Sofia Vergara gives antique furniture a modern upgrade in her Mediterranean-style living space

Antique furniture is the ultimate way to add personality and intrigue to every type of home

Sofia Vergara
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Although trends may be ever-evolving, incorporating antique pieces into the home is one of the best ways to evoke a style of the past in conjunction with more modern fixtures. 

Sofia Vergara's Mediterranean-inspired home, though by and large quite current, utilizes this tactic to make the space feel more unique. In her living area sits an antique cabinet, complete with original details and paint. While the rest of the area is quite polished, with white walls and a cream couch, the piece stands out due to its natural and untouched finish.

Decorating with antique pieces in the home can be exciting (especially the online hunt for specific items), but experts say that there are some considerations to be mindful of when shopping for vintage homeware and furniture. First up? Cleaning and maintaining. 

'It goes without saying that antique pieces are much more delicate than modern items, therefore require more care - especially when handling,' says vintage dealer Rachel Toy. 'Protect furniture when moving it in past doors and other furniture, and carefully unwrap fragile items such as ceramics and glass in situ before displaying.'

Rachel Toy
Rachel Toy

Rachel is a UK-based Vintage Dealer and Blogger specialising in 20th Century Home and Collectables. She has been collecting vintage since her 80s childhood and has been selling vintage for just over 10 years now (since 2014). 

She also suggests planning out how much ongoing care, including cleaning, dusting, polishing, and waxing an item will require. It's not only necessary but worthwhile to preserve its worth.

'Keeping your antique item in tip-top shape will ensure it is looked after and keeps its value, and can also be enjoyed by generations to come,' she says.

Placement is also crucial to the preservation of antique and vintage homewares. 

'If there is damp in the air this can get to the glaze on pottery for example and cause ‘crazing’, also mold and mildew can spread to wooden furniture,' she explains. 'With fabric, ensure it is clean and free of dust mites, as well as away from areas where moths are known to live. Don’t store in the attic or shed when not in use as rodents can get to them too.'

As far as styling goes, Toy recommends coordinating antiques with existing color palettes and patterns for a cohesive look.

'Or group clashing pieces around them for a eclectic style,' she suggests. 'Homes from the past would have been added to over time, with many people keeping furniture and other items for much longer than we do today. This means it wasn’t unusual to see a 1930s deco sideboard with a 1960s kitsch JH Lynch framed print of a girl above it. Or a Victorian glass display cabinet with 1970s colourful glassware displayed inside, plus other treasures collected over the years.'

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