Exclusive: Martha Stewart swears by this unconventional and ultra-practical storage hack – it's super affordable

This is how Martha keeps her drawers and shelves clean

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When it comes to home organization, Martha Stewart's advice is the gold standard. The Martha Stewart Show host and businesswoman likes to keep a beautiful and tidy house using affordable and practical methods. Luckily for us, Martha is always happy to share her storage tips.

In our conversation on kitchen decor, Martha told H&G about the surprising way that she keeps the drawers and shelves in her kitchen clean.

Martha Stewart said:  'All my shelves, drawers, and where my pots and pans are kept, are lined with stainless steel sheets. I love this trick because they are very easy to clean and they protect the wood from getting destroyed. You just wipe them off and put your stuff in there. It's a useful and practical solution to keeping things clean.' She continued, 'I would never use those rolls of sticky paper and stuff that people put in their drawers.'

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As evidenced by her Don't Do It Yourself collaboration with Pure Leaf Tea, Martha is all about practicality. Stainless steel drawer liners as kitchen storage exemplify this philosophy. Like Martha says, stainless steel is easy to clean and protects the wood of your cabinets. It's rust-resistant, which means that it will last for years and years without the need for replacement. Finally, it's beautiful, adding a clean and contemporary edge to your storage.

For emulating Martha's look in your home, these Stainless Steel Sheets from Amazon are our top pick. They are rectangular and available in four different sizes to fit any drawer. If none of the sizes are perfect for your home, the moderate thickness is ideal for cutting down the sheets yourself. The sheets are shipped with a transparent film on the surface to protect them from scratches and other damage. With prices starting at $11.99 per sheet, you'll want one for every surface in your kitchen.

Best of all, the sheets are available on Prime for fast, free shipping.

With the affordable price tag and incredible functionality, the stainless steel sheet in drawer/ on shelf hack is a no-brainer. To integrate more steel into your kitchen, check out Martha's stainless steel cabinets for more inspiration.

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