Best washing machines 2023: our expert's top washers

Our experts suggest the best washing machines which won't leave you in a spin

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A good washing machine is a household essential.  It’s important to have a reliable machine when you're removing stains and refreshing sheets and shirts. LG, Miele, and Samsung are just a few of the brands making great quality washers. However, with model names that look like encrypted codes, working out of the best washing machines requires a little assistance.

Our team of experts has thoroughly researched the market, reading up on the bold claims made by market-leading brands. After running through hundreds of washers, I’ve assembled this roundup of the very best washing machines. 

Whether you need quick and quiet machines, large washers, or are looking for the best top-loading appliance, there’s a washer to suit your needs. 

Best Washing Machines 2023

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The Quick List

If you need a washing machine in a hurry, these are our top picks. We go into more detail below.

Best Top Load Washer

A White Samsung washing machine on a white background

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1. Samsung Smart Top Load Washer

Best top load washer


Drum capacity: 5.2 cu.ft
Dimensions: 27.5" W X 44.6" H X 29.4" D
Wi-Fi Connectivity: Yes
Speed Settings: 5
Preset Cycles: 12

Reasons to buy

Large capacity 
Easy to use
Pairs with WiFi
Faucet to pre-treat stains
Variety of bespoke cycles
Relatively quiet
Accessible features: audio and braille

Reasons to avoid

Quite long cycles
Difficult to empty
Steamer isn't perfect
Tech is a bit complicated

There’s a lot to love about the Samsung washer. It has a large capacity and a good range of bespoke settings. These are easy to understand and  tailored to your washing needs: there’s everything from quiet and quick, to baby and outdoor care.

The SmartThings app is popular amongst users. It lets you control your washes remotely and can help to troubleshoot any issues. People also love the built-in faucet for pre-treating stains.

Before choosing which washer you'd like, it's worth noting that some top-load washers are more difficult to empty than front-load washers, especially for shorter people. Also, the cycles on this machine tend to take longer than an hour. If you have lots of washing to get through, it’ll take time. It does have a 28 minute speed setting though.

Best Front Load Washer

A white LG washing machine on a white background

(Image credit: LG Electronics)

2. LG Electronics Ultra Large Capacity Washer with TurboWash

Best front load washer


Drum Capacity: 4.5 cu. ft
Wash programmes: 12
Spin speeds: 5
Wi-Fi Connecitivity: Yes
Dimensions: 27" x 39" x 30 1/4"

Reasons to buy

Smart features
Good capacity
Easy to access
Range of cycles: FreshCare, Steam, and Speed 
Optional mini-load extra

Reasons to avoid

Technology and features can be overwhelming
ThinkQ app is a little fiddly

This stylish and space efficient washer features smart technology which varies the amount of detergent and runtime depending on the weight of your clothes. It’s easy to access and has a range of settings to cover keeping allergies, babies, and the FreshCare stops clothes from smelling stale. I particularly like the SideKick Pedestal washer which is a drawer for mini washes, so you can have two loads going at once. This is an additional extra, but worth it if you are a big household.

However, as happens often with smart technology, this is almost too clever. The features are great, but it’s not always clear how to get the best out of them, and sometimes unclear how to even use them. This has led some users to feel that the LG is higher-maintenance.  If you’re not tech-savvy, make sure you have someone who is handy with you when you’re learning how to use this.

Best Value Washer

A white GE washing machine on a white background

(Image credit: GE)

3. GE Appliances Top Load Washing Machine

Best value washing machine


Drum Capacity: 5.2 cu. ft.
Dimensions: 48” x 27” x 27”
Cycles: 10
Smart Features: Yes

Reasons to buy

Good drum capacity
Smart capabilities
Option to add more water during loads
Dedicated detergent section
Easy-to-use app

Reasons to avoid

Lacking in cycle range (no steam cycle)
Not the strongest spin
Delicates cycle doesn't spin well

GE is great for offering premium features at a reasonable price. This top-loader more than delivers on capacity, making it perfect for families. Reviewers say that it cleans well and that the automatic detergent dispenser isn’t a gimmick. It’s a really useful smart device that cuts down on guessing how many capsules you need to add. 

A general grievance users have with top-loading washers is their instability and this is no exception. Some users noticed that this would become unstable, stopping until you re-distribute the load.

