Summer color trends for 2024 – 10 sunny shades interior designers can't get enough of

From butter yellow to powder blue, these are the colors to decorate with this summer

(Image credit: Matthew Williamson, Studio Duggan/Sarah Griggs, Nadia Watts Interior Design/Emily Minton-Redfield)

Much like we anticipate color trends at the start of each new year set to dominate the design world in the coming year, we're doing the same for the summer season, just weeks away from the sunniest months.

Not only do color trends boost the aesthetic appeal of our homes, but they hugely impact the mood of each room. For summer decor, most of us want our color choices to reflect a light and airy feel that aids in creating a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

So, what are the best colors to champion a breezy summery feel? We spoke to interior designers who shared below their favorite summer color trends for 2024, as well as how they're channeling these hues in a stylish way.

Whether you're a lover of bold and bright colors or more often than not find yourself reaching for neutrals, these summer color trends cater to all tastes. While many favor bright hues at this time of year, read on and you'll soon see that more muted tones can be just as effective.

1. Blush pink

pink bedroom with patterned headboard and panelled walls

(Image credit: Blackberry Farm Design, David Christensen Photography)

Reminiscent of the floral patterns we often associate with the summertime, decorating with pink is a great way to channel a summery feeling indoors. The key to mastering this color trend in a way that feels grown-up is to reach for pink paints that have a slightly muted quality and avoid an overly saturated look.

In this bedroom designed by Blackberry Farm Design, a blush pink paint is used across the walls, casting a warm glow throughout the room. The design studio's Director of Design, Christine Carney, tells us why she's drawn to this shade for summer: 'Pale pinks and boozy blushes can be mixed into any palette, and they get even better as the sun goes down.'

2. Plaster pink

pink wall with fireplace and artwork, large houseplant, orange round chair and ornate side table

(Image credit: Matthew Williamson)

Plaster pink is another popular color trend that interior designers are turning to for summer 2024.

Interior designer Matthew Williamson says: 'These days, I never tire of a soft plaster pink used on the walls or accessories. It’s always been my go-to neutral, as it is warmer than gray, more interesting than beige, and more forgiving than white. For me, it’s a color that I’ll return to again and again to create a bright yet inviting atmosphere for summer.'

'I love using this color to color drench a room in one tone, which adds a contemporary update as it unifies all the surfaces and makes the most of otherwise hidden details such as architraves and cornices.'

3. Warm earthy shades

red sofa in room with bright yellow wall and large artwork

(Image credit: Andrew Martin)

David Harris, Design Director at global design house Andrew Martin enjoys using warm earthy shades during the summer months, as depicted in this living room layered with warming yellows and reds.

'The color palette for summer is all about evoking a sense of warmth,' says David. 'We're seeing a resurgence of rich and earthy tones – think warm reds, deep browns, rustic bricks, lush greens, calming blues, and timeless naturals. These hues not only add a touch of sophistication to a space but also create an inviting atmosphere.'

4. Celestial and metallic tones

seating area with dark navy blue sofa, round wooden table with large plant and landscape artwork on the walls

(Image credit: Nadia Watts Interior Design, photography Emily Minton-Redfield)

'Celestial and metallic colors are in for summer,' observes interior designer Nadia Watts. 'Using metallics and striking colors is a great way to add dimensions and excitement to your space without having to redesign your entire space.'

'When you incorporate bold color, you can use it sparingly and still get a big “wow” factor. Already have a blue color story? Add a pop of metallic cobalt. Starting with a green scheme? Bring in a celestial citrine.'

'Layering color on color in different finishes creates depth and interest and elevates your color story throughout.'

5. White combined with brighter hues

living room with white walls, dark brown sofa, blue artwork and white lamp

(Image credit: Cathy Nordström, Fanny Radvik)

Decorating with white is endlessly timeless, and during the summer months, it's a great way to emulate a fresh and airy look throughout your home.

Interior designer Theresa Butler, Principal and Founder of Theresa Butler Interiors sees white forming a key part of this season's color trends, and it's a shade she regularly uses in her designs. To add more of a summery feel to this classic color, why not include colorful accents in your white room ideas?

'I really enjoy mixing different shades of white – it just feels so fresh and clean. Green and white together in the summer? Absolutely gorgeous with a large bouquet of green hydrangeas!'

When choosing the right colors to pair with white, Theresa assures you can really choose any that you're drawn to. 'There isn't really a color you need to stay away from. When executed thoughtfully, any color can create a captivating summertime ambiance in decor.'

