Beautiful book storage for an ever-growing collection

Books bring colour and character to your home. Store them stylishly with solutions ranging from space-saving bespoke schemes to freestanding, modular and floating shelves.

Successful book storage is a conundrum that should be solved efficiently and practically, yet it is one that often alludes even the most stylish of us.

Books can bring culture and intelligence to any room; as Cicero said, ‘A room without books is like a body without a soul.’ Not only that, but a quick glance at both the selection of titles and the way that they are organised is often very revealing of the interests and character of the owner.

One formal way of arranging books is the classic library approach, that is by genre – fiction, non-fiction, history, art and so on. It’s probably one of the most popular ways to organise books in a domestic setting, explains Philip Blackwell, founder, Ultimate Library, Here are a few other ways to indulge your bookish ways.

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