Country bedroom ideas – 56 ways to create charming rustic style

Looking for country bedroom ideas? We've gathered gorgeous inspiration for rooms small and large, so you can rest easy in rustic style

Country bedroom ideas
(Image credit: Linwood/Jane Churchill/Future)

Dreaming of some new country bedroom ideas? This gallery, with expert tips from our hand-picked country decor experts, is where to find inspiration.

Whether you live in a rural home – or just love the country look – your bedroom is the soothing heart of your decorating scheme. It's the first space you see in the morning and the last before you close your eyes at night, so getting the decor right here is vital.

Below, you can discover the essential elements of the country bedroom style.

Country bedroom ideas

There are some bedroom ideas and design principles that work in any home, from urban loft to mountain chalet. Where to position your bed, the colors that set a restful tone, and how to arrange your furnishings for both style and practicality are key, whatever your style.

But the country look adds an extra element of color, pattern, comfort and a connection to nature that will define your rustic scheme.

We've spoken to interior designers the best ways to bring a refined but rustic look to the bedroom. From natural materials such as wood and wicker, to characterful furniture and floral and foliage motifs. You can find inspiration for your country bedroom ideas here.

1. Channel the country house look – with a twist

bed with shaped upholstered headboard

(Image credit: Jane Churchill)

The modern country look is all about bringing freshness and contemporary attitude to your decorating scheme, channelling the grand English country house aesthetic (thank you, Downton Abbey and Bridgerton) and taking it in a new – and very now –direction.

'This is an approach that works on both sides of the Atlantic, and can be seen as much in the work of Hollywood design royalty Michael S Smith as it can in the quintessentially English designs of London-based Jane Churchill, says Andréa Childs, Editor of Country Homes & Interiors.

'With its combination of delightful pattern and pretty color, with a fun sense of scale and drama, this gorgeously shaped and upholstered headboard, from Jane Churchill, is a brilliantly executed example of how bed ideas can elevate this approach to country bedroom ideas.'

2. Layer up rugs for a new take on comfort

blue country bedroom with rugs and throws

(Image credit: Cosy Coco)

Coziness is key to the country look – and there's no better place than the bedroom to go deep on layers of comfort and softness.

This cocooning navy and white scheme shows how piling on the textures with area rugs, throws, velvet pillows can still look elegant – ideal if you want your country bedroom ideas to span both urban and rural styles and spaces.

'Warming up your home is as easy as adding in softer surfaces,' agrees Noemie Deed, founder of rug company Cosy Coco. 'And a luxurious rug is the perfect piece to sink your feet into.

'Consider layering rugs across the harder surfaces and open spaces. The more the merrier for a country look and to keep the cold at bay.'

3. Turn your country bedroom into a haven of luxury

country bedrooms soho home

(Image credit: Alexander Waterworth Interiors)

If you're fortunate enough to have a large space, consider adapting your country bedroom ideas to incorporate a seating area and even a freestanding bath tub, to create a luxurious open concept suite.

Country hotel style is the place to look for inspiration, such as this room created by interior designer Alexander Waterworth at Soho Farmhouse. 

You'll want a sense of separation between your sleeping space and the bathing zone, so define each area with a rug or a different decorative backdrop, such as a change in wallpaper or paint color.

4. Get creative with paint and color

country bedroom idea for painted panel

(Image credit: Fenwick & Tilbrook)

This elegant scheme shows you can get creative with color in your country bedroom, simply by painting blocks of complementary tones.

Start with the architectural details, choosing a strong shade to highlight skirting, molding or window frames. Then highlight the sleeping area by painting a darker color, or even two, around the bed.

'Choosing to combine two or three different colors in a room as opposed to sticking to one shade can look fantastic as long as you stick to a few rules,' says Anna Hill, Brand Director and Colour Consultant for Fenwick & Tilbrook.

'Ensure you use harmonious colors so that even if you have two or three in one space they complement one another rather than clash. One top tip is to choose shades that sit opposite each other on the color wheel, which will ensure that even if your colors seem polar opposites they will look fantastic sitting alongside one another.

