Purple bedroom ideas – 10 ways to use this on-trend shade

Purple bedroom ideas are hugely versatile, ranging from dramatic to restful, here we share our favorite looks

Purple bedroom ideas
(Image credit: Rachel Chudley / Billal Taright / Crown / Paul Raeside)

Purple bedroom ideas are often overlooked, but they can be wonderfully versatile and stylish.

With shades that range from subtle lilac, lavender and dusky mauve, to royal purple, and rich eggplant, decorating with purple is a wonderful way to create all sorts of interior looks.

Whether you're after a quiet space to unwind, or looking to express your love for bold, jewel tones, there's a shade of purple for every mood. Here we've gathered an array of different bedroom ideas that embrace this on-trend hue along with some tips from the experts to help get you inspired.

Purple bedroom ideas 

For a time purple room ideas fell out of favor, but today interior designers and homeowners are rediscovering the potential of this under-appreciated shade.

'A color people have been loving this year is purple. Often thought of as a tricky color, purple is a really calming hue that adds a sense of tranquillity to any space, particularly the bedroom,' says Joanna Ross, general manager of design luxury bedding brand Sheridan. 

If you're thinking of decorating with purple, whether as a bedroom color idea or a purple living room idea, then it's important to consider the tone and warmth of the purple you choose as well as the colors you pair it with as these factors can transformative effect on the mood of a room.

'Deep, rich purples such as damsons and aubergine hues are perfect for creating a dramatic and romantic boudoir, especially when paired with luxurious fabrics such as velvet,' suggests Emma Deterding, founder of Kelling Designs. 'These can be brought to life with pops of pinks, reds and even oranges to help add freshness.'

'For the not-so-bold, muted purples such as lilacs  and lavenders also work well in the bedroom as they help to create a really relaxing and soothing feel.'

1. Create a sophisticated look with a dark eggplant

Purple bedroom with wall paneling inWalls in Pontefract by Paper & Paint Library

(Image credit: Walls in Pontefract by Paper & Paint Library)

Dark colors are a bold choice for bedrooms but are becoming increasingly popular with people looking for a sophisticated look and an intimate feel. Described as a reddish black, but appearing like a deep purple in some lights, this Pontefract shade from Paper & Paint Library creates a rich and enveloping feel and, with it's red undertones, pairs beautifully with blush pinks and berry shades for a dramatic yet feminine look. 

2. Create a eccentric, playful look with clashing colors

Purple bedroom with red bed by Rachel Chudley

(Image credit: Rachel Chudley)

If you love bold colors why not try a vibrant royal purple with clashing red for a head-turning look, after all, bedrooms are private spaces were we should be free to express our personality.

'The trap that people fall into is that they consider dark rooms to be wrong and just paint them white. I like to lean into the darkness and explore the depths of color. Go for a very deep shade but in a high gloss paint and this will reflect the light around the room,' suggests interior designer Rachel Chudley. 

'Clashing colors makes my heart sing. For a project I’m currently working on, we’ve been mixing up deep purple with bright apple red – a fruits of the forest combination,' she adds.

3. Introduce purple as an accent color

Lilac painted bedroom with large bed side table and purple curtains

(Image credit: James Hare)

Purple can make a wonderful accent color to liven up neutral bedroom ideas and work particularly well set against light grey walls as demonstrated in this scheme by James Hare.

Saffron Hare, creative director at James Hare suggests 'using it quite boldly especially for curtains and either use the same tone or use different shades for accessories such as cushions and upholstery. You can often add in other quite strong color details with purple too such as yellow.' 

4. Use soft shades of lilac for a restful backdrop

Lilac bedroom with artwork, white bed linen and colorful cushions

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

For those looking to create a relaxing bedroom, cool, soft lilacs and lavenders are guaranteed to bring a soothing feel. A beautiful alternative to popular pastel pinks and blues, light purples also make a lovely foundation for decorating with art and printed fabrics.

'Light enough to provide interest, these shades can almost work as a neutral when used on the walls, allowing you to introduce prints in florals, checks and ginghams for added interest, whilst maintaining the light and airy feel,' explains Emma Detering.

5. Get playful with paint effects

Lilac bedroom

(Image credit: Crown)

Deep purples can be a bold choice wall-to-wall – if you're looking for impact but don't want one color to dominate a space, consider color blocking deep purples with ligther shades as part of a playful bedroom paint idea.

Here the lower half of the wall is painted in a the rich Addiction shade by Crown which anchors the scheme while Fairy Dust above keeps the space feeling restful and light.

6. Think about paint finishes

bedroom with purple gloss walls

(Image credit: Interior by Phillip Thomas / photograph by Michael Mundy)

When choosing wall paints for a bedroom a matt paint finishes are usually the go-to, but gloss can make a show-stopping and glamorous look, especially when paired with jewel colors like amethyst purple as is demonstrated in this bedroom scheme by it New York based interior designer Phillip Thomas.

