Kris Jenner's living room scheme is a timeless choice – experts believe this color will continue to dominate trends in 2025

Simple, elegant and classic, a white living space will always be on-trend

Kris Jenner Met Gala 2024
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Far from clinical, the right shade of white will provide the perfect backdrop for a statement scheme. The master of transcending trends and time, white is the color that designers seek out when they want to introduce a sense of calm and stillness. The most light-reflecting color on the spectrum, decorating with white makes small spaces look and feel bigger than they are. 

In a conversation with Architectural Digest, and to the amazement of her designers – Waldo Fernandez of Waldo Designs and the mother-and-son team of Kathleen and Tommy Clements of Clements Design – Jenner outlined her vision for a serene living room retreat, far removed from the chaos of her busy life. 

There's no need to default to deep colors for a cozy space when you can style paler shades so beautifully. Timeless and sophisticated, shades of white and cream are a versatile choice for interiors and, styled right, can be cosseting in the winter months and cooling in summer. 

Considering its popularity, it's surprising that white is not easy to get right. When used in large quantities, for example, it can look cold. What's more, picking the perfect white isn't easy. 'There is a "right" white for ache space; you just have to find the one that works best for your interiors,' says Helen Shaw, marketing director at Benjamin Moore.

Just like any other color, the variation in white tones ranges from cool through to warm. When looking for the right what for a room, always buy a range of tester pots and paint large sheets of paper so you can see how they look in different lights throughout the day. Warm, south-facing rooms can bleach out gentler shades, so a stronger white would work well in these areas. In cooler, north-facing rooms either emphasize the coolness by selecting a crisp white – ideal for kitchens – or, to warm up a living space, choose a white with a hint of red pigment.

Color theory in its entirety can be complicated but there are a few basic principles to help steer you in the right direction, explains Patrick O’Donnell, brand ambassador for Farrow & Ball.

‘White represents purity, innocence and new beginnings, as well as cleanliness and clarity,' he says. 'It can be used everywhere in the home but is very successful in the bathroom and any room where you want to create order and with little distraction. It is also an ideal foil for a well-curated room of art and furniture.’

If you're looking to increase the feeling of space in a room using white, paint all walls and woodwork the same shade. Use it as you would a blank canvas, then add colorful furniture and collectibles. 

In addition to furnishings, replicate Jenner's living room with foliage and flowers to chime with the simple allure of all-white schemes and to help break up swathes of white. Whether faux or real, stylized greenery will create wonderful flourishes in a room. A few single stems in a vase or a potted tree in a corner is all that is needed.

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