'You should also consider which direction your room is facing and choose shades accordingly. For instance, south-facing rooms are often filled with warm light so you can maximize colors with a cooler base, whereas north-facing rooms suit warmer shades of reds, pinks and greens.

'Painting woodwork and even radiators in the same color or a contrasting shade adds a modern feel to a room scheme and is also a great option for those less brave about using mixed colors on a larger scale.'

5. Perfect the art of symmetry

country bedroom with twin upholstered beds

(Image credit: Jojo Bradley Interior Design)

When it comes to country bedroom ideas, twice is nice for twin rooms. A matching pair of beds, with a double dose of identikit throw pillows and covers, will bring order to what could be a cluttered space with an abundance of furniture.

But not everything has to have its mirror image. In this smart guest bedroom from interior designer Jojo Bradley, a single chest of drawers is used as a shared bedside table. The look is still symmetrical, but the cabinet helps to create a focal point in the center of the room.

6. Dive into deep blue

country bedrooms soho home

(Image credit: Alexander Waterworth Interiors)

You can't go wrong with a mid-toned blue when it comes to finalising your palette and country bedroom ideas. Calming yet warm, it's a shade that suits both older country properties and contemporary rural builds.

There are a number of ways to use the hue. In a lofty space, painting walls and ceiling will help to create atmosphere and comfort. In a small cottage or gabled craftsman house, keeping the color on the walls and painting the ceiling white will create a brighter feel.

Finally, in a tonal scheme like this, add a contrasting color – like this red lamp – to make the room 'pop'.

7. Bring in forest imagery

forest fabric headboards in bedroom

(Image credit: Jane Churchill)

A connection to nature is key to rustic style, so channel the feel of the forest into your country bedroom ideas with leaf-print textiles.

You could opt for drapes or a quilt with a foliage design, but Jane Churchill shows just how effective a fabric-covered headboard can be for that romantic 'sleeping beneath the boughs' feel.

Choose a subtle-patterned wallpaper in a complementary tone to finish the scheme.

8. Incorporate characterful detail

blue country bedroom with four poster bed

(Image credit: Linwood)

‘This bedroom epitomizes a modern country look, successfully mixing color and styles together,' says Katrin Cargill, stylist at Linwood fabrics. 'The blue walls throw forward the fabric – Kitty, from Linwood’s The English Garden collection – allowing the delightful floral to take centre stage. 

'Details such as the bespoke scalloped edge of the pelmet and rug, the pressed grasses displayed on the walls and the burst of sunny yellow on the bedside table add interesting layers. The result is a room that feels fresh and inviting.’

9. Pair rustic walls with soft fabrics

log print wallpaper in country bedroom with green bed

(Image credit: Sofas & Stuff)

If barn wood, shiplap or original cabin-style walls aren't an option when you're picking out your country bedroom ideas, then a log-effect wallpaper like this is a superb alternative. And it works brilliantly with a more luxe approach to furnishings, for a rough-meets-smooth rustic aesthetic.

'One of my favorite décor styles incorporates neutral tones, natural fabrics and lots of layering,' suggests Andrew Cussions, Founder of Sofas & Stuff

'This way, colors and patterns can be added and changed whenever the mood dictates, but the overall impression is always effortlessly elegant – perfect for a countryside feel.'

10. Dress the bed with a country quilt

country bedrooms soho home

(Image credit: Alexander Waterworth Interiors)

Farmhouse bedding ideas, such as a patchwork quilt, are country bedding idea staples – whether an heirloom or antique piece or a contemporary version of this classic cover-up.

For a country bedroom, the quilt's palette will make ideal inspiration for the rest of your decorating scheme – pick out the brightest shade as your accent color, and use the tonal background as a match for your walls. 

11. Make your view a focal point

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Amber Lewis)

Country bedrooms often benefit from lovely views of the surrounding landscape. So strategically placing the bed will make the most of the surrounding views and natural light, suggests Sharon Lillywhite, Founding Partner of Architectural Interior Design Studio, Oliver Burns

‘Introducing an inviting seating area by the window provides the perfect opportunity to retreat, read a book or simply enjoy the views,’ she says.