'My favorite tricks for incorporating these colors include swapping out artwork, decorative pillows, and tabletop accessories. It’s a breeze to update with a new piece of art or some fresh pillows.'

6. Green

living room with green walls, jute carpet and light blue doorframe

(Image credit: Studio Duggan, Sarah Griggs)

The most calming color, decorating with green is always on trend, but it comes into its own during the summer months.

Interior designer Nastaja Bowman of Kristen Elizabeth Designs explains that it's often the perfect color for those who usually favor decorating with neutrals: 'My favorite color trend is a leafy green. It's the perfect pop of color for a neutral lover; taking just one step out of the comfort zone.'

Designer Connie Vernich of Nashville-based Vernich Interiors also sees green leading the way this summer. 'My favorite color trend for summer 2024 is every possible shade of green. It's fresh and liveable. We have been doing shades of light green in bedrooms, giving a peaceful, quiet feel; and brighter greens in living spaces such as dining rooms, kitchens, and living rooms.'

7. Butter yellow

utility room with yellow unit, panelled walls and two wall sconces

(Image credit: Original BTC)

Buttery shades of yellow are one of 2024's biggest color trends yet. Giving creamy, magnolia shades a new lease of life, these buttery tones have a retro feel and are a sophisticated take on decorating with yellow. A trend that emerged first in the fashion industry, it's officially made its way into interiors and is one that designer Kristina Khersonsky of STUDIO KEETA loves.

Her favorite paint to use for this trend is Benjamin Moore's Mayonnaise, which she describes as 'a creamy warm white' that 'has a subtle butter yellow tone, which gives the space a lift and sense of freshness and warmth.'

'We’ve used this color top to bottom in a recent primary bedroom from wall finish, custom bed frame, and even down to the closet hardware. Our approach was monochromatic and we opted to drench the room in this warm tone. The result was a neutral, palette-cleansing bedroom without cold or washed-out undertones.'

8. Powder blue

traditional dining room with blue and white panelled walls and wooden furniture

(Image credit: Cathy Nordström, Fanny Radvik)

Another standout summer color trend for Kristina Khersonsky is powder blue: 'Blue Hydrangea from Benjamin Moore has a charming energy and screams sunnier days.'

'This tone of blue can be very supportive to many other colors and can shift the personality of the room based on what it’s paired with. The two tones – Mayonnaise and Blue Hydrangea – are extremely complimentary to one another.'

'When styling these two colors – the butter yellow and the powder blue – which have been considered traditional summer tones, consider pairing them with contrasting colors or materials that add interest and reinvigorate the space.'

9. Dark and moody colors

kitchen island color ideas, green and white kitchen, green cabinetry and island, white countertops, hob in island, open shelving

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Summer isn't just for light and bright colors, but for moodier hues, too. Designer Antares Yee, Creative Director at Sun At Six enjoys using dark paint colors to create a slightly unexpected summertime look.

'I'm a big fan currently of the darker paint colors on walls making for a dim, moody look. It's a little extreme for a lot of homes so I like something that splits the difference: going for a color like a forest green, or a mid-beige, which adds a lot of flavor and mood without going so extreme. The beiges evoke a cool, shaded rock cave to escape the summer heat. There's both a contemporary direction and a more antiquated direction you can go,' explains Antares.

10. Soft neutrals

bed with white ruffle bedding, floral upholstered headboard and yellow side table

(Image credit: TROVE by Studio Duggan)

No summer color palette would be complete without the addition of timeless neutrals. In the summer, delicate and earthy neutral tones used throughout the home provide a calming backdrop and create a light and airy feel, perfect for bringing the outdoors in.

'Our aesthetic leans more towards neutral tones and textures, embracing a Wabi-Sabi vibe, and for 2024, we’re noticing a trending color scheme that aligns perfectly with this approach: earthy terracotta, beige, and green tones,' says interior designer Eugenia Triandos, Principal Designer at Hibou Design & Co.

'These colors bring a timeless elegance mixed with interesting texture and depth. Working with neutral tones allows for playful accents through decor pieces like cushions, throws, or even rugs. Opt for these earthy tones this summer, and you’re set!'

Whether you choose to refresh the color of your walls this summer with paint ideas or turn to smaller decorative items, these summer color trends will soon refresh your home and achieve an on-trend, breezy summertime look.

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