Everything you need to know to get smart about filtered water – for a happy, healthier home

Delight in great-tasting H20 with Waterdrop’s latest launch. Turn your tap water into a rapid and refreshing mineral-rich flow

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It’s no secret that in 2024 there’s a lot expected of us. Somehow, we’re supposed to be juggling full-time careers, family life, fitness routines, getting our greens in, and drinking 2 liters of water per day. And doing it all with a smile.

So, what if we told you we may have found the solution to making just one of those things quicker and easier? Enter the Waterdrop X Series Reverse Osmosis System X16. A state-of-the-art water filtration system that aims to revolutionize your tap water, turning it into a rapid, refreshing mineral-rich flow in just three seconds. 

Here are four reasons why a water filter can help you and your entire family improve your daily water intake with pure, healthy H20. Plus, you can enjoy a 30% discount with an additional exclusive 5% off if you order before April 14th. 

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1. Cleaner, fresher, better

If you’re looking to improve the quality of your water, you may want to consider adding a water filtration system to your collection of kitchen gadgets. 

Even if your tap water is treated, there’s a good chance it contains harmful impurities you’d rather not drink daily. The X Series Reverse Osmosis System X16 delivers exceptionally pure water. Armed with 11 intricate stages of purification, the Waterdrop system filters out 99.99% of harmful substances, ensuring cleaner and safer drinking water to give you peace of mind about the water your household is consuming.

As a renowned name in the water filtration industry, Waterdrop continually aims to deliver clean, healthy, and readily available water. 

‘Clean, healthy water is a right, not a privilege,’ says the CEO of Waterdrop. ‘With the X Series Reverse Osmosis System, we've not only aimed at ensuring the quality of drinking water but also incorporating modern, sustainable technology that contributes to the environment.’ Passionate about high-quality water, their products are trusted and certified with water quality certificates. 

2. Mineral-rich water that tastes as it should

One of the best benefits of filtered water is the significant improvement in the taste of your tap water. The X Series system goes beyond merely providing safe, filtered water. Its nifty remineralization feature ensures pure, nourishing, great-tasting water directly from your tap making it more enjoyable to drink, and encouraging proper hydration.

Clean, filtered water is essential for maintaining good health. The Waterdrop filtration features rather clever rock activation technology that simulates the formation process of natural mineral water, while its upgraded system adjusts PH levels to an optimal state, ensuring your body reaps the benefits of essential minerals. 

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3. Time-saving and on demand

Did we mention it does all that in just three seconds? Having on-tap filtered water offers unmatched convenience. With the Waterdrop system installed; fuss-free, healthy water is immediately available whenever you need it, whether for drinking, cooking, or filling your kettle. 

This rapid access to filtered water is a godsend to busy households. Rather than waiting for a pitcher to slowly drip filter water, the X Series filtration system is designed with a super-efficient water flow rate, meaning it provides you with beautifully filtered water in just three seconds; saving you valuable time in your busy daily routine and allowing you to focus on the things that matter most in life.

4. Keeps your counters clutter-free - and it’s easy to use

Gone are the days of bulky water filtration jugs cluttering up your countertop – or frequent trips to the store for bottled water. Thanks to the tankless design, the X Series can fit even in the smallest of spaces without sacrificing efficiency or performance.

The smart faucet design offers on-demand control, making getting a glass of water or re-filling your bottle a breeze. And of course, it’s a more eco-friendly choice for the environmentally conscious drinker. Waterdrop’s X Series boasts a 3:1 wastewater ratio, which means it is significantly more efficient water use than standard systems.

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The Waterdrop X Series Reverse Osmosis System X16 usually retails at $1999, but it currently has 30% off, and with the exclusive code homesX16 you can enjoy an additional 5% off until 04/14/2024.

The Waterdrop X Series Waterdrop X Series Reverse Osmosis System X16 is an innovative way for the entire family to get smart about filtered water for a happy, healthier home. To find out more about this cutting-edge system, visit Waterdrop Filter.

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