12. Forage for outdoor elements

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Katie Hodges Design)

Pittsburgh-based interior designer Esther Dormer suggests bringing the outdoors in with your decor – quite literally. She has used tree trunk lamps when designing a bedroom in her country home project and regularly incorporates actual wood and greenery into these spaces to give them an organic, rustic feel. 

Not into foraging for decor items? Dormer also suggests using a sheepskin rug to enhance a bedroom with a natural feel. By doing this, you can add some texture and charm to a country bedroom without having to actually go digging for outside treasure.

13. Choose textured wall finishes 

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Brent Darby/Future)

‘Different textures on walls can make a country-style bedroom into an interesting and eclectic space,’ shares Houston-based Pamela O’Brien, Lead Designer at Pamela Hope Designs

‘Shiplap has been a favorite but there are many options including thin-set brick, wallpaper, and wood veneers.’

14. Position the bed first

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Jojo Bradley Interiors)

‘It is important to position the bed first so that you have the best view, for example, without hindering the flow of the room,’ says interior designer Jojo Bradley. 

‘When it comes to your country bedroom decor ideas, start with something you love and build around it, from a statement headboard, favorite color, or a piece of art. Then the rest of the room design tends to fall into place.’

15. Add color with pillows and throws

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Future)

‘Colorful pillows and throws with interesting textures will create an inviting bed that is visually appealing,’ explains Pamela O’Brien, Lead Designer at Pamela Hope Designs. 

‘This is an easy way to update, too – just change out a few pillows and a throw for a fresh new look.’

Our cottage bedroom ideas have more inspiration for cozy, restful spaces.

16. Consider warming things up

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Weaver Green)

‘For period properties where the home can feel cold in the winter months, we like to install underfloor heating throughout,’ says Sharon Lillywhite, Founding Partner of Architectural Interior Design Studio, Oliver Burns. 

‘If this isn’t an option, a thick rug by the side of the bed offers a luxurious treat underfoot when you wake up.’

Beautiful wooden and stone floors are a hallmark of country properties, but they lack the softness needed in a bedroom. Choosing a rug allows you still to see the flooring around the edges, while providing a soft landing for feet when getting out of bed first thing in the morning.

17. Repurpose furniture

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Beth Webb)

Consider repurposing original wood or rustic items that might work in the space, using a side table beside the bed, for example, or a hallway console in the bay of a window. But don’t feel the need to fix up vintage furniture too much.

‘Highlight the age and the beauty of the natural wear and tear,’ suggests Laura Mooney, Owner and Head of Creative at The Mohicans Treehouse Resort. ‘You might be pleasantly surprised to find a charm and authenticity that can't be bought, duplicated, or replaced,’ she explains.

18. Make fresh flowers the standard

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Brian Paquette)

Country bedroom ideas are all about bringing the outdoors in, whether through fabrics, wallpaper or fresh flowers. If you prefer a more modern approach to your country interiors – perhaps you're considering grey bedroom ideas – fresh flowers are the perfect addition for lightening and brightening the space.

19. Dare to do whimsical

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Jody Stewart/Future)

‘One of the most important aspects when designing a country room is bringing in a sense of charm,’ shares interior designer Kathy Kuo. ‘I typically do this through vintage pieces – whether in the lighting, artwork or decorative accessories.’

Kuo suggests looking for fun pieces you love that are timeless, chic and accentuate your personality. This makes your room unique and adds some character. 

20. Layer your lighting

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Dan Duchars/Future)

Mood-building bedroom lighting ideas are a must in a country bedroom.

‘A bedside lamp for reading, or accent lights to create warmth, will bring a soft and relaxing ambience to a country bedroom,’ says interior designer Jojo Bradley. 

‘Practically, make sure there are plenty of plugs by your bedside tables, and try to position these so that they are hidden by the furniture. With switches, keep them within reach from the bed.’

