Girls’ bedroom ideas – 21 ways to create good looks that last

Be inspired by girls’ bedroom ideas that are stylish, storage-packed, and adaptable as they grow

A montage of girls' bedroom ideas in blue, pink and pale green.
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Plan girls’ bedroom ideas and decor they adore, great storage, and adaptability as they age will all be on the agenda.

A well planned girl’s bedroom can grow with her with simple updates taking it from a little one’s sleep and play space to a teenager’s sanctuary.

We’ve gathered bedroom ideas for colors, themes and patterns; furniture ideas that will see them through from a young age to their teens; and clever solutions for stashing all their belongings, below, along with design advice from the experts.

Girls' bedroom ideas

From pretty in pink retreats to gender-neutral rethinks, take a look at these stunning kids' room ideas and pick up some tips that will help you wow the young woman of the house. 

1. Consider bespoke joinery for awkward spaces

pastel pink girls bedroom with butterfly wallpaper behind shelves, bed with stripe tent style canopy, wire lampshade, table and chairs

(Image credit: Kelling Designs)

'Built-in joinery is always a great idea for a kid’s bedroom as it maximizes the space available,’ says Emma Deterding, founder and creative director of Kelling Designs.  

‘Consider building multifunctional shelving units to store books or display your little one’s favorite toys and memories in an alcove; doors can be included at the bottom to hide away other toys and items that don't need to be on show all the time. 

‘Built-in wardrobes can also make the most of awkward spaces such as sloping ceilings or angled walls, providing ample storage for clothes and other items. You could even hide a desk space behind a cupboard door – something your child may not need now, but will need for studying as they grow up. By concealing as much storage as possible in your built-ins, you'll be able to keep everything organized and leave the rest of the floor space for the bed, relaxing and play.’ 

2. Opt for versatile white furniture

pink girls bedroom with gray blanket and pillows, baskets, old suitcase, bunting, shelf above bed, white bed and side table

(Image credit: The Cotswold Company)

White furniture is a top choice for a girl’s room as well as in bedroom ideas for boys. 'White furniture works really well in a child’s room, offering a neutral backdrop to personal touches such as drawings and artwork, patterned wallpaper or bold wall colors,' says Paul Deckland, buying director at The Cotswold Company

3. Choose adaptable designs

neutral children's bedroom with wooden beds, ladder, coir rug, bunting, black, white and gray bedding, mini table and chairs

(Image credit: Urbanology/Norman Young)

It’s worth investing in a bed for a little one that can later be used in bedroom ideas for teenagers. 'This bed is holding a toddler mattress but is designed with room to grow, having the ability to hold a twin mattress,' says Ginger Curtis, owner and principal designer of Urbanology Designs.  

‘It also swivels so you can change direction! The casters have a locking mechanism that keep it from rolling when you are ready to keep it in one spot.’

4. Mix fairytale themes

girls bedroom with day bed, fabric canopy, fairytale wallpaper, print drapes, mixture of patterned bed pillows, lilac walls

(Image credit: Sanderson)

A girl’s bedroom can draw on more than one theme. 'Within any interior in the home, striking the right balance with patterns and prints is fundamental to a room’s success,' says Emma Coles, stylist at Sanderson.

'When it comes to mixing two different styles, there is no rule book to choosing the right options; however, it’s important to ensure they don’t overpower the space.'

5. Use pink as an accent color

girls bedroom with shiplap walls, shelf, wallpaper, wooden bed with pink quilt, green armchair

(Image credit: Lisa Le Duc Design/Seth Smoot/Kendra Smoot)

Pink can work beautifully as an accent hue as well as in larger quantities. 'Using pink in the linens for younger girls' bedrooms is an easy addition and can be updated at any stage,' says Lisa le Duc, lead interior designer at Lisa le Duc Design

‘The color can then be repeated around the room in other fun accessories like a mirror frame, large throw cushions on the floor, or even painting a wooden bedside table.' 

