Martha Stewart's Vodka tips will make you rethink how you clean this January

A deep clean begins and ends with one ingredient – this is the new way to use your vodka this 'DIY January'

Martha Stewart
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You don't need to participate in dry January to get behind DIY January – Martha Stewart's aptly-named campaign encouraging you to put your liquor to good use beyond your favorite martini glass. 

January is famously the month when people may choose to detox – but it's also when many homes undergo a deep clean – fulfilling the seemingly tedious jobs that were pushed to the New Year. But now, we're here. With the right cleaning tips, however, these chores don't need to feel so dull. This is where Martha Stewart comes in. 

The TV personality and founder of her eponymous media empire is no stranger to revolutionary lifestyle and decorating ideas – but DIY January is among her most timely. The best part? You only need a bottle of vodka (or leftover vodka) to follow her advice. 

In the video below, Martha offers several ways to use vodka – including as an odor-repellent and a (surprising) way to keep flowers fresh. And while the video is certainly lighthearted (she signs off with a cocktail, after all), it still raises some home hacks that will make your January clean easier. 

'I partnered with Tito's Vodka this dry January to show how you can still use that bottle of delectable vodka on your shelf all month long. Even if you’re not drinking it. Don’t worry; if you are enjoying Tito’s this month, these tips still apply,' Martha says.

How Martha Stewart uses vodka in her home

Firstly, Martha demonstrates how you can use vodka to remove odors by spraying it into boots in her entryway. 'Say goodbye to musty smells,' she says. This hack is more effective if you pour your vodka into a spray bottle, such as this one on Amazon, as it allows you to maintain control over how much vodka you use. 

The footage is filmed humorously, but there is no denying that vodka is an effective odor remover. Once evaporated, the liquid is odorless and colorless – known to have sanitizing effects – meaning it's great for shoes, coats, and other items that get dirty daily.

Martha Stewart

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Vodka's cleaning qualities don't end there. 'Spice up your Friday night by cutting through dirt and grime,' Martha says as she cleans large vases in her kitchen with a cloth. 'Messy surfaces are no match,' she adds. Vodka is a powerful kitchen cleaner thanks to its antibacterial qualities that leave surfaces sparkling. However, it also has uses beyond the kitchen. 

You can use the liquor to spray most surfaces in the bathroom, where it is especially effective when paired with white vinegar, lemon juice, and your favorite dish soap.  

Lastly, Martha demonstrates that vodka is a surprising way to preserve your flowers' lifespan. 'Keep your flowers in bloom with a splash of that vodka you can't drink,' she says. While this may appear unconventional, adding a spoonful of vodka to your plant water kill bacteria on the stems and encourage your plant to stay healthier for longer. 

Whether you treat yourself to a post-clean cocktail is entirely your call... 

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