Bobby Berk's top tip for how to 'design with your senses' is surprising, and it's all about enhancing the experience of home

For his partnership with Spotify, the Queer Eye alum dives into the unexpected sense he makes part of his design process

bobby berk spotify partnership
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Is interior design more than the way a space looks? Bobby Berk says yes. The famed interior designer who created beautiful, functional, and personalized homes on Netflix's Queer Eye has partnered with Spotify to talk about the connection between music and interior design. We were lucky enough to speak with Bobby and learn more about his philosophy surrounding how music can enhance the experience of being at home and turn interior design into a lived art.

His top interior design tip? Use music to match the architecture, design, and vibe you are trying to create. His preferred method of listening? Spotify.

Bobby Berk
Bobby Berk

Bobby Berk is an interior designer who stars in the Netflix series Queer Eye. He is also an Emmy-winning television host and co-author of Queer Eye: Love Yourself, Love Your Life

Bobby told H&G, 'In my book, Right at Home: How Good Design Is Good for the Mind, I talk about how you should design with your senses. A lot of times people think of interior design as just something that you see, but I don't believe that. I believe that interior design is about a fully immersive experience. Not just what you see, but what you feel, smell, and hear.'

He continued, 'Music has such the ability, as we all know, to change your whole mood. I like music that speaks to the architecture and the design of a home. You know, if I'm throwing a party at a friend's super modern house, I'll play some cool house music that goes with the vibe of the modern house. I think it just enhances people's experience and makes my interior design look even better.' As Bobby says, matching the rhythm of your interior design can improve the entire experience of a space.

'One example I always talk about is I have a house in the desert that we have on Airbnb,' Bobby went on, describing his desert oasis Airbnb. 'We rent it out, and I like to set a vibe. It's in the desert, it's Spanish hacienda architecture and we've put outdoor speakers throughout the whole property and inside the property. When we have guests coming, I always have this cool modern Spanish guitar playlist on.'

outdoor living room at casa tierra

The outside of Bobby's 'Casa Tierra' Airbnb. Queue the Spanish guitars!

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He went on, 'Because the gates are open throughout the entire property, you just hear the Spanish guitar going. Even though it's my home, and it's not necessarily "vacation mode" to me anymore, when I pull up and that's on, I'm like instantly in "vacation mode."'

bobby berk casa tierra airbnb

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Bobby added, 'The Spotify app makes it so easy for our guests to curate whatever vibe they can choose what's playing the speakers throughout the entire property within the app. If you're looking to create this kind of holistic interior design, it might be time to start shopping for speakers.'

Whether it's through a well-curated playlist or a signature scent, incorporating the senses into interior design is a great way to make the design of your home a holistic, calming, and comforting experience.

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