6. Opt for a modular storage system for longevity 

girls bedroom storage idea with String modular system, white modern chair

(Image credit: Utility Design)

'Investing in timeless furniture and designs when decorating your child’s room is important,' explains Bo Hellberg of String Furniture.  

‘As children get older, their storage needs change. With a modular shelving system, you have the flexibility to curate a configuration that grows with your child, and their equally expanding toy collection.’

Modular designs are perfect in teenage girl bedroom ideas. 'For example, you can replace toy storage boxes with open shelving to create an integrated bookshelf or transform a crafts station into the perfect space for tackling homework,’ says Bo. ‘The range of cabinets available also gives the neat option for hidden storage so not everything is out on display.

‘The versatility of String’s shelving means that you can create a personal design to suit your child’s needs, ensuring that it will remain just as efficient when they grow up.'

7. Complement plain pink walls with bold pattern 

girls bunk beds in pink room with patterned rug

(Image credit: Georgia Zikas Design/Jane Beiles)

Plain walls can be combined with pattern elsewhere for a successful bedroom for girls.

'Designed with two little girls in mind, we went with pink hues and playful details like the heart decals and an ombre pink desk,’ says Georgia Zikas, founder and principal designer at Georgia Zikas Design.  ‘The patterned rug helps to balance all the sweet and brings some deeper tones to the space without feeling harsh.'  

8. Go bold on the floor, neutral on the walls

girls bedroom with grey walls, freestanding wardrobe, toddler bed, bright pink floor and skirtings

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Introducing color on the floor rather than walls can be a great option when you’re designing kids’ bedrooms. 'We tend to go all out when it comes to decorating kids’ rooms, but you can actually keep it quite pared-back and neutral – aside from a bold twist like this bright pink painted floor,' says Melanie Griffiths, editor, Period Living.  

‘It certainly works as an accent color and the scheme is perfectly balanced by the gray and white.’

9. Swap in a daybed

white bedroom with pink blind, check rug, day bed, pink blanket, bedroom storage

(Image credit: Swift Direct Blinds)

Daybeds are a fun alternative for girls’ rooms. ‘They have a more grown-up feel and can be a good space for hanging out with friends as they can double as a couch,' says Melanie Griffiths, editor, Period Living. ‘Accessorize one of these with blankets and extra throw pillows during the day for a more casual look.’

10. Pick a brighter take on pink

girl's bedroom with pink patterned sofabed with canopy, patterned rug and red armchair

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Pink’s a favorite of many, but it doesn’t have to be a pastel version. 'This eclectic bedroom has the benefit of primary red and yellow, which is then tempered by bold pink patterns and a lemon yellow fabric canopy,' says Lucy Searle, global editor in chief of Homes & Gardens.  

‘The result is an exciting mix of prints that push it out of the typical pastel pink style.’

11. Take a safari with modern animal prints

blush pink girl's bedroom with pale gray couch, side table, artwork, blinds, large gold tree floor lamp, toy giraffe, rug,

(Image credit: Lindsay Anyon Brier)

A safari look can be sophisticated and fun. 'Blush pink and gray is a good workable color palette for a girl's bedroom,' says Jennifer Ebert, digital editor, Homes & Gardens. ‘Add in a large gold tree – gold looks fabulous with blush pink – and a toy giraffe and you have the beginnings of a safari theme. Choose animal print fabrics for the blinds and pillows, but in contemporary colors, and finish the look with a modern art print.’

12. Go all out with patterns on patterns 

Girls' bedroom decor with bold floral wallpaper, a white dressing table and crimson patterned throw on a white four poster bed.

(Image credit: Future/Carolyn)

When you’re a kid, you can get away with lots of things – including packing all the patterns you like into your bedroom design. Layering and contrasting a multitude of prints into girls' bedroom decor is an exhilarating way to inject a sense of carefree fun. 

In this bedroom, a densely floral wallpaper is contrasted with a checked daybed and a leaf-patterned throw. The key to making it all work is color: each print is underpinned by either a mauve or crimson, tying disparate elements of the room together harmoniously.  

