using crisp whites in the dressing room – this will create a neutral backdrop for putting together outfits, as well as creating a glamorous, boutique feel. 

4. All-white interiors make a room feel bigger

A white bedroom with twin white metal framed beds, and vaulted ceiling

(Image credit: Jon Day)

If you’re wondering what color will work best among your small bedroom ideas, look no further. ‘The great thing about an all-white interior is that it can help create the illusion of a room being lighter, brighter and larger,’ says Sloan. ‘For those living in the city where space is at a premium, this is a useful cheat.’ 

In this small guest room in a vaulted loft space, an all-white scheme is used to maximize the impact of the light coming through the tall window, bouncing it around. Painting the ceiling white will also make it feel taller, and lessen the impact of shadows.

5. Pair with black for a monochrome look

A white bedroom idea with black four poster bed

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

A timelessly chic pairing, black and white interiors prove that opposites attract. Incorporating black bedroom ideas into a largely white scheme can lend structure and definition to the room, as demonstrated in this room where an elegant four-poster bed adds visual interest from top to bottom. To make your monochrome scheme feel contemporary, explore tones of off-white and lightened blacks, as well as lots of texture. 

6. Embrace nature by introducing woods

A white bedroom idea with white armchair and wooden furniture

(Image credit: Jan Baldwin)

If you want to make white the overarching neutral in the room but are craving a bit of character, consider pairing them with natural materials. 

‘We especially recommend pairing the color with woods,’ says Afshar. ‘This contrast works in both transitional and contemporary settings and helps to warm your more monochromatic space.’ To continue the natural theme, you can even consider working in some green bedroom ideas in the form of house plants, keeping the scheme feeling fresh and lively. 

7. Give a white room structure with painted details 

A white bedroom idea with dark blue painted woodwork and black and gold geometric mirror

(Image credit: Davide Lovati)

To prevent a white bedroom scheme ending in a dull washout, you’ll need to implement some structure. Painting woodwork in either a slightly different tone of white, or a dramatically darker color will do this, as well as highlighting any interesting architectural details in the room. In this bedroom, a dark blue has been used on the doorway to the ensuite, paired neatly with the geometric mirror. 

‘Another way to apply white to your walls, in more than just a flat paint fashion, is to do a plaster detail on an accent wall,’ suggests Afshar. ‘We really like this feature behind the master bedframe.’

8. Modernize an enduring blue and white scheme 

A white bedroom idea with blue velvet headboard and pink bedding

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

Blue and white have an enduring relationship in design, and make for a calming color scheme in the bedroom. To make blue bedroom ideas feel contemporary in a white bedroom, consider choosing a muted, denim tone with grey running through it, preferably with lots of texture thrown into the mix too like in this velvet upholstered headboard. To keep the overall effect feeling warm, add in earthy colors to contrast, like the terracotta pink in this room’s bedding. 

9. Whitewash wood paneling for rustic chic

A white bedroom idea with whitewashed wooden panels on the walls

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

While an all-white scheme may immediately make you think of dramatically modern design, it can have a place in making traditional design elements feel contemporary. Whitewashed wooden paneling on the walls can either add a modern edge to your classic farmhouse bedroom ideas, or you can introduce the decor idea into a more contemporary scheme where you want to channel some rustic chic. 

10. Pair with earthy colors 

A white bedroom idea with orange headboard, taupe curtains and brown furniture

(Image credit: James Balston)

While white-on-white is endlessly elegant, remember that white walls serve as a great canvas for color. In this bedroom, pure white walls are made to feel much warmer by dabbling in dark bedroom ideas and pairing them with rich, earthy, ochre tones, including a rusty orange headboard and dark brown cushions. Remember that white also makes for a crisp, modern backdrop to showcasing artwork. 

Is white a good color for a bedroom? 

If you can't make up your mind color-wise, there is absolutely nothing wrong with pure white bedrooms – you can then add color and texture with your decorating choices. Just remember, not all whites are made the same, and you’ll need to choose the right one. 

‘There are so many whites to choose from and all can be quite beautiful when appropriately applied,’ says Afshar. ‘The main paint rule is to try out samples first, as a color you like may translate differently in the actual space. We often use Whisper White by Benjamin Moore and Farrow & Ball offers great options, as well.’ 

'As with choosing any color, the right white depends on the other surrounding colors, materials and elements,' explains interior designer Kelly Wearstler. 'A warm white is better for light reflection on skin tones, and works with just about any material or hue.’

'A white that has more blue in it, providing a colder tone, is best when paired with materials and colours in that same tonal range. Try to limit whites to one or two at most in the same space.'

White on the walls and floor can create a cohesive feel if used around the house too. An all-white scheme encourages flow and continuity from one room to the other.

How do you make a white bedroom feel cozy? 

Firstly, you’ll need to choose the right white for your walls. A bluish-white gives a crisp finish, particularly in light-filled south-facing rooms – it will lend an architectural feel. However, avoid using it in cooler north-facing rooms because it will make the room feel colder. Use red or yellow tinted whites instead to lend warmth and brightness.

Then, layer up your room with tons of texture. If you’re keeping to an all-white scheme, consider distressed or whitewashed furniture, or introduce warm woods if you’re up for bringing in alternative neutrals. Textiles will also be crucial in making the room feel cozy. Crisp white sheets are always a must, but build your bedding out with woolen blankets, tasselled cushions, and even an upholstered headboard. 

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