Best Stackable Washer-Dryer Duo

A black LG stackable washer and dryer on a white background

(Image credit: LG)

4. LG WashTower Laundry Center

Best stackable washer-dryer duo


Drum Capacity: 4.5 cu.ft (washer) 7.4 cu.ft (dryer)
Dimensions: 27" x 30.4" x 74.4"
Wi-Fi Connectivity : Yes
Wash Programmes: 6
Spin Speeds: 5

Reasons to buy

Controls are in the center for easy access
Custom cycle technology
Smart, remote controls
Easy to stack

Reasons to avoid

Can't replace them independently 
Front load isn't for everyone

This is such a simple concept that I’m surprised it hasn’t been done before. A tower laundry center with both a washer and dryer, the controls for both appliances meet in the middle: it sounds obvious, but many stackable appliances end up with buttons close to the roof, making them difficult to use.

This looks good as a unit, but can easily be built into a closet in a basement or laundry room and hidden away. The dryer is ventless, so you can install this duo almost anywhere in your house, as long as there’s access to water and electricity.

Although this might be narrower than a laundry center, it's hardly a space-saver.  Make sure you check dimensions, especially if you have small closets. The biggest drawback is that you’ll need to replace both units if one goes wrong, so it can be wasteful. 

Best Compact Washer

A white Miele washing machine on a white background

(Image credit: Miele)

5. Miele WXR860WCS

Best compact washer


Drum Capacity: 9kg
Dimensions: 33.5 x 23.7 x 25.2"
Wash Settings: 11
Wi-Fi Connectivity: Yes

Reasons to buy

Good fabric care
Washer and dryer functions
Automatic detergent dispenser

Reasons to avoid

Not widely available
App and Wi-Fi isn't intuitive

Praised by users for its fabric care qualities, the Miele aims to extract moisture in the spin, making less work for the dryer (and your bills). It has a TwinDos automatic dispenser, meaning that you can fill up with laundry liquid and not need to the machine will add it for you; couples and small families will find that they don't need to fill their machine with laundry liquid for up to three months. The SoftSteam feature (better used with smaller cycles) gives a much lighter feel to your finished clothes, As with many premium machines, this can detect your clothing weight and adjust the wash accordingly.

Although this has some of the best offerings for a compact washer, that comes at a price. These can cost over $2,000, so make sure to shop around. Other users have also commented that the app isn’t intuitive, as is the case with many others, but that doesn’t hinder getting the job done.

Best Washer For Sustainability

The Beko RecycledTub Washer on a white background in a white finish

(Image credit: Beko)

6. Beko WFTV10733XC

Best washer for sustainability


Dimensions: 23.6 x 33.2 x 33.8 inches
Capacity: 2.5 cu ft
Wash Cycles: 15
Type: front load
Energy Star Rating: yes

Reasons to buy

Made with recycled materials
Energy star rating
High spin speed

Reasons to avoid

Can be a little noisy
App can be confusing
Smaller capacity

Caring about the planet can also mean caring about your wallet and the Beko washer does both. The drum is made from 60 recycled plastic bottles, helping to reduce plastic consumption. It has an energy star rating, making it efficient at cleaning without taking its toll on your utilities. Users liked using higher spin speeds, especially the 1400 rpm max, but did say that it can get a little noisy. The steam setting was one of the most popular amongst customers, who assured others that it is no gimmick.

Even though the app is useful, there were a number of people who found it a little overcomplicated and preferred using the manual controls. The capacity is smaller than others on our list, but I didn't find many customers who felt that it was limiting. It's good to keep in mind if you're a big household.

Best Basic Washer

Speed queen washer on a white background at a slight angle

(Image credit: Amazon)

7. Speed Queen Top Load Washer

Best basic washer


Capacity: 3.2 cubic feet
Dimensions: 25.63 x 42.75 x 28 inches
Wash Cycles: 6

Reasons to buy

Easy top-load
Fast and poweful

Reasons to avoid

Struggles with thick detergents
Can be noisy
Limited range

The Speed Queen might be basic, but it does an excellent job of simple tasks. The compact, top-load design is a favorite amongst small-space dwellers. The flat, lockable top is useful for folding clothes on, as well as securing your washer before it starts a cycle. 

It's fast and powerful, but does struggle a little with thicker detergents and fabric softener. Lots of people compared it to a laundromat dryer: not pretty, but thorough. In line with the namesake, lots of customers said that it was fast, if not a little noisy too. Some customers were a little disappointed with the simple settings and unusual load names, but you adjust to them quickly.

How We Researched

We have a page dedicated to the details of how we test our appliances. We like to have in-person, ongoing experience with the products, so that we can personally vouch for them. However, in the case of washing machines, this is tricky. 