13. Create a fairytale feel with a four poster bed 

Girls' bedroom ideas with black metal four poster bed and red lamps in a white and pale blush pink scheme.

(Image credit: Future/Catherine Gratwick)

Every girl deserves to feel like a princess – and that means waking up in a four poster bed. Whether it’s a classic fairytale affair with turned wood posts and a decadent canopy, or a clean contemporary take with a barely-there silhouette, this addition makes a magical impact as part of any girls' bedroom ideas. 

It also works wonders for girls of all ages and, for teens, this black metal bed marries pared back modernity with a few twists and turns of Cinderella charm. 

14. Dress up her desk

Pale green patterned wallpaper, white desk and bed, and pink printed armchair illustrating girls' bedroom ideas.

(Image credit: Future/Mary Wadsworth)

We’ve all learnt the importance of carefully curating our home workspaces in the last year, and your child’s bedroom desk is no different. It’s hard enough to get kids to do their homework, so turn it into a space they really want to be. 

This nook features a statement lamp for nighttime reading, a small pinboard photo wall that they can personalize and a decorative framed print, as well as plenty of desk storage to keep that mess at bay. The pale green children's bedroom wallpaper pattern creates a creatively stimulating color scheme. 

15. Rethink pink and plump for peach

A pastel pink closet area with white window bench seat, white chest of drawers and an open clothes rail.

(Image credit: Future/Mel Yates)

While your seven-year-old may be clamouring for a sugar-plum pink color scheme in her bedroom, it’s important to remember that she may not feel quite the same in a few years time. To keep pink kids' room paint ideas feeling fresh – and with more potential to grow with them into their teens – consider mixing a little orange into your wall tone. 

‘Looking at what colors will play a dominant role in 2021, peach is definitely one to keep an eye on,’ says Natasha Bradley, interior design and color psychologist at Lick Home. ‘While the main color for this year is pink, peach is definitely a key player due to its orange undertones and soft pinks, which fills the color with joy, energy and happiness. This therefore makes it a fantastic friendly color.’

Choosing an earthier tone will help keep it contemporary, like the color paired beautifully in this room with clean white furnishings and brown-pink textiles. 

16. Be bold with blue 

Bedroom ideas for girls with blue walls, white bookshelves, blue upholstered window seat and patterned bed

(Image credit: Alexis Hughes/Raquel Langworthy)

Not all girls like pink, and nor should they. Girls can go for any lead color they like, and if they want to completely flip the script, blue is a brilliant way to go. 

Judy Smith, color consultant at Crown, agrees. ‘Blue is another favorite for all kids’ bedrooms – not just boys,’ she says. ‘Beautifully calming, soft and fresh, it can look fun and youthful in a girl’s bedroom.’  

For this young girl's bedroom decor, interior designer Alexis Hughes used blue as a base and warmed it by weaving red through carefully chosen prints. 'We selected a Phillip Jefferies turquoise blue grasscloth and made it more interesting by adding a sophisticated but super fun Christopher Farr cloth floral pattern, called Carnival, with pops of coral.'

'We then layered in more pattern with the primary fabric on the daybed, from Quadrille, with more of the turquoise, navy and coral, and then added a hidden trundle bed anticipating many eventual sleepovers.' Pull-out trundle beds are also a great sleepover solution when looking for space-saving small bedroom ideas for kids.

17. Say their name with subtle personalization

Girls' bedroom decor in a white scheme with a selection of pastel colored cushions on a child's daybed, each embroidered with a letter and spelling out the name 'Flora'.

(Image credit: Future/Carolyn Barber)

Kids love to personalize stuff, from sticking stickers on their secret diary to making sure everyone knows exactly whose bedroom this is. 

Personalizing girls' bedroom ideas with their name is a great way to make their space feel special and unique. This is an especially good shared bedroom idea and also perfectly possible to do in a subtle, stylish way. 