21. Create synergy between the indoors and outdoors

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Max Attenborough/Future)

Weaving in natural finishes such as linen, wool and silk helps to create a synergy between the indoors and outdoors. 

‘This approach to designing country homes allows us to work in harmony with the natural beauty of the surrounding landscapes and stay true to the history of the building,’ shares architectural designer, Sharon Lillywhite.

22. Don’t shy away from modern accents

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Amber Lewis)

Consider adding modern hints to your country bedroom ideas. 

Kathy Kuo of Kathy Kuo Home suggests placing a bench at the end of your bed, with industrial or rustic leather legs to add a touch of variety. 

‘You can even add hide fur pillows onto your bedding or top an ottoman with a stylish tray to mix old world with modern chic,’ Kuo suggests.

23. Use nature motifs in your decor

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Michael Sinclair/Future)

It's their close connection with nature that makes country homes so special – and you can never have too much of a good thing. Reflecting the landscape outside your window is a great start when you're looking for country bedroom ideas. The decor will truly make your home feel a part of its surroundings and create a calm, harmonious look.

Country wallpaper ideas with a floral design could echo your garden. Or choose a delicate, leafy print that replicates trees and woodland. 

24. Raise the roof for a lofty feel

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Adam Carter Photography/Future)

In this Wiltshire cottage, the ceiling was stripped back and the roof clad in oak for an airy, lofty feel. 

Although the extra space could feel intimidating, the wood and original stone wall bring a natural warmth and texture to the scheme and celebrate the ancient architecture of the building.

Using natural elements like these is an essential part of any country decor scheme, but it's especially soothing in a bedroom.

25. Decorate with folksy wallpaper

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Mark Scott/Future)

If you're not a fan of florals, there are plenty of other ways to bring a decorate with wallpaper when you're looking for country bedroom ideas.

The Allotment wallpaper by Sanderson evokes veggie patches and market gardens, and is a modern country take on traditional toile. 

A row of hooks on a rustic board completes the quirky rural look.

26. Embrace views with a Juliette balcony

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Border Oak)

Enjoy stunning countryside views from a bedroom balcony. 

‘An oak framed balcony can be entirely self-supporting and fits well in rural settings,’ says Ed Brechtmann, project development manager at Border Oak. ‘Depending on your budget, they can be built with enough space for sun loungers and planters. We’ve even installed a bath on a balcony! 

’A more modest Juliet balcony, which has no outside space, can still have a huge impact – making the most of a view and bringing light into the room, for minimal disruption and cost.’ 

27. Build furniture into alcoves

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: My Fitted Bedroom)

When you're looking for country bedroom ideas, take your cue from original, quirky features. After all, they're a huge part of what makes country homes so special. 

‘Many country bedrooms are  blessed with a central chimney breast,’ says Megan Baker, head of design at My Fitted Bedroom. Such features add character but can present a challenge when it comes to freestanding furniture. 

‘Fitted furniture makes the most of the available storage space and can also deal with any uneven flooring or wall issues. We recommend doors that reach the full height of the room for a neat and uniform look.’

28. Be creative with bedside storage

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Dan Duchars/Future)

When it comes to bedroom storage ideas, think beyond the conventional narrow bedside cabinet – or get creative and repurpose a piece of furniture from elsewhere and use it by your bed. 

If you have the width beside your bed, a small chest of drawers will provide additional storage. Or choose a tall but narrow design, like this reclaimed filing cabinet, in space is tight. A bedside table on legs or a wall-mounted design will leave more floor visible, creating the illusion of extra space.

‘The perfect design will provide plenty of storage so you can keep the surface uncluttered but also have everything at your fingertips,’ says Henry Tovey, furniture designer at Neptune

‘A bedside light will provide soft illumination for reading but also work as a focal point and add height to your scheme.’ 

29. Celebrate beams with a light that draws the eye upwards

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Carpetright)

A sparkling crystal chandelier makes a stunning contrast to the rough wood of a rustic home and draws the eye upwards so this original feature can be appreciated.

Don't be scared to choose an oversized design. A light fixture that looks huge in a shop will appear perfectly to scale in a converted farm building such as a barn, and will actually make a larger bedroom appear more life-sized.