We spend all our time testing out small appliances and homewares like bedding. However, we don’t yet have the capacity to test large appliances. I therefore dedicated my time into thorough research, so that we can offer you the very best washing machines on the market, saving your the hassle of looking for yourself. We have looked at the brand website, customer reviews, reviews from US professionals, and retail reviews to get to know these products almost as if we had tested them ourselves.


Which washing machine is best?

This will depend on your needs. Our list is of the machines which we think are the best on the market for specific needs. If you work out what you want, the rest will follow. 

Personally, I think the LG Electronics Ultra Large Capacity Washer (our pick for best front load) is the best. I like the smart features, the capacity is good, and the specific cycles appeal to me. I also love the idea of adding a SideKick Pedestal. However, without having tested it myself, I won't be stubborn about it.

The best for front load washing is the Samsung Smart Top Load Washer. Users found it easy to use and were pleased with the results of their wash. It's relatively quiet too, which is ideal for washing machines.

The best value washing machine is the GE Appliances Top Load. Whilst top load might not be for everyone, this is a fantastic option if you're looking to save a little. GE make premium products, without the pricetag. You get a good drum capacity, smart capabilities, and a machine which is easy to use.

The best stackable duo is the LG WashTower Laundry Centre. This is my second favorite option: it can go in a cupboard, so you wouldn't even know that it was there. It's smart, slick, and easy to use.

The best compact washer is the Miele WXR860WCS. This is gentle on clothes, but still delivers on cleanliness. It's compact, multi-functional and easy to use. 

What should I look for in a washing machine?

 This is like the best washing machine question: it depends on your needs. Before you buy, it’s good to think about the drum capacity. If you have a big household, or regularly clean sheets, you’ll want a bigger capacity. You might also want to think about spin speed: the faster your washer spins, the less you’ll need a clothes dryer, or the quicker you can air dry your clothes. 

There will always be extra features, so think about those relevant to you: do you want an automatic detergent dispenser, specific clothes cycle, special visual or audio assistance? There will be specific settings for varieties of clothing, efficiency, and remote controls too.

How do I keep my washing machine in good condition?


This will vary depending on your machine, so always check the manufacturer’s instructions. As a general guide:

  • Check your hoses every three years to make sure they are in good condition
  • Make sure there is a small gap between your machine and your wall to keep the hoses in the correct position
  • Have your machine in a stable position
  • Clean the lint filter
  • Wash and rinse the washing machine
  • Leave the door or lid open to stop it from smelling
  • Use the appropriate amount of detergent (not too much or too little)
  • Don’t overload the machine 

Can I use vinegar to clean my washing machine?

Yes you can. Using white vinegar can prove effective, especially on washing machine seals. They can help to remove the mould in a really natural way. To hear more from the experts, we have a dedicated page on where to use vinegar in your washing machine.

Do I want a front load or a top load washing machine?

Top load machines are the most popular in America, but this is purely a matter of preference. Top load machines are easiest to load, but removing clothes once you're done can be a hassle, especially if they get caught in the agitator. Front load washing machines are my personal favorite, but that’s because I’m small, so I find it easier to load from the front. 

Should I buy a separate clothes drying machine?

Many appliances are integrated, but you should considered buying a separate machine if you have the budget and space. Combination washer-dryers aren’t as effective or efficient as dedicated clothes dryers. The trade off is that buying two separate machines is more expensive.  

What should my washing machine's energy rating be?

 It’s always good to check the energy rating of washing machines. The more efficient a machine is, the lower your electricity bill.

The scale ranges from A to G, A being the best and G being not quite so efficient. Aim for the highest rating possible. If an A-rated machine is out of your budget, many machines will also have economy loads, or quick cycles which tend to help energy efficiency and save you money. 

How do I choose a sustainable washing machine?

Being environmentally conscious doesn't have to break the bank. The first thing to check is the Energy Start Rating of your washing machine, the better it performs, the less energy it will need to run. We like Beko's washer, because it's also made from recycled plastic bottles. You can also choose more eco-conscious laundry detergent, such as Ecover, which is great for allergens too.

What is the most reliable washing machine brand?

When you're buying a washing machine, you want to know that you can rely on it. Popular brands for washing machines are LG, Samsung, and Miele, but there are a range of washer specialists on the market too. If you buy a washer with good guarantees and warranty, which is highly recommended, you should be fine.

Final Thoughts

All of these washing machines are top-of-the-market appliances. They’re household names for a reason. For me, super-smart technology is exciting, but not essential. The LG Front Load Washer is my personal favorite, because I like the SideKick drawer extra. I’m all about efficiency and time when it comes to washes, but that doesn’t mean that the same will apply for you. As we have said, work out what you want and the rest is simple. 

Laura Honey
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