Best Dyson vacuums: the complete guide to choosing which Dyson is right for you

Thinking about investing in a Dyson? Tried and tested, we've spent months getting acquainted with the very best Dyson vacuums available to evaluate the top models for your home

Included in this guide:

Best Dyson vacuums
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Topping holiday and birthday wish lists and wedding registries, a Dyson vacuum is truly a coveted symbol of domestic culture.  

It's no secret that Dyson designs some of the best vacuums available on the market. Alas, there are so many models on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is right for your needs. That's where we come in, a definitive breakdown of the very best Dyson vacuum that you can buy, according to your needs. Whether you're after the best of the best, a long-lasting battery design, the largest cordless dust bin we've seen, or something that can handle your dog's constant shedding, we've deciphered it all. 

We tasked the following vacuums through a typical cleaning session around our homes and are sharing our candid thoughts about each best-selling model. For expanded details on each vacuum, each underlined headline links to a full product review. 

Continue below to discover the best Dyson vacuum for you and your home.  

Dyson v15 detectH&G gold badge

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Best cordless Dyson vacuum

Dust Bin Capacity: .2 gal
Weight: 6.79 lb.
Run time: Up to 60 minutes
Max dB: 80 dbA
Reasons to buy
+Green Laser dust detection on Fluffy brush roll illuminates dust particles invisible to the eye+Piezo sensor and LCD screen shows the size and number of dust particles collected in real-time+New anti-tangle hair screw keeps pet hair from getting stuck+Incredible suction+Versatile attachments
Reasons to avoid
-Green laser only shows dust on hard floors, harder to see in bright daylight-Dust gets stuck in dust bin-High Torque cleaner head with anti-tangle technology (secondary floorhead) doesn't move as easily, and it doesn't have an LED Light-Must hold trigger for continual operation

Seek out innovation at its finest with the dust-hunting Dyson V15 Detect, which makes cleaning floors, almost feel like a game. 

Laser Dust Detection
The game-changing feature we never knew we wanted, and now we don't want to vacuum our hard floors without it.  The Laser Slim Fluffy cleaner head for hard floors has a laser that detects the particles you can’t normally see – so you don’t miss anything.  

Piezo Sensor
In conjunction with the laser dust detection, you'll find a Piezo sensor that counts out the exact amount of dust particles collected, down to the individual spec, for particles as minute as 10 µm, or the size of an allergen.  

Why we love it
If you haven't already noticed that we can't stop enthusing about the laser dust detection on the Fluffy head, well, that's obvious. It also offers incredible suction and automatically adjusts to the surface of your floors, a sufficient runtime (with an LCD screen to let you just know how much runtime you have left), and a separate floor head that's perfect for pet hair and carpets.  

What else?
The Piezo sensor is a cool feature, but its definitely a little gimmicky to see just how much dirt is being picked up to the exact number. But never fear, the sensor serves a purpose and helps the vacuum automatically adjust power to how much dirt it senses. 

The vacuum also continues on the Dyson design standard of using a trigger operation. 

Dyson OutsizeH&G gold badge

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2. Best Dyson vacuum for large homes

Dust Bin Capacity: .5 gal
Weight: 7.9 lb.
Run time: Up to 120 minutes
Max dB: 80 dbA
Reasons to buy
+Massive dust bin+Incredible suction+Quick to charge+Easy to handle+Versatile
Reasons to avoid
-Top-heavy-Hair wraps around brush-roll on hard floors

The Outsize is intended to replace your corded models, seriously. It has that much power, runtime, and a full-size dust bin. 

Extended Cleaning
The beauty of the Dyson Outsize is how it is designed for extended periods of cleaning. With one of the largest dust bins we've ever seen on a cordless vacuum, the half-gallon dust bin is 150% larger than the V15 Detect. Plus, the secondary battery means you'll have up to 120-minutes of no-fade cleaning power.  Oh, and the 12.5" XL High Torque cleaner head is notably larger than other models, so you can cover more ground in one pass.