Leaving timber beams exposed draws attention to your bedroom's height, while celebrating the original features.

'With beautiful architecture you don't need to overcomplicate the interior design,' advises Merry Albright, creative director of Border Oak. 'Keep the decor calm yet stylish.'

30. Use soft furnishings to add color and warmth

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Iliv)

Soft furnishings are the perfect way to transform a room without having to redecorate completely. 

'Chalky color palettes based on heritage prints always work well in country bedrooms,' says Debbie Leigh, Design Manager at ILIV. 'They are easy to incorporate, with of plenty of blankets, throws and varying cushion sizes.'

When it comes to bedroom window dressing, if you have the room either side of your window, then full-length curtains will create a cosy, comfortable and inviting feel.

'Choosing a quality thick fabric will also provide an extra layer of insulation, which can be necessary in older country properties, as well as creating a sense of luxury,' Leigh continues. 

'For more compact rooms and windows, Roman blinds are a good option as they take up less space and use less fabric. They are also flexible, allowing varying amounts of light into the room.'

31. Style a soothing space with symmetry

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Iliv)

Keep a sense of calm and order in even a small and characterful space by using the power of symmetry. Here, matching beds, identical bedding and twin wall lamps transform a cramped room beneath the eaves into a haven of serenity. 

Despite the toning palette and paired furnishings, the mix of patterns and prints keeps the overall effect original and interesting – and doesn't distract from the beauty of the wooden beams.

32. Mix and match patterns

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: David Brittain/Future)

Nothing says sumptuous like a generous bed piled high with cushions and throws, and they are easy to change with the seasons, to keep your country bedroom ideas fresh and evolving.

‘Start with three fabrics – the key is to vary the pattern scale,’ says Debbie Leigh, design manager at ILIV. 'Pick a large-scale pattern as your main one; the second should be half its scale, like a large floral paired with a plaid or geometric.

‘The third can be similar to either of the first two but using matching colors. When mixing two or three patterns, consider breaking them up with plains.’

33. Add a window seat

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Susie Watson)

'Window seat ideas are the perfect way to transform the area under a window into a useful space,' says fabric and furnishings designer, Susie Watson. 'It also allows you to introduce additional soft furnishings into the scheme – a mixture of cushions and a throw will add color, pattern and texture.'

'I always recommend hanging curtains high and wide, to maximise natural light and the frame the wonderful countryside views,' Watson continues. 

'I have developed a particular look for my curtains. Typically, they are heavily interlined and hand-headed with soft double pleats. The look is elegant yet relaxed – perfect for country houses. And a weighty curtain makes a room feel soft and comfortable, and keeps out the draughts.'

'Pattern can layer on pattern, as long as the colors are complementary. I always finish my curtains with a trimming set into the leading edge, adding a splash more colour and interest.'

34. Choose a full-length mirror that reflects country charm

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Brent Darby/Future)

When you're finalizing your country bedroom ideas, consider how decorating with mirrors can be introduced.

Unless you have a separate dressing room, you'll need to include a full-length mirror as part of your scheme. While a wall-mounted or standalone mirror will do the job, this pretty armoire shows how mirror can be used in a unique way.

As well as providing a practical place to view your reflection, the double doors create twice the mirror surface to increase the amount of light bounced around the room. The mirrors also serve to disguise the size of the wardrobe, so it doesn't dominate the room and instead sits perfectly in the romantic space.

35. Make a fire a focal point

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Brent Darby/Future)

Many older properties will have a fireplace in the bedroom. Although modern heating means you're unlikely to need it for warmth, retaining this original feature adds to the charm and authenticity of a country home.

You'll need to have the chimney checked and possibly lined if you want to light a fire. Otherwise, dress the fireplace with candles, lanterns or dried flowers to create an attractive display.

A bedroom – even one in the middle of the countryside – is a place of sanctuary; a restful space in which to unwind and escape the daily grind. 

