Miranda Kerr creates a wonderfully relaxing living space using this stress-relieving decorating technique

The model takes a holistic approach to interior design, as evident in her living space, which favors soft colors and fresh florals

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A spa-like home atmosphere is one that must be carefully (and of course, mindfully) curated. Tranquil spaces have through lines – neutral tones, soft curves, and comforting materials can almost always be found in a calming room.

Former Victoria's Secret Angel and model Miranda Kerr proves this. Perched on a white boucle seat and clad in fuzzy slippers, it's clear that comfort and calm are key to Kerr's relaxing home space.

"I’m enjoying taking things slow from home with my family, allowing myself to opt out as it feels right, and honoring all that my body has experienced in this process!" Kerr states in a blog post on her Kora Organics website.

There's no one-size-fits-all approach when considering how to make a home feel more relaxing – however, there are some general additions that are sure to make a space feel immediately more soothing.

'One of my favorite ways to calm a space is by introducing plants and flowers,' Homes & Gardens' editor Jennifer Ebert states. 'Plants are known to purify the air as well as reduce stress levels, while fresh-cut flowers can be a mood-booster.'

We love that Kerr incorporated a bouquet of purple blooms, arranged neatly in a jade vase, into her space as a subtle infusion of color.

Another tactic Ebert recommends stems from the scent world rather than physical furniture or decor (although some fragrances are packaged as such).

'Scented candles and oil diffusers in comforting scents, like lavender or eucalyptus, can really contribute to a relaxing ambiance in a room,' she says. 'The fragrance should suit your personal preferences, so opt for something that you know will relax and calm you.'

The aforementioned flowers, when fresh, can also act as a scented piece in a living space. Kerr personally opts for essential oils, which she mentions in her blog post.

Finally, textures and materials are an integral part of cultivating a tranquil space.

'Comfort is key to relaxation, so consider soft or natural materials like linen when creating your living space,' Ebert says. 'This can be as simple as adding some cushy throw pillows to your sofa, or placing a fluffy rug on the floor.'

Below, we can shop for a selection of relaxing living room pieces, including a beautiful sandalwood-scented candle – we're filling every room of our homes with this scent this summer.

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