Teenage girl bedroom ideas – 18 tips for fun and sophisticated design schemes

Teenage girl bedroom ideas aren't just about rethinking pink – they are about inspiring her to make her mark on the world

Three examples of teenage girl bedroom ideas.
(Image credit: Future)

Coming up with teenage girl bedroom ideas is a pretty daunting prospect – but it can also be one of the most rewarding interior design projects you will ever undertake. 

While they may disguise their enthusiasm by filling the room with empty glasses that should have been taken downstairs weeks ago, bedroom ideas are actually hugely important to teenagers, who are just starting to really define their personalities and learn how to make their mark on the world. 

Empowering a teenage girl to make design decisions and express her personality, tastes and priorities through her bedroom decor is a really important part of creative development and can help boost confidence. It may take a little patience, but working with her on the project will help it become the exciting, unique, personal haven she really wants it to be. 

Teenage girl bedroom ideas

From giving pink color schemes a very modern makeover to bold wallpapers packed with personality, we’ve found some stunning inspiration for teenage girl bedroom ideas, and asked the experts to share their tips on creating a scheme for the future superwoman of the house. 

1. Create a space that will grow with them 

A teenage girl bedroom idea with mural of twilight jungle with pink bedding

(Image credit: Jake Curtis)

The key to getting all kids' bedroom ideas is thinking ahead – what your child might like, want and need now is almost certainly going to be different in 3, 5 or 10 years time. If you’re designing for a young teenage girl or tween, choose features that are more likely to grow with her. While choosing an adaptable, sophisticated paint color is the easiest way to do this, this bedroom’s twilight jungle mural is fun for younger kids, but its maturity means it will last them even into adulthood. 

2. Choose earthier pinks

A teenage girl bedroom idea with wall paint in color blocks of sand, earthy pink and brown

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

‘Pink has had a bad rap but if there’s one thing teenagers can be relied upon for, it’s upsetting the status quo,’ says artist and color expert Annie Sloan. A longstanding favorite among bedroom ideas for girls, getting pink right in a teenager’s room is all about bucking stereotypes and embracing a modern approach.

‘Banish thoughts of saccharine pinks and insubstantial colour by using a strong, earthy, unexpected pink in a teenage girl’s bedroom,’ says Sloan. ‘Use pink alongside rich, strong, dark colours for extra inspiration, and to ensure that bedrooms remain cozy spaces where busy adolescent minds can find some refuge.’

‘Inspire her to investigate the history of interiors and the fashion of color through the ages by pointing out that it wasn’t until the 20th century that pink began being branded as a color for girls – the fascinating backstory might spark a life-long curiosity about color.’

3. Personalize wall paint with a stencilled design

A teenage girl bedroom idea with pale pink walls, stencilled gold spot pattern and bronze pendant lamp

(Image credit: Crown)

As teenagers start to get more independent, it’s important to have a corner of the home that feels uniquely their own.

‘Features and personalised designs are great when it comes to teenagers’ bedroom design,’ says Kathryn Lloyd, Color Consultant at Crown. This is true for bedroom ideas for boys too, and needn’t be an expensive process – all you need is a paintbrush and a little bit of know-how. ‘Work out a design on paper then scale up for the walls, using good masking tape to create crisp lines. Why not add a bit of playfulness by painting furniture to match or contrast with the walls?’

In this room, metallic bronze polka dots are matched with with similarly toned metallic pendant lights and plant pots.

4.  Update a period room with bold modern wallpaper 

A teenage girl bedroom idea with modern red and white target wallpaper and black four poster bed in period room

(Image credit: Polly Wreford)

The one thing you need to avoid above all else when it comes to bedroom ideas for teenagers is feeling ‘old fashioned’. Teens are rarely happy with being surrounded by too much of anything before their time, which can be an issue if you’re living in a property with lots of period features. A great way to make a historic room feel modern is to swap paint for a bold, graphic wallpaper. Get your teen involved in choosing the design and allow them to make a big, bright statement in the space.

