Kim Kardashian's 'warm minimalist' living space is the 'quietly classy' look designers want us to embrace in 2024

Decorating with new neutrals, inspired by colors from the natural world, adds a gentle and soothing touch

Kim Kardashian
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It comes as no surprise that Kim Kardashian is a lover of the color greige. The reality sensation and business mogul constantly gravitates towards neutral color schemes and minimalism, not just in her fashion choices but also within her home.

In the below Instagram post, Kim Kardashian offers an inside look at the chic workspace-cum-living area, which was designed by Tommy Clements and Waldo Fernandez in collaboration with Michèle Lamy of Rick Owens. 

Despite its expansive size, Kardashian's cavernous living area is approximately 40,000-square-foot, the room doesn't feel cold or clinical. The designer has echoed the same muted color scheme that Kim used for Skkn's packaging – her own brand of successful beauty products. 

The power of this neutral color palette will add warmth and elegance to a room – and should not be underestimated. A soft scheme of harmonious neutrals creates a reflective backdrop to the ever-changing light of the seasons. But how can you incorporate this 'warm minimalist' aesthetic in your own home?

You don't have to go for an entirely neutral or beige room either. In fact, the beauty of a neutral scheme is that it provides a wonderful scaffold upon which to hang accents of color, adds Deborah Bass, founder of Base Interior. 

‘This is especially true in a home office where a neutral wall or a textured plaster or wallpaper wall finish creates a background for books and art, both of which can take the decorative center stage.’ She recommends grounding subtler shades with a deeper, richer natural timber to create a balance. ‘Neutrals offer an elegant, timeless response to the working from home dilemma, likewise versatile in the sense that different family members might be using the space at different times of day and for a variety of functions,’ she adds.

Neautral living room with boucle sofas

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Interior designer Tamsin Johnson shares this love of decorating with neutrals. 'I love the calmness that you create when you have a neutral palette in a room. But this choice definitely doesn’t have to mean boring: you can create an interesting and exciting space by layering different tones, such as off-whites and beige, then introducing a range of caramels and even accents of black if you wish.'

'If I’ve got a calm color scheme, similar to Kim Kardashian's, then I focus on texture to bring different layers of interest,' she says. 'You have to think about how to introduce variations and things that feel different to the touch without just focusing on color, and often that creates a more interesting scheme. Varying glossy, shiny surfaces with matt ones adds an extra layer of texture and tactility.'

'Natural textures, whether they are stone, wood, or linen, can help to anchor a neutral color scheme. It means that the overall look doesn’t feel too contrived uptight or overly designed. They bring a laid-back quality that always works well.'

'Sofas and armchairs that are covered in white fabrics of varying textures, for example, a linen a boucle, or a canvas, continue the lightness of touch that the floors, walls, and ceiling provide.'

'Having said that, you shouldn’t be afraid of adding in a single bold statement piece, even in a room that’s neutral. I think a strong black metal or ebonized wood statement design can work brilliantly as the centerpiece in an otherwise pared-back room. It makes all the other elements come together around it.'

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