‘Installing a fireplace is a lovely way to create a warm and inviting aesthetic,’ says interior designer Emma Sims-Hilditch, founder and creative director of Sims Hilditch

If you want a change from a traditional grate, but still want the flicker of real flames, install a contemporary fireplace design where the fire is the focal point.

36. Contrast rustic texture with luxe upholstery

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Furniture Village)

Your bed is the central component when you're planning country bedroom ideas for your home.

If you want the warmth and luxury of an upholstered bed but you're worried it will look more town than country, pair it with rough and textured surfaces for 'uptown rustic' style. 

It's a look that mixes soft colors, natural finishes and cozy country living. So pair an upholstered bed and highly patterned wallpaper with parquet flooring and a reclaimed bench. 

37. Provide blanket boxes for storage

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Brent Darby/Future)

The beams and unusual angles of many country homes can make freestanding wardrobes and cupboards tricky to incorporate into a bedroom scheme. But you'll always need storage…

'To keep the bedroom feeling serene, make sure you have plenty of storage, from roomy bedside tables to vintage storage trunks at the foot of the bed for spare linen,' suggests interior designer, Jojo Bradely.

Blanket boxes and ottomans provide plenty of room to stow bulky items such as bed linen, duvets and pillows. They can often double as seating, too, making them a handy spot to sit to put on your slippers and contemplate the day.

38. Create a romantic look with florals

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Future)

Flowers are an essential part of country style, with blooms flourishing across fabrics, wallpapers and accessories.

The key is to choose a single floral to be the star of your scheme – on a wall, or as your hero fabric. You can then add in additional flower motifs to build your decor 'bouquet'.

For a romantic, informal room that doesn't look overblown, pick a mix of all-over floral prints and single motif designs.

39. Clad a wall with barn wood for texture

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Polly Eltes/Future)

Paneling ideas for walls are a great way to boost a flat space if your country home lacks a little character.

A barn wood or shiplap wall behind the bed will create a striking feature wall, and can even be used as a statement headboard if your bed doesn't have one. The patina and varying tones of antiqued or reclaimed boards create a characterful, rough-luxe finish. 

40. Go smarter with stripes

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Secret Linen Store)

'Stripes are a bedding pattern well loved by all,' says Molly Freshwater, Creative Director at Secret Linen Store. 'A cotton and linen blend is a delight to work with and style because it adds texture, a splash of color and a timeless look to any lucky bed.'

Ticking stripes were traditionally featured on mattresses, but this iconic design has moved on to bed linen to decorate the tops of our beds, too. 

'Perfect for a country home, with a nod to rural France, Red Ticking Stripe is happy sitting with whites, naturals, and earthy tones and colors,' Freshwater says.

41. Provide comfy seating with a sofa

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Jody Stewart/Future)

When you're searching for country bedroom ideas for a larger space, consider a sofa to bring a sense of luxury and comfort.

Positioning a sofa at the end of the bed makes the room more usable throughout the day. After all, you don't necessarily want to lie on the bed to read or chat on the phone.

Aim to match the width of the sofa with the bed for a balanced look, and balance it tonally with the rest of the furnishings and decor so it blends seamlessly into the scheme.

To prevent it looking blocky, choose a design with bun feet or legs.

42. Don't forget a dressing table

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Susie Watson)

Look to dressing table ideas as an essential finishing touch for country bedrooms.

'A dressing table area provides a flexible, useful space to house all the necessities or even write a letter,' says fabric and home furnishings designer, Susie Watson. 

'But more than that, it is an opportunity to add a piece of statement furniture into your bedroom scheme. Here I have framed it between the windows for maximum effect.' 

'The ideal look for a country bedroom is vintage, with a lived-in feel – even if the pieces themselves are new.'

43. Highlight a high ceiling with a four-poster bed

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Oka)

For a country bedroom with all the ceremony and grandeur of 
a boutique hotel, you’ll need a bed with impact. 

