5 ways to incorporate luxury and opulence into your bathroom

There's a lot to think about when planning your new bathroom. Our simple guide will set you on the right path to achieving a luxurious, comfortable and stylish design to suit your needs

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A new bathroom is an opportunity to make the most of your space, whether you want a spa-like retreat or a luxurious en suite. And, with so many inspiring features and fittings to choose from, you can make an expression of your style. Yet, alongside the kitchen, the bathroom probably requires more careful planning than any other room in the house. 

No longer simply functional rooms where we could begin and end our days, our bathrooms are now much more likely to be at-home wellness spaces where we unwind, escape, rejuvenate, and repair – and this has had a big effect on not just how bathrooms look but how we design them. Good bathroom design relies on a combination of form and function, so it is important to give way to luxury features where we can. With this in mind, our expert guide offers the ideal starting point to help you create the luxury bathroom of your dreams.

1. Find a colour scheme that soothes and excites   

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Neutral colour palettes, such as this beige and blonde wood scheme, provide a feeling of spaciousness, light and elegance 

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The colour scheme might not be the first element you think of when planning a new bathroom, but it’s actually an incredibly powerful way of setting the overall tone you dream of. A good colour palette is essential for creating the look, feel and design you want in your bathroom or shower room. And you can use everything from tiles to sanitary ware to fittings to create a unique and luxurious look. Adding a bright and beautiful hue to your bathroom will really lift your whole home, bringing this functional space into line with the rest of your decor, or a timeless and refined white palette will offer a blank canvas that illuminates dark spaces and can make even small bathrooms feel spacious, light and bright. Riluxa is a company that offers a wide range of luxurious materials with an almost infinite colour palette to choose from. 

2. Invest in materials that matter

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 A selection of Riluxa’s materials, from left: Corian® Colour Smoke Drift Prima, Grey Ara marble and Corian® Colour Neutral Aggregate 

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Decorating with longevity in mind is crucial for a more sustainable future. From marble and Corian® to Silestone and solid oak, it is worth investing in materials that truly last a lifetime. 

New interpretations and refreshing schemes make marble bathrooms an enduring classic that will never date. Marble can be easily treated to make it water-resistant and adds a luxurious spa-like feel to a bathroom, whether you have a modern space or a more traditional one. It is certainly not a budget option, but marble's beauty is that you can add it to your bathroom in varying amounts for an opulent or lavish look. Therefore, it is no surprise that this metamorphic rock is a must-have in luxury design.

Another elegant and refined choice, Corian® is a noteworthy option for the bathroom. A unique blend formed by mixing finely ground minerals with superior acrylic resin, this original solid surface is non-porous, durable, smooth and warm to the touch. It can be moulded into organically curved shapes with a seamless finish, in contrast to quartz, granite and porcelain. 

Thanks to the desire to create a sanctuary at home, the bathroom has become a retreat, a private oasis to help restore mental and physical wellbeing. With this comes a move away from clinical style. Wood is now the material of choice for its natural beauty and warmth; it conjures the quiet luxury of a spa. There are many ways to introduce solid wood to your scheme, from a bathroom cabinet to a timber-fronted vanity. 

Silestone is another material choice widely used in luxury bathrooms and kitchens. Silestone is an engineered stone, combining rock-hard quartz with a small quantity of resin. This gives it a natural stone appearance and unbeatable resistance. Also containing pigments and polymers, Silestone surfaces are more durable than most natural stone, impervious to stains and scratches, resistant to heat and easy to maintain.

3.  Create a statement with a freestanding bathtub 

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 The ultra-sleek Miram Freestanding Bathtub 

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When planning and designing a bathroom one of the first things we think about is the bathtub – and for good reason. It is often the focal point in the room. 

The right bathtub is a sanctuary, providing you with a private space where you can totally relax and wash away the stresses of everyday life. Therefore, it is vital that you carefully balance aesthetic appeal with comfort when thinking about your bathtub. 

Designed to steal the show and provide a luxurious deep soak, a well-chosen bath will prove a seriously good investment in a luxury bathroom scheme. Whether made from solid stone, classic cast iron or modern composite resin, statement baths are built to impress – and their desirability has soared in recent years. The bath is not just somewhere to wash; it is also a work of art that will define the backbone of your bathroom.

4.  Add decorative interest with the finest tapware  

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 Four tap finish options (clockwise): Sunrise, Night Sky,  Sunset and Pure White, paired with a Blue Macauba bespoke washbasin

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No space is complete without the right tapware; the jewellery of the bathroom. The taps you choose can make a world of difference to how you use your space. The finish can make a significant impact too: matte finishes can work well in a contemporary space; brass feels more classic, while chrome or nickel can fit in beautifully in more traditional and classic schemes. It also pays to think about the form; single lever taps, mixer taps and shower columns, in all shapes and sizes should be considered. Riluxa knows how important choosing the right taps are for your space. They have a wide range of high-end brands, as well as their own soon-to-be-launched eponymous taps collection. The possibilities are endless, but whichever tap you choose for this luxurious space, you can be assured of receiving the best quality products.

5. The luxury of a made-to-measure space 

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 An Ara washbasin, made to measure in order to fit perfectly  

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In order to design a luxurious bathroom that stands out from the rest, custom-made furniture is surely the ultimate luxury. The power to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece, that perfectly fits your space without compromise, is what takes your home to another level. The option of composing your own bespoke creation, to meet your functional and aesthetic needs, be that number of drawers, the perfect combination of materials or the style of handle, will truly elevate your room. 

When planning your dream bathroom, it makes sense to consult the experts. Riluxa’s outstanding reputation has been built on using the best traditional hand craftsmanship combined with the latest technology to create an exquisite product with a quality that’s second to none. Their pieces are made by master craftsmen in Valencia – a region with a long heritage of producing world-class furniture and bathrooms. 

Producing their own products means they can offer their clients endless design possibilities and excellent shipping times, both on custom-made items and their collection of the finest in-stock designs. 

When it comes to luxury, Riluxa offers outstanding expertise and logistical support, guiding customers through the entire process. And the end result? Beautiful design, exceptional products and quality of fit come together to create true luxury in your bathroom.

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