What we love
It's packed with power, up to 220 AW on Boost mode, though Auto works just fine (and preserves the battery) that seems to suction up everything! Dirt, dust, pet hair, all gone and easily disposed of from the dust bin with Dyson's push-lever system. It's easy to use and swap in and out accessories, and it automatically adjusts suction according to floor type. 

What else?
The Outsize offer's extended cleaning power, but it's also increased the size and the weight of the vacuum. For above-floor cleaning, we found our arms growing tired using just the handheld since most of the weight of the machine is centered in the handheld. We also found that hair did get caught around the brush roll with the main cleaner head, but the smaller anti-tangle hair screw tool, which is great for stairs, upholstery, and other small areas did not have the same problem. 

  • Want the special features of the V15 Detect, but the extended runtime and dust bin of the Outsize, Dyson has you covered, with its exclusive Dyson Outsize Absolute + ($899.99). It's everything you could ever want out of a cordless vacuum. 
  • Our full Dyson Outsize review has more details.

Dyson Micro 1.5kgH&G gold badge

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Best Dyson vacuum for small spaces

Dust Bin Capacity: .05 gal
Weight: 3.31 lb.
Run time: 20 minutes
Max dB: 80dbA
Reasons to buy
+Super lightweight and compact+Useful suite of accessories including a light crevice box+Powerful for its size +Continuous power mode
Reasons to avoid
-Not optimized for use on carpet-Tiny Dust bin-Short battery life-Controls are in an awkward place

Multi-tasking power in a lightweight design
Good things come in small packages they say, and that's the impression the Dyson Micro 1.5kg left with us. It's designed for smaller spaces for hard floors, but it can get a way with light carpet cleaning and a lot of other above-floor uses. It's packed with useful accessories including a lighted crevice tool (definitely a fun one for getting a good look at hard to see dust bunnies).

What we like
The name does not lie, at 1.5kg, or 3.31 lb, this is one of the most lightweight cordless vacs we have handled.  It's the kind of vacuum you'll want to have on hand for quick spot cleans to weave around the floor before guests arrive, or for easy day-to-day maintenance. It's also built for things beyond cleaning the floor, making it an incredibly light hand vacuum too, with a unique light pipe crevice tool, combi crevice tool, worktop tool for cleaning tabletops, and the mini-motorized tool.  Plus, it may be small, but there are no performance compromise here, with Dyson's standard whole machine filtration that captures 99.99% of microscopic particles as small as .3 microns. At $399, it's also one of Dyson's more affordable cordless models too. 

Good to know
The biggest shortcoming for me is that the Micro 1.5kg is not that great on carpet. It rolled across worn down, low-pile rugs without stopping, but it didn't seem to pull anything up into the dust bin. The good news, I tacked on the mini-motorized tool, recommended for cleaning sofas and mattresses, to the end of the wand, and had an easy time refreshing my carpeted stairs, and noticed the dust swiftly built-up in the dust cup. The heads are not very wide on both the soft roller (it's actually 45% smaller than the standard fluffy brush)  and the mini motorized tool, and the dust bin is not very large for extended cleaning. 

dyson omni-glide squareH&G silver badge

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Best Dyson vacuum for hard floors

Dust Bin Capacity: .05 gal
Weight: 4.18 lb.
Run time: Up to 20 minutes
Max dB: 71 dbA
Reasons to buy
+Lightweight and easy to handle+Continuous battery mode+Moves in any direction
Reasons to avoid
-Only functional on hard floors-Shorter battery life-Very small dustbin

Have a home full of hard floors? The Dyson Omni-glide is just the vacuum you'd want to consider to keep your tile, hardwoods, and vinyl crumb and dust free. 

Omnidirectional soft roller cleaner head
Introducing, Dyson's first dual cleaner head. The two motorized soft roller brush rolls (they look like two mini Fluffy heads) can move in any direction: front, back, side to side. The compact cleaner head is perfect for reaching into tight spaces, cleaning sideways, and can even get so low to the ground, its almost flat. 