5. Prioritize a desk over a dressing table

A teenage girl bedroom idea with blue walls, abstract art and antique writing desk

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

As kids tend to get lumbered with the house’s smaller bedrooms, there will likely only be one area suitable for housing a table in their room. With teenage girls, that can spark a quandary. 

A dressing table might be a tempting prospect as they start to explore their glamorous sides, but fitting a desk in a teenager’s bedroom should always be a priority, as having a quiet home office space to do homework is hugely important. 

If you want a space that can do both, choose a particularly pretty writing desk like this antique example, and think about including lots of storage space that can accommodate both stationery and make-up for a quick change.

6. Break the mould with contrasting colors 

A teenage girl bedroom idea with blue headboard and orange bedside table

(Image credit: Future)

Of course, teenage girls’ rooms do not have to be pink – but if not, what instead? A little rule-breaking is always on the cards at this age, so swap harmonious colors for barnstorming contrasts and clashes. In this room, a grungy but chic denim blue headboard is contrasted with a bright orange bedside table and yellow details in the bedding – a scheme that works well for teenage boys’ bedroom ideas too. To make things a little more palatable, a largely neutral wallpaper is used, but with flecks of green to add yet another color into the mix.

7. Use pink sparingly 

A teenage girl bedroom idea with pale pink upholstered bed and purple and white patterned wallpaper

(Image credit: Liz Caan/Eric Roth)

If pink is still a hard and fast must-have in her bedroom color palette, think about how you can use it minimally to soften a scheme rather than lead it. 

‘You can use pink as the envelope or the accent,’ says interior designer Liz Caan. ‘In my daughter's room, we created a bed in 2 tones of light pink and then put the lighter blush on the ceiling to create a glowing feel in the space.’ In this scheme, the perceived ‘girliness’ of the sophisticated pale pink is offset with a wide ranging color palette that features lilacs, aquamarines and grass greens, as well as graphic-style artwork and skull patterns. 

8. Invoke elegance with a four poster bed 

A teenage girl bedroom idea with pale blue walls and bamboo four poster bed

(Image credit: Alecia Neo)

She may have grown out of her princess phase, but we dare anyone to turn down the luxurious feel of a four poster bed. When it comes to bed ideas for a teenage girl’s room, a four poster can bring an instant sense of grown up elegance to the space. It doesn’t have to be a chintzy affair either – stick to contemporary cube beds or pared-back metal versions of curved styles, or even invest in a unique piece like this bohemian bamboo bed with beautiful detailing. 

9. Pile pattern on pattern

A teenage girl bedroom idea with purple marble-inspired wallpaper, and graphic patterned purple bedding with black side table

(Image credit: Jonathan Adler)

Dull is pretty much the worst thing a teenager’s bedroom can be. If she wants a room brimming with personality, then pack it with patterns on patterns, from children’s bedroom wallpaper ideas to beautifully layered bedding. Maximalism is all the rage right now, meaning a teen’s youthful exuberance is actually a stylish asset – ask them to choose one piece or pattern that they really love and build complementary patterns from there. In this room put together by Jonathan Adler, a geologically inspired purple-grey wallpaper is matched with geometric bedding and floral artwork.   

A teenage girl bedroom idea with palm print wallpaper, teal headboard and gallery walls

(Image credit: Jody Stewart)

Showcasing their likes and dislikes through bedroom decor is going to be important for any child. ‘Bedding, lampshades, their favorite books, photos of their friends and family all help channel their personality,’ says Caan. ‘We love letting them pick their favorite photos and we will frame them in fun lucite frames so they support the room design and also feel familiar and fun!'

Using gallery wall ideas in a teenager’s bedroom is a great way to display photographs from childhood to now, as well as choice artwork – and when they’ve outgrown one element of it, it’s easy to unhook a small frame and swap it for a new one. A feature that can be great for dorm room ideas; adding meaningful memories and personality to the space.

