Changing the world from your kitchen is now easier than ever

Take your kitchen space in a planet-friendly direction – Cosentino is making it easier for everyone with their latest innovation

Silestone kitchen countertop
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During the last few years, our perspectives on a lot of areas of daily life have shifted – including vigilance towards potentially harmful microorganisms that could affect our well-being, as well as the ongoing effects of climate change. In light of this, antibacterial and sustainable surfaces are set to be an important new frontier for how spaces are designed, both in public and in our own homes, and Cosentino is at the forefront with its Silestone HybriQ+ range.

With the abundance of surface options now available to us, sustainability is also a key factor in the decision-making process. Thankfully, sustainability and style are no longer mutually exclusive thanks to Cosentino. With its beautiful new carbon-neutral surface series, we can take that one step closer to achieving the contemporary kitchen of our dreams – without compromise. 

Since its founding in 1979, this luxury surface brand has put sustainability at the centre of its business. It has invested millions each year in research and development to create beautiful, high-quality products that use environmentally responsible materials and methods.


(Image credit: Cosentino)

What is better about Silestone Mineral HybriQ+?

Far from the hand-hewn, rustic rawness associated with sustainably made homeware is a quieter micro trend of slick, modern products and materials that just happen to be eco-conscious. Silestone’s Mineral HybriQ+ surface is a case in point. It is produced using renewable electricity, reused water, and 20 per cent recycled glass, plus other raw minerals – and offers sustainability without sacrificing excellent quality or style.

Cosentino silestone kitchen

(Image credit: Cosentino)

Why choose Silestone HybriQ+ for your home?

The answer is simple. Not only does the new HybriQ technology maintains performance and behavior by means of durability, resistance and hygiene, but there is an option for every kitchen, no matter the style, and with a 25-year warranty, you’ll also have peace of mind. But there’s more… 

As part of Silestone’s commitment to making quartz and engineered stone surfaces a more eco-friendly proposition, the brand has launched its first carbon-neutral collection. The CO2 emissions of the Sunlit Days range have been offset for the entire life cycle of the surface, gaining the attention of carbon zero developers. Produced using 100% renewable electricity, 99% reused water, and 20% recycled glass, Sunlit Days heralds a new breed of hybrid composite in five enticing colours, including this delightfully earthy Arcilla Red below.

Cosentino red kitchen

(Image credit: Cosentino)

This innovative milestone demonstrates the brand’s commitment to sustainability and highlights the environmental management steps Cosentino has taken over the past several years. 

Whatever your kitchen project, choosing a world-leading carbon-neutral surface will contribute to a tailored, alluring and sustainable space that you will love for years to come. 

Silestone starts from £450 per sq m,

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