What we love
It's small but mighty and almost feels like a game to glide and swing around hard floors. Ah, hence the name Omni-glide.  It's also extremely lightweight, like you could just wave the handheld portion around like a wand. Perhaps my favorite part was that this new range of hard-floor models introduced a continuous power operation. That's right, no trigger, albeit, the straight and narrow design isn't conducive for it.  

What else?
Note: the Omni-glide only works on hard floors. The brush bars both stopped when it realized it was on the lowest pile area rug.  

With the 20 minute run, the Omni-glide is optimized for quick clean-ups... plus the dust bin is teeny tiny just .05 gallons. However, since we're dealing with smooth hard floors and not the jungle that can be your carpets, you should be ok in the debris bin department. 

dyson ball animal 2H&G gold badge

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Best Dyson vacuum for carpet

Dust Bin Capacity: .55 gal
Weight: 17.5 lb.
Cord length: 35 feet
Max dB: 90dB
Reasons to buy
+Powerful suction+Ability to stop brush roll for use on hard and delicate floors+Useful attachments and a long hose for extended versatility and reach+Large dust bin
Reasons to avoid
-Heavy-Hair wraps around the brush roll-Complicated setup

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 has just one power setting: powerful. Always at full speed, the rate at which the Ball Animal 2 lifts and cleans carpets is amazing, yet disturbing at the same time.

Dyson Ball Technology
Perhaps, the cornerstone of Dyson's upright lineup, the innovative Dyson Ball system uses a low center of gravity to helps the ball stabilize and make it easier to maneuver. You're able to navigate furniture and obstacles with a simple turn of the wrist.

What we love about it
Some will argue that no cordless vacuum can replace the power of a corded model, but Dyson's traditional upright vacuum makes a good case to stay plugged in. Between the generous cord, monumental suction power, generously sized dust bin, and the Dyson signature ball design to make maneuvering just a bit easier, there's a lot of things to love. It's a true beast on carpets, digging deep into fibers to pull out unseen dust, allergens, hair, crumbs and so much more. I was very impressed, and frankly disturbed when I saw just how much dirt accumulated in the bin with just a quick pass through my carpeted hallway and part of my room. Luckily, the big bin is extremely easy to empty, and debris doesn't get stuck as I experienced with Dyson's newer cordless models. 

What else?
The Dyson Ball Animal can truly be your one and only vacuum. It's also suitable for use on hard floors, just be sure to manually turn off the brush roll to not scratch delicate surfaces. 

Set up got a little complicated, especially when it came to attaching the accessory clip. Word to the wise, pour over the included manual before starting to clean. 

And yes, while it is heavy, for stair cleaning and above-floor cleaning, the long hose and included stair attachment should make things a little easier. Plus, you can securely carry it from the dust bin canister between floors. 

But perhaps, my biggest gripe, was that hair did wrap. Just a few minutes into vacuuming and a dense layer of hair had coiled its way around the brush roll. I also wish that there was an option to adjust suction power for variable control. 

Dyson V8 animalH&G gold badge

(Image credit: Dyson)

Best Dyson vacuum for pet hair

Dust Bin Capacity: .14 gal
Weight: 5.63 lb.
Run time: Up to 40 minutes
Max dB: 82 dbA
Reasons to buy
+Powerful suction+Easy to use+Great entry-level Dyson+Excellent on carpets
Reasons to avoid
-Shorter battery life-Not Dyson's latest technology-Hair does wrap around brushroll

The Dyson V8 Animal is one of Dyson's most affordable configurations, most definitely due to the fact that it features older technology (it debuted back in 2016) but it's still a force to be reckoned with. It's a beast at collecting pet hair and transitions easily between carpet and hard floors. 

Built for households with pets
Dyson's "Animal" trim features the addition of a mini-motorized tool that's ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces and fabric, as well as easily suctioning out embedded pet hair as a handheld. It's also incredibly powerful, with the direct drive floor head's stiff nylon bristles specifically designed to remove pet hair and ground-in dirt.

What we love
Despite being an older model, the Dyson V8 packs a punch, doing its best work on carpets. It's surely enough to power through just as well as standard corded models and comes with numerous attachments to make cleaning a breeze. It's also one of Dyson's most affordable models, making it a great option for first-time Dyson owners, casual users, and the price-conscious. Plus, it might just become as beloved as Fido himself. 