11. Choose flexible furniture 

teen bedroom idea with upholstered headboard, bright orange and red table lamp, shiplap wall halfway up, textured wallpaper.Orange and red accents, bee artwork, white bedside

(Image credit: KDLoves)

'For the bed, always be sure to choose a design with built-in drawers or an ottoman-style for added storage, not only will you maximize on floor space, but you'll be able to store other items away with ease such as seasonal clothing or extra bedding and bulkier items,' says Emma Deterding, founder and creative director at Kelling Designs.

'There is also a wide range of multi-functional furniture available on the market that can help too, with high-sleeper beds including everything from desks, wardrobes to even seating areas underneath. Why not consider a fold-down desk if space is at a premium, it'll fold flat to the wall when not in use, and fold out and down when the desk space is needed.'

12. Introduce pattern for a girl who loves color

girls bedroom with floral quilt and lampshade, orange print chair, stripe curtains with fringing, pink side table, windowsill with Russian dolls

(Image credit: Samantha Todhunter Design)

'There can be a transition from young teen to young adult, and you can adapt the scheme accordingly,' says Andrea Childs, editor, Country Homes & Interiors. 'A younger girl might be still happy to have pretty florals and bold stripes for a few years, before wanting a more simplified look. Embrace it with a mixture of prints and patterns in similar colors for a fun and bright look.'

13. Layer textures for a grown up look

apartment bedroom with open shelving and sheepskin covered chair, mirror, dressing table/desk, books on shelves, neutral drapes, hardwood floor

(Image credit: Le Berre Vevaud/Stephan Julliard)

Give your teenage girl bedroom an earthy, grounded aesthetic with a soothing color palette. Although white and beige is normally associated with gender neutral nursery ideas, muted shades work just as well woven into teenage bedrooms, as above.

'An older teen may want a more sophisticated scheme, this is when you can add in beautiful textures like a fluffy sheepskin topped chair, tactile blanket for the the bed and subtle geometric drapes. Keep the color scheme white with neutral touches for a little warmth visually,' says Melanie Griffiths, editor, Period Living. 

14. Allow room for creativity

teen/kids bedroom idea with Miss Print wallpaper, old school desk and chair, parquet flooring, plant in basket, clock, stationery

(Image credit: MissPrint)

'There are no real rules when decorating a girl’s bedroom or boy’s for that matter, whatever their age,' says Rebecca Drury, co-founder at MissPrint. 'The only thing to consider is their personality. You want the room to feel like their own space and retreat, and a good way to achieve this is if it reflects their personality. 

With clever use of wallpaper, prints and accessories you will be able to create a room you’ll feel proud off. This contemporary look will work for your child for years to come, and can be easily updated as your teen girl grows.

15. Keep the floor clutter free 

teen room with bespoke bed, green wall, floating desk, parquet floor, artwork outside door

(Image credit: TR Studio)

'Designing bedrooms for teenagers can be challenging,' says Tom Rutt, director of TR Studio. 'You need to create a space which is appealing to them, but that is also timeless enough to continue to grow with them as their personalities and tastes develop and evolve. Children’s bedrooms need to work hard to maximize space, as usually they aren’t huge rooms in terms of square footage, so you need to design smart, especially when it comes to storage. At TR Studio, bespoke built-in joinery is one of our signature design tools.'

'In our project SK Apartment, we used bespoke joinery to build a high sleeper bed with a built in ladder and storage alongside a floating desk. The desk was positioned under a window which provided the client’s teenager with a work space utilising natural daylight to study and complete homework. Seeing the skirting board and having less furniture on the floor also creates the illusion of a much larger, airier space. To add personality to the room we painted one wall with their favourite colour, a fresh light green, which worked two fold to create visual interest and also zone the space.'