'Purple is such a sophisticated color to use in a bedroom. Adding a high gloss finish creates a gorgeous, feminine escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of life,' he says. Not only this, but gloss finishes are a handy device for reflecting light in darker purple rooms and make a fitting backdrop for furnishing with warm metallics and accessories. 

7. Layer delicate shades for soothing feel

Tranquil bedroom with lilac layering

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

Layering an array of gentle purples in subtly different tones, from pinky heathers to bluey lilac hues reminiscent of flax flowers and grey-purples, is a wonderful way to create bring harmony and depth to a bedroom.

In this country bedroom, myriad delicate hues combine with varying textures and nature-inspired prints in different scales to create a restful and romantic rural scheme. 

8. Create a focal point with a purple headboard

bedroom with wallpaper and purple velvet headboard

(Image credit: Kelling Designs)

For those that love color but are cautious of decorating with it, introducing a striking purple over a headboard idea or ottoman is a great place to start. In this scheme by Kelling Designs the purple headboard helps create a bold focal point in a small room, plus helps balance the ornate wallpaper. 

'For me, the headboard always offers the perfect opportunity to introduce bold color and pattern, and an upholstered headboard in a statement shape and a bold, vivid purple velvet will really act as an anchor to base your design scheme around,' says Emma Deterding, founder and creative director, Kelling Designs. 'Opt for contrasting piping detail to bring in a burst of orange, and use accessories in complementary shades to bring the scheme together.'

9. Pair lilac with teal

Teal bedroom walls with a lilac divan bed

(Image credit: Furniture Village)

Purple pairs well with many other colors on the color wheel from the contrasting shades of yellow and orange to neighbouring blues. For a restful yet head-turning space consider color-blocking pastels with jewel tones as done in this space. Featuring walls in cool ocean teal with a soft lilac divan bed and peppering it with pops of indigo through accessories, this room with its plethora of cool tones has a sophisticated feel.

10. Try purple window treatments

Bedroom with lilac curtains

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Bedroom curtains can be a wonderful way to introduce color into a pared-back sleep spaces as they can easily be changed should tastes evolve. In this cottage bedroom drapes in a soft lilac bring a feminine feel but also help draw attention to and frame the beautiful country views.

Is purple good for a bedroom?

Purple is a versatile shade which can be used to achieve all sorts of interior looks as well as in both contemporary and modern schemes and is becoming increasingly popular for bedrooms.  

'Purple is a calming, comforting color, it makes you want to relax and stay in an interior longer. It is ideal for bedrooms, as it really helps you rest,' says Saffron Hare, creative director James Hare.

The key to successful purple bedrooms is to take care to choose the right shade of purple and to pair it with complementary colors. 

‘It's important to consider the function of the room and the atmosphere you want to create when choosing colors for each room in the home. As truly personal spaces, bedrooms are fantastic places in which to embrace colors you love and develop an intimate scheme that reflects your personal taste,' says Andy Greenall, creative director Paint & Paper Library. 'Consider deep, sumptuous shades to provide a cozy, tranquil feel.'

For a playful and energizing look try bold purples like ultraviolet and royal purple, or, for a dramatic and cocooning look turn to deep purples. Alternatively, for a restful uplifting feel or to make bedrooms feel brighter and larger try lighter lilacs and lavender shades or purple off-whites.

What color goes with purple in a bedroom

Purple is a versatile shade that can pair well with many shades on the color wheel. Contrasting colors like yellow and orange work well, but purple can equally sit beautifully alongside greens and blues. It is also commonly used as an accent color for grey. To select the right colors to go with purple it's important to think about the tone of the color and the mood you want to create.

'When selecting a complimentary shade for purple, consider the undertones within the shade and opt for neutrals with a pink or lilac undertone for a harmonious finish,' says Ruth Mottershead, creative director of Little Greene.

'A true royal purple, a 1970s favorite for all four walls and even ceilings such as ‘Purpleheart’ can be toned down with a calming neutral such as ‘Dash of Soot', which will act as a grounding tone, whilst the gentle lilac ‘Hortense’ coordinates beautifully with strong purples for a cohesive considered scheme,' adds Ruth Mottershead.

Purple also works well with metallics suggests Joanna Ross, general manager of design luxury bedding brand Sheridan.

'If you are wanting to add accessories, you can't go wrong with metallics. Whether you add a gold lamp or a copper mirror to your space – the brightness of these metals helps contrast against the deep purple and promises to create a bedroom interior that you will love.' 

'I also love adding shades of green as this works well with purple, helping to ground the color and add an element of sophistication to the interior.'

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