What else?
The 40 minute run time is shorter than most, and while it is very effective at collecting pet hair, long strands of hair do wrap around the brush roll. Dyson acknowledges this issue by making it easy to remove the brush roll to clean.

Why buy a Dyson Vacuum

Dyson is one of the most respected and innovative floor and air care companies in the world.  Its claims to fame include the introduction of cyclonic technology which removes dirt and dust without requiring a bag or filter or losing suction.  The vacuums, whether cordless or corded offer some of the most advanced cleaning technologies available with excellent suction power, protection from allergies, are usually pretty lightweight, and easy to use. We have no hesitation in our belief that Dyson designs some of the world's best cordless vacuum cleaners

All Dyson vacuums also offer HEPA filtration, with washable filters designed to remove 99.97% of airborne particles as small as .3 micrometers. 

Even more, Dyson vacuums are built to last, although they are an upfront investment. Dyson also offers a 2-year warranty on cordless models and a 5-year warranty on corded. 

How to prolong the life of your Dyson vacuum 

To keep your Dyson from the dreaded vacuum graveyard (it seems everyone has one), Josh Mutlow, Dyson design manager, instructs, "To maintain the health of your vacuum, be sure you’re cleaning the filter periodically for best possible results. [Some] Dyson vacuums have an LCD display screen which will let you know when it’s time to clean the filter, or if there are any blockages that need clearing. Also, check the brush bar on the cleaner head every month or so to ensure that no debris has built up to retain optimal performance."

The HEPA filters are easily washable with a good rinse of water, just make sure they're fully dry before inserting back into the machine.

Is a Dyson vacuum worth it?

A number of us on our team would definitely argue that a Dyson is indeed worth it. Albeit their price, they perform to our premium standards. They're exceptionally useful for those with allergies and pet owners, and offer some of the most powerful cordless vacuums on the market, down to the very last ounce of juice. HEPA filtration is standard across all Dyson models. With each new release, Dyson seems to test innovation, whether that be automatically adapting suction and special sensors, LCD screens, specially designed floor heads, and balancing lightweight design without sacrificing performance. 

However, while we do love Dyson, we acknowledge four reasons where it might not be the best choice for you.

The signature trigger operation is designed to conserve battery for only when you're using it. Some find it uncomfortable to grip it continuously, while others don't mind it. Note: the newer hard floor models that run for 20 minutes have a continuous button operation. 

We've also dealt with hair wrap, and while it's not a major issue, brands like Shark offer better technology when it comes to tangled hair. 

Dyson is superior at getting the tiny pieces you can't see and offers the best suction around. However, in dealing with larger pieces of debris, like cereal or rice, it's known for pushing those forward. They eventually get picked up, but it's not a one-pass operation. 

We find the High Torque Cleaner head to function the best on the carpet, and the fluffy soft brush to gently travel over hard floors. For some, the interchangeable brush heads are a bonus, while others may prefer vacuums that don't require dealing with changing parts when you change floors.

Differences between model names

Often times you may see different model names attached to the vacuum editions like Origin, Animal, or Absolute. All the different names can get really confusing. This actually refers to the attachments that come with vacuum and influences the color options, as all models in a certain category are built off the same technology, as in the case of the V11, V10, and V8 and V7 models. For instance, the only remaining configuration of the V11 series is the V11 Animal.  

Here are the features that set each model apart from each other:

  • Absolute: Top of the line and usually include the whole suite of accessories, plus a Fluffy roller head in addition to the standard direct drive floorhead
  • Animal: Middle-tier option that emphasizes the inclusion of the Mini-Motorized tool, which is engineered specifically for pet hair
  • Motorhead or Origin: Typically the base model and includes only the essential accessories, a combination tool, and a crevice tool. They're usually only found on third party sites in the US
  • Total Clean (UK/Europe ONLY): The total package with unique add-ons like a quick-release up top adapter, Flexi crevice tool, and a tool bag to keep you organized 
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