Joanna Gaines's wooden chicken coop just made this charming farming tradition stylish

The Magnolia designer is known to spend her morning surrounded by farm creatures – veterinary doctors explain how to do the same

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Designer Joanna Gaines has spent years shaping how we decorate our homes, but in some cases, her influence extends beyond our four walls – and this charming farm feature is the latest of those instances. 

The Magnolia co-founder recently shared a glimpse of one of her morning rituals from her famous Waco farm, and it featured her son, Crew, reaching for eggs in their chicken coop. 'Early boy gets the egg,' Joanna says – or at least hints – as she replaces the word with an apt egg emoji.  

The family's farm is perhaps the dream setting to keep chickens – situated on their 1,700 square feet estate in central Texas. In a 2018 episode of her HGTV show, Fixer Upper, Joanna showed viewers the design process behind their backyard – including the chicken coop in question – that her husband, Chip Gaines, built himself.

Today, the wooden structure is just as delightful – comprising a pyramid roof and small windows to observe the creatures inside.

In 2018, Chip and Joanna constructed the coop to protect her cottage garden from grasshoppers and other pests; however, it naturally meant inviting a new flock to their home. And, naturally, the creatures have plenty of room to roam around this beautiful home.

Of course, Joanna's home is an ideal place to raise healthy chickens, but it is more than possible to follow in her influence (if even on a smaller scale) and enjoy fresh eggs for breakfast, just as Jo surely does, too. And while veterinary doctor Luana Factor explains that the process can be challenging, it is equally rewarding. 

'Beyond the coop's infrastructure, the care and well-being of your chickens are in the details. It's not just about feeding them and maintaining cleanliness. The real magic lies in understanding their needs,' Luana says. 

Luana explains that, just as every human's needs differ, chickens are similar – so there is no set way to care for the creature. Instead, we need to observe its needs and respond to each one individually. However, there are some tips that do translate to all flocks. 

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'For instance, water quality is paramount. A clean water bowl is more than just an aesthetic choice – it helps ward off numerous health issues. I've seen many overlook this simple act, but its importance cannot be overstated,' Luana explains.

Luana Factor
Luana Factor

Luana Factor is a veterinarian specializing in exotic animal care at Hermit Crab Answers, a leading resource for exotic pet owners and enthusiasts. She holds a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and a master's in animal reproduction, focusing her studies on the biology of unique pets. She has work quoted in Exotic Pet Quarterly and Modern Veterinary Medicine. 

'Observing your hens, you might notice their particular behaviors, like how they can get restless when their nests are not to their liking,' Luana adds. 'Freshening up nest boxes does wonders for their mood, a sentiment I relate to my time working with exotic species. Each creature, irrespective of its origin, has its quirks and comforts.' 

For more interiors-focused teaching from Joanna, we're revising her celebrated book, available via Amazon below.

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Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave | $20.79 on Amazon

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