‘I’ve always loved adding a bit of drama to bedrooms and that is exactly what a four-poster bed can do,’ says Sue Jones, co-founder 
and creative director of Oka. ‘Whether you are creating a modern scheme or something more classic, a four-poster will work its magic.’ 

go best with high ceilings, 
and are a great way to achieve 
a cosier atmosphere in double-height rooms such as barn conversions or where the attic space has been opened up to reveal a pitched roof. 

44. Bring in a pop of bold color

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Neptune)

For a modern take on bedroom color ideas for a country bedroom, paint a closet with a block tone. Choose a nature-based shade, such as this sandy clay, to reference the rural setting. 

Painting the same tone around the bottom half of the wall provides graphic interest and creates a sense of cradling comfort that suits a larger bedroom.

45. Define a dressing area

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: David Brittain/Future)

If you don't have a walk-in closet or dressing room, creating a dressing zone will bring a sense of glamour to your bedroom. Be sure to style it with natural fabrics and textures, so that it blends into your country scheme. 

You could use a screen to shield your dressing area from view, creating a sense of privacy and old-school style.

46. Trim the bed with a valance

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Brent Darby/Future)

Hotels are a wonderful source of country bedroom ideas as they offer a sumptuous combination of style, comfort and practicality.

A tip well worth stealing is a bed valance that covers the base and legs. For extra style kudos, have it made in a beautiful fabric that turns this cover-up into an attention-grabbing style feature.

47. Use rattan and pleats to add texture

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Neptune)

Rustic texture doesn't have to be rough to the touch. A finely woven rattan headboard and delicately pleated lamp will bring a tactile dimension to your bedroom scheme.

Pair them with cuddle-up bedding in soft-as-soft natural wool, linen and cotton for a subtle but sumptuous country bedroom scheme.

48. Coordinate with painted furniture

bespoke painted wardrobe

(Image credit: Martin Moore)

Bespoke furniture is a great option if you’re looking for something that’s unique to your bedroom. You may have a certain awkward space you’d like to fill, or a particular colour scheme in mind. 

'Whatever you’re planning, going for a tailored option means your furniture fits your specifications exactly,' says Adam Brown, Director at The Painted Furniture Company. 'For example, if you have a huge shoe collection, why not ask about including a shoe rack within your wardrobe, or extra storage space underneath your bed frame?'

Painted freestanding furniture is a great way to achieve a relaxed country bedroom scheme and can offer huge versatility. Not only can you move furniture around to create different configurations at any time, but the furniture can also be repainted should your interior taste change years down the line.

'For a timeless county bedroom scheme, we often recommend using a combination of natural wood, soft whites and crisp blues, then teaming them with natural materials in the form of accessories,' Brown says.

49. Create a sleeping nook

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Future)

A country property may have unusual proportions, especially if it's a renovated farm building or another property that's been repurposed from its original use.

In a bedroom with a low ceiling or mezzanine that divides the height of the space, seize the opportunity to create a cozy sleeping nook. It will bring some of the excitement of a child's den to your grown-up bedroom…

A bespoke bed designed to fit the space, and with built-in storage beneath, will create the seamless look you want.

Accessorize with lovely linens, a lamp and bedside table for the ultimate bedtime retreat.

50. Hang up handy hooks

country bedroom with panel wall and hooks

(Image credit: Polly Eltes/Future)

In a small space, put up high shelves and hooks to maximize storage options or simply to utilize vertical space for accessories and pretty decor.

Details like this have a softening effect in a room and are a wonderful way to bring a dose of fun and frivolity to a country property.

51. Brighten a bedside table with a pretty lamp

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Penny Morrison)

While contemporary lamps can work well as a contrast in a country scheme, a classic bedside light is your rustic style go-to. A pretty fabric or patterned paper shade will add another layer of interest and color to your scheme. For smaller country homes, where space is at a premium, choose a candle-shaped lamp with a narrow base that won't take up too much space on your bedside table. 

‘Bedside lamps need to be tall enough. They should be big enough to frame and balance the bed head,' says fabric and accessories designer, Penny Morrison.

'I like pretty patterned lampshades made out of sari silk. This adds texture and another layer of coziness to a country aesthetic.’

