Tracee Ellis Ross follows these art rules to make a minimalist first impression in her entryway

Simple yet sophisticated is often the way to go with art in the first room of the home

Tracee Ellis Ross
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Known for her bold style and vibrant personality, Tracee Ellis Ross takes a more minimal approach to home decor. The black-ish and Girlfriends star often posts photos in her sophisticated, modern home, and we were recently taken by images of her entryway.

Hung on the white walls are three large, black and white line drawings, handsomely framed in wood. The combination of minimalist design and the rustic frame is the perfect pairing for the lightly decorated, airy space.

Deciding on entryway wall decor can be daunting. With so many pieces (and frames) to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Experts recommend starting by looking at the bare wall for inspiration.

'A simple way to execute a curated and cohesive design scheme is to buy art to match the color, pattern or print of your wall color or wallpaper,' says Artist and Creative Specialist at Green Lili Michelle Collins. 'Matching your art to your walls is much easier than buying artwork first.'

Michelle Collins
Michelle Collins

Michelle is an artist and creative specialist at Green Lili, an independent home decor, art & lifestyle brand founded in Sheffield in 2015.

Apart from color, size matters when it comes to artwork. While Ellis Ross' artwork looms large in her sizeable entryway, a massive portrait might look out of place in a smaller space. 

'One of the most important things to consider when choosing artwork is the scale and size of the piece,' she says. 'Large-scale artwork can help create a focal point, while small-scale pieces may be better suited for balancing space in the room. If unsure, outline the artwork's dimensions on your wall using masking tape or sheets of paper.'

Knowing how to hang a picture in any sized room is important too.'Take a step back or leave it on your wall for a day or two. It will help you get a good feel for the size and know if that's the right placement for the piece,' Michelle says.

Finally, Michelle recommends quality over quantity. As enticing as purchasing a variety of prints at once can be, there is no rush to start a gallery wall immediately.

'Kickstart your collection with just one piece,' Michelle says. 'Hang it on your walls or place it on a shelf and get a feel for how it looks before you consider adding additional artwork. Often I find that one piece is enough, particularly if it's artwork with bold colors or typography. You'll also find that as you build your collection over time, the art you select is often more meaningful and will spark more joy rather than rushing and choosing pieces all at once.'

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