Here, a selection of cushions embroidered with letters of the alphabet are used to spell out a girl’s name in playfully mismatched colors and prints. Alternatively, using single-letter initials is a pared back way of putting their stamp on the bedroom decor – consider showcasing the first letter of their name in framed artwork, or in a subtle sculpture piece as seen in idea 3. 

18. Get country chic with gingham

Country-style girls' bedroom ideas example, with panelled taupe walls and red gingham headboard above white bed linen.

(Image credit: Future)

If the rest of the house is dedicated to a neutrally toned farmhouse style, a gingham print is a great way to add a pop of color, youth and femininity into girls’ bedroom ideas. As a classic print, it will stand the test of time, and will also tick all the right boxes for any horse-obsessed future cowgirls. 

Here, a wide print gingham fabric has been used as a headboard cover to make a real statement. Choose a bold color on white and keep the rest of the room simple to allow it to really stand out. 

Bedroom ideas for girls with four poster bed, pink beanbag, bookshelves and gallery wall.

(Image credit: Future)

It’s not always easy to choose art for a child’s bedroom – you’re bound to have quite different tastes, and theirs is probably set to change any minute now. A gallery wall can help solve those problems, creating one wall feature out of a myriad of mismatched pieces, encompassing either artworks (purchased, or from her own artistic hand), photographs or both. 

The handiest feature of a gallery wall is its adaptability – she’ll be able to add to the frame collection as she ages, and also easily swap out pieces she’s outgrown. For a teenager, it’s a great way to express personality and passions. 

20. Embrace all colors of the rainbow

Girls' bedroom ideas with multi-coloured bedding and artwork against a dark green-gray painted wall.

(Image credit: Future/Rachel Whiting)

Forget all pink, forget all blue – why not throw out the rulebook entirely, and fill your girls' bedroom ideas with all colors of the rainbow? A brightly toned, multi-colored scheme is just as at home when used in playroom ideas as in bedroom schemes, as it is the perfect stimulus for budding artists and will encompass whatever her favorite color is that week. 

To prevent a bright scheme getting overwhelming, ensure you have a solid base of neutrals underneath. Here, the room starts with a taupe wall, which it built on with numerous patterned textiles – each rocking a wide range of bright colors, but always on a white base. 

21. Get tactile with textiles

Pastel pink and blue patterned and knitted cushions on a white child's daybed with hanging fabric cloud mobile.

(Image credit: Future/Simon Bevan/Hasselblad H3D)

For material girls both young and old, layered textiles are a great way to bring a sense of softness – both physical and aesthetic – into girls' bedroom decor. 

When planning nursery room ideas or bedrooms for younger girls, the tactility that comes with an array of wools, linens, pom pom-edged cushions and snuggly blankets are both fun during the day, and set the tone for sleep at night.  

 What should every girl have in her room? 

The simple answer? Anything she wants. Don’t stick to preconceived ideas of what girls' bedroom ideas should look like, but follow her personal passions, interests and preferences. 

As long as you stick to some key design must-haves – including plenty of bedroom storage ideas, an area for homework or reading (if possible), and as much space for play as you can leave – the specifics of girls' bedroom decor should be led by her personality. 

Even Chicago-based interior designer Kate Taylor’s key must-have is one that is fuelled by creativity and defined by subjectivity: ‘Artwork that will grow with her!’ Taylor suggests. ‘One investment piece she can hopefully have forever, from toddler room, to teen, to college, to her very first apartment.’

How can I decorate my daughter’s bedroom?  

As much fun as it is, you don’t want to have to decorate your daughter’s bedroom too many times – so think about leaving room to grow. 

Instead of choosing a statement wall color, choose one that can be made to feel very different by switching just a few key pieces in the room (the bedlinen, artwork, a ceiling lamp). This could be neutrals, or it can be a tone of their favourite color that is perhaps a little more grown-up than they would initially choose. 

When it comes to choosing those key pieces, ask your daughter for help. Helping to design their own bedroom can be hugely empowering for a young girl, and a really exciting creative process for them. You’re also more likely to get an end result that they’ll love for years to come.  

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