Selena Gomez's TV room blends functionality with aesthetic appeal – a design quirk trending for 2024

White open shelving adds layering, depth, and style to the star's home – and of course, top designers approve

Selena Gomez
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We may have enjoyed watching Selena Gomez at the Golden Globes earlier this week, but we were just as excited to catch a rare glimpse of her home following the talked-about ceremony of the year (so far). 

The singer took to her Instagram stories to share what she was watching while comfortable at home – and we couldn't help but admire the star's sleek shelving setup. 

Selena's living room storage system comes in the shape of a bespoke open shelving unit that is simultaneously stylish and functional in her cozy space. She's used the space to display a curated selection of small framed photos and objects (and, it goes without saying, her selection looks extremely chic next to her marble fireplace). And, unsurprisingly, we are not alone in our admiration for Selena's arrangement. 

Selena Gomez

(Image credit: Selena Gomez)

Open living room shelving is a beautiful addition to spaces of all sizes, partially because you can arrange and display your prized or sentimental belongings in a way that suits you.

‘We like to create spaces that feel layered and homely, that allow you to create mess without feeling messy or needing to put things away the second you put them out,’ says Camilla Clarke, Creative Director at Albion Nord. ‘It’s important to make a space feel relaxed and not sterile or unliveable. Try to create storage for the pieces that don’t need to be on show, but make sure to celebrate and show off the things that bring you joy.’

Camilla Clarke
Camilla Clarke

Creative director at London-based interior design firm, Albion Nord, Camilla Clarke has worked at some of London’s leading interior design practices. Clarke uses her artistic background to influence her interior designs on everything from contemporary penthouses to Georgian homes.

white living room with open shelving

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While the possessions on display are typically considered the main attraction on a shelf, some designers are encouraging us to think of shelving as decor itself.

'In 2024, shelves will take center stage, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetic appeal,' says Shelved Creative Director Jonathan Clark. 'Open shelving, especially in unique, modular designs and materials like wood and metal, is gaining popularity, allowing for personalized and curated displays. The shelf will become a key part of the design, as opposed to just something to express their style on.'

Jonathan Clark
Jonathan Clark

Creative Director with a passion for design and innovation, leading the team at Shelved to create modular storage furniture that combines functionality with modern aesthetics and simple assembly. With over 15 years in the industry, I have a track record of delivering outstanding products that solve real-life problems and elevate the customer experience. Driven by a customer-centric approach, I strive to create products that are not only functional but also add value to people's lives and spaces. When I'm not leading the design team, you'll find me exploring new materials and technologies to keep Shelved at the forefront of the modular storage furniture market.

As far as design strategy goes, reaching great heights is an excellent way to create smart storage and visual appeal in a common space.

'For living room layouts, it's important to pick pieces that won't take up too much room,' says Dwell's Creative Director Lou Peterson. 'Floor-to-ceiling cupboards are a great choice - not only are they extremely practical, providing ample space for tidying away essentials whilst making use of the available vertical space instead of extending horizontally.'

Below, find some curated decor to place in your own open shelving unit.

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