Best washing machines 2023: our expert's top washers

Our experts suggest the best washing machines which won't leave you in a spin

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1. The list in brief ↴
2. Best overall: Samsung Smart Top Load
3. Best front load: LG Front load
4. Best stackable washer-dryer duo: LG WashTower
5. Best for large homes: LG Signature WM9500HKA
6. Best for smart features: GE Profile
7. Best for energy efficiency: Beko
8. Best compact: Miele WR600WCS
9. Best value: GE Top Load
10. Best budget: Speed Queen
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A good washing machine is a household essential.  It’s important to have a reliable machine when you're removing stains and refreshing sheets and shirts. LG, Miele, and Samsung are just a few of the brands making great quality washers. However, with model names that look like encrypted codes, working out of the best washing machines requires a little assistance. That's especially true as Black Friday starts; you'll see huge discounts but not every deal is worth considering.

Just like the best dryers and the best refrigerators, I've thoroughly researched the market, reading up on the bold claims made by market-leading brands and comparing them against user reviews. After running through hundreds of washers, I’ve assembled this roundup of the very best washing machines. 

Whether you need quick and quiet machines, large washers, or are looking for the best top-loading appliance, there’s a washer to suit your needs. 

Early Black Friday washing machine deals

Black Friday is still a couple weeks away but we're already seeing great discounts. However, not every deal is worth it - these are the only two I'd consider right now. 


GE Washer & Dryer | Was $2,899, now $2198 at Home Depot
In two hours, you can have a load of laundry washed and dried. Using smart dispense technology, all you need to do is load your clothes in and the machine will do the rest – you don't even need to add detergent. It's still expensive, but a $701 saving is worth considering.


LG Washtower | Was $2,599, now $1,798 at Home Depot
This is my favorite washer-dryer combo. Stacked on top of each other with a central control panel, these are efficient, smart, and super quick. They're a bestseller at Home Depot.

The quick list

If you need a washing machine in a hurry, these are our top picks with the headline information. We go into more detail about each model further down the page.

The best washing machine 2023

You can trust Homes & Gardens. Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing the latest products, helping you choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

The best top load washer

1. Samsung Smart Top Load Washer

Everything you could possibly need in one


Drum capacity: 5.2 cu.ft
Dimensions: 27.5" W X 44.6" H X 29.4" D
Wi-Fi Connectivity: Yes
Speed Settings: 5
Preset Cycles: 12

Reasons to buy

Large capacity 
Easy to use
Pairs with WiFi
Faucet to pre-treat stains
Variety of bespoke cycles
Relatively quiet
Accessible features: audio and braille

Reasons to avoid

Quite long cycles
Difficult to empty
Steamer isn't perfect
Tech is a little complicated
Buy it if

✅ You live in a large household: this has excellent capacity and is easy to use for tough stains
✅ Your laundry is in or near a social space: this is relatively quiet
✅ You have accessibility needs: this has audio and braille features

Don't buy it if:

❌ You wash multiple loads in one session: the cycles are long
❌ The steam function is important: this isn't perfect yet
❌ Tech isn't your strength: the Wi-Fi and app take some effort to set up

The bottom line

🔎 Samsung Smart Top Load: covering every essential, this expert washer can handle a range of wash setting and even has a faucet to treat stains. The tech can be fiddly, but it's incredibly useful.

There’s a lot to love about the Samsung washer. It has a large capacity and a good range of bespoke settings. These are easy to understand and  tailored to your washing needs: there’s everything from quiet and quick, to baby and outdoor care.

The SmartThings app is popular amongst users. It lets you control your washes remotely and can help to troubleshoot any issues. Even though this machine has lots of technology, the app helps to mitigate how complicated using the machine gets.

People also love the built-in faucet for pre-treating stains. Before choosing which washer you'd like, it's worth noting that some top-load washers are more difficult to empty than front-load washers, especially for shorter people. 

The cycles on this machine tend to take longer than an hour. If you have lots of washing to get through, it’ll take time. It does have a 28 minute speed setting though.

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Test results
CapacityEnough for a alarge household★★★★★
RangeMore than enough cycles, but they're quite long★★★★★
UsabilityTech is a little complex★★★★
ValueOn the expensive end of reasonable★★★★