52. Add a comforting throw for chilly nights

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Weaver Green)

A sense of warmth and welcome is inherent to country-style homes, and that counts for the bedroom, too.

Add a blanket at the base of the bed, ready to be drawn up as an extra layer on chilly nights. This is a lovely personal touch for a guest bedroom, and will help your guests feel cosseted and looked after.

53. Go eclectic with your storage

country bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Polly Eltes/Future)

While a suite of coordinated furniture looks smart and considered when you're considering your country bedroom ideas, there's something delightfully eclectic about mismatched storage. Think about combining heirloom treasures, lucky yard sale finds and antique shop buys.

The pieces may all look different but try to find an element that pulls the look together – it could be a color palette, an era, or a material.

Here, the faded paint of the cabinet sits tonally with the wicker laundry basket – and even the fresh-picked flowers.

54. Make your bed the country way

country bedroom

(Image credit: Melanie Lissack Interiors/Bedfolk)

'Step away from the tight tucks and serious folds of a "hotel bed" and celebrate the soft informality of a more casual bed to embrace a laid-back look,' says Jo James, Founder of Bedfolk

'Upsize your duvet – a king-size duvet on a double bed gives you extra comfort to curl up in. It also looks great from a styling perspective, as it gives more drape and shape around the bed.'

James suggests layering with tone and texture for a soft, country look. 'Use large squares pillows as well as  standard-size pillows to prop yourself up for an evening read or morning cuppa,' James says. 

'Mix and match tones and textures with your pillowcases for interesting material and colour combinations. Anything goes  but a simple rule of thumb is to match large square pillows to the duvet, then mix up the colour of the standard-size pillows and sheet for instant interest.'

55. Choose carpet for comfort

country bedroom ideas

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Older country properties may be constructed from traditional materials that benefit from being allowed to 'breathe'. This is why natural fibres such as wool are a good choice when you're looking for country bedroom ideas for flooring.

'Wool is a natural insulator; warm in winter and temperature-regulating in summer,' explains Julian Downes, MD at natural flooring specialist, Fibre. 'Part of wool’s insulating property is the ability to balance humidity in a room, as the fibres absorb and release water vapour. It is also flame resistant and offers a greater level of fire safety than other fibres.'

56. Take your style cues from the natural world

country bedroom ideas

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'A modern rustic style is defined by the use of natural materials combined with fresh, clean, contemporary design details,' says Paul Deckland of The Cotswold Company

'Think exposed brick and stone walls, paired with simple yet stylish wooden furniture. The style is all about going back to basics, bringing elements of the outside world and an idealised country retreat into your home.' 

Wooden bed frames are an obvious choice for a rustic look. And consider a wholly natural mattress to put you in the best possible stead for a peaceful night’s sleep. 

'Draw inspiration from the outside world for modern rustic style,' suggests Deckland. 'Green is a huge trend this year, so incorporating shades of sage and jade will bring you extra bonus points.'

How do you make a country style bedroom?

'A country style bedroom puts the focus on natural materials, such as wool, cotton and linen,' explains Andréa Childs, Editor of Country Homes & Interiors magazine. 'You may also want to include beautiful patterns including florals and embroidery, mixed in with checks and stripes. These work across soft furnishings, drapes, area rugs and bedding.'

You'll want the natural touch when it comes to other materials. Wooden or stone floors, furniture made from oak, ash, cherry or walnut wood, and woven baskets relate the interior to the countryside – even if your home is far from woods and fields.

Finally, choose accessories that fit the rustic feel – baskets, vintage quilts, antiques and carved boxes will add a charming touch.

What colors should I have in a country style bedroom?

The fields, forests, lakes and sky outside your window all look beautiful in a country bedroom scheme – think every shade of green, grey and blue, plus bright tones of fall leaves, summer sunflowers and all the shades of a country flower garden.

'Choose deep tones of green or pared back autumnal shades with links to nature,' suggests Andrew Cussins, Founder of Sofas & Stuff. 'Consider fabric designs inspired by nature to add interest and bring an organic and artistic feel to country bedroom schemes.'

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