16. Create a flexible space

bedroom with gray double bed, hardwood floor, pink side table with blue lamp, rust and blue blankets and cushions, large window, artwork, rug

(Image credit: Scooms)

A teenage girl's bedroom should be an inviting sanctuary where they can be themselves and relax, as well as get a good night’s sleep. It should be a multifunctional space where they can study, hang out with friends or escape the family, so it’s important to ensure their bedroom has the right key elements. Planning at the earliest stage will allow their bedroom to grow with them so think about how they’ll use the room and how that may change as they get older. 

Pick the largest size bed the room can take. This will benefit you in the long run as you won’t have to continually buy new beds as they outgrow the existing one. An ottoman style bed or one with drawers will also provide necessary extra storage space. Invest in good quality, natural bedding to ensure they get the best night’s sleep possible. 

'Let your teens pick furniture and accessories in colors and patterns they love,' say Emily and Jonathan Attwood, founders of Scooms. 'Try to stick to neutrals for the bigger pieces such as the bed so these don't go out of fashion but allow them to change textiles such as sheets, throws and cushions when they get bored or are in need of a refresh. Consider opting for linen bed sheets. The relaxed and laid back aesthetic of linen is ideal for a teen bedroom and you won’t need to worry about ironing – the crinkled look and feel is what linen is all about.'

17. Opt for a monochromatic scheme

A teenage boys bedroom idea with black feature headboard with white moustache print and white walls

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

A monochrome color palette is an great choice for teenage girl's bedrooms. Versatile yet contemporary, black and white hues are a timeless choice that will continue to remain on trend. 

'An ideal choice for small bedrooms, white makes spaces appear brighter, lighter and more spacious,' says Adam Black, co-founder of Button & Sprung. 'To create a cohesive scheme, pair your white upholstered bed with linen in dark grey or black hues to create visual contrast and to fully embrace the monochrome appeal.'

Tone and texture are vital when it comes to black and white bedroom ideas – remember that the most successful monochrome interiors combine movement and depth.

18. Embrace a minimalist aesthetic 

Minimalist small bedroom ideas for kids shown in a white attic room with neutral furnishings, a single bed and dormer window.

(Image credit: David Lovatti)

A cool and calm minimalist style is a popular trend for teens and adults alike, alongside natural wood and brilliant whites. 

Creating a pared-back space that also exudes luxurious comfort can be a hard balance to strike, but with careful consideration it can be achieved. Embrace warm minimalism by introducing luxurious furnishings coupled with streamlined furniture for a cozy feel that still feels contemporary. It’s a clean, smart and versatile look that fits in well with other room schemes and can grow with your teen girl.

What should a teenage girl’s bedroom include? 

Naturally, a teenage girl’s bedroom needs the key items of furniture that all bedrooms need – namely a bed, a bedside table and clothes storage. As teenager’s are historically not known for being the tidiest creatures on the planet, storage is perhaps more important than it is in any other bedroom. Ensuring there’s enough space for every item to be tucked away will help in the never-ending battle to get them to tidy up.

We also highly recommend creating desk space to allow them a quiet area in which to do their homework. For smaller rooms this may mean you need to make a choice between this and a dressing table, but a workspace should always be top priority. Consider making the space work in both ways by dividing storage between getting-ready paraphernalia and stationery, and adding a mirror above the table. 

See our what are good things to have in a dorm room guide for some further inspiration.

What’s the best color for a teenage girl’s bedroom? 

Of course, there is no one color that is best for a teenage girl’s bedroom – the answer to this question is whichever color she wants. While it’s easy for parents to instantly gravitate towards pink, ensure the color scheme is her choice. If she wants pink in the mix, then think about making it modern and sophisticated with earthy tones, or using it as an accent in the room instead of all over the walls. Alternatively, trending bedroom colors like grey, blue and white work really well in a teenage girl’s bedroom – add in bright accents to keep it feeling lively and youthful. 

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