Bathroom vanity ideas – designs for single and double sinks

These bathroom vanity ideas are not just useful, they come in a range of different styles and finishes to elevate any bathroom scheme

An example of bathroom vanity ideas showing a double sink bathroom vanity in a pink bathroom with two mirrors above
(Image credit: Blakes London)

Bathroom vanity ideas are a useful addition to any design because they combine basins and storage space in a single piece of furniture.

The advantage is clear: the ability for two people to have access to a sink at the same time takes enormous pressure off the bathroom, especially in a busy family home. 

From floor-standing to floating and wall-hung, bathroom vanity ideas – and bathroom ideas with a double vanity – come in a range of styles so they are an easy way to bring some individuality to your scheme.

If you are nervous about bringing color and pattern into your bathroom or you don't know how, a bold vanity can be a perfect jumping off point. 

Here are some other smart designs and bathroom storage ideas that will show you what to consider when designing a bathroom vanity – or incorporating a stylish double vanity into your bathroom.

Bathroom vanity ideas

1. Mount vanity basins on a 'floating' countertop

A double bathroom vanity with blue sinks in front of symmetrical mirrors and a ribbed wall

(Image credit: Domus)

Celebrate the shape of beautifully cast bowls with counter-mounted installation. Also known as ‘lotus-mounted’, this is a sophisticated look that benefits from a contrasting backdrop. 

Here, three-dimensional tiles provide subtle interest without stealing the limelight. You may need a taller faucet to ensure sufficient space between spout and basin, so go wall mounted for precise placement. On a modern deck-style vanity like this one, do invest in attractive waste traps.

2. Play with symmetry with perfectly spaced basins, mirrors and lights

An example of bathroom vanity ideas showing a blue double bathroom vanity with towel storage below and matching mirrors and wall lights above

(Image credit: Gunter & Co)

'A symmetrically designed vanity unit helps create a calming sense of balance. Take the symmetry up a level with perfectly spaced mirrors and wall-mounted bathroom lighting ideas, as shown above,' says Irene Gunter, director, Gunter & Co

'This approach helps zone the unit, giving each user their own clearly defined wash-space. We like to allow at least 15cm between basins to provide sufficient elbow room for two to use comfortably.' 

3. Repurpose antique furniture to create a stylish bathroom vanity

An antique wooden bathroom vanity in front of a red paneled wall in a bathroom with black and white floor tiles

(Image credit: Douglas Gibb)

Back in time, this antique vanity unit would have had a china or tin basin and jug sat on its marble top for washing.

This makes it a prime candidate for conversion if you are looking for traditional bathroom ideas. A skilled carpenter and plumber can easily cut holes for plumbing to create an authentic looking vanity unit, with all the efficiencies of a modern piece – such charm!

4. Choose undermounted basins for an understated, minimalist look  

An undermounted double vanity unit with gold faucets and matching mirrors against a pink wall

(Image credit: Blakes London)

Attached to the underside of the countertop, under-mounted basins offer a sleek, minimalist look. 

'While under-mounted basins can be more costly upfront due to more complex installation, you will reap the rewards when it comes to cleanliness,' says Jamie Blake, creative director of Blakes London

There’s no raised lip or rim where dirt and bacteria might collect, and a clean lined surface is far easier to wipe down.

5. Go for a custom-made vanity for a truly unique look

A bespoke white bathroom vanity unit with multiple storage drawers and a red vase sat on top

(Image credit: Zac and Zac)

There’s no excuse for disorder in the bathroom with a custom-made vanity unit. 

‘This bespoke vanity is an organisational dream. We ensured specific places for everything the owners use, with drawers configured to accommodate specific product dimensions,’ says Jo Aynsley, head of interior design, Jeffreys Interiors

'Practically speaking, fitted furniture is low maintenance as there are no dust traps and it offers a range of small bathroom storage ideas in the available space, too.’ 

6. Keep the floor clear to increase the sense of space

An example of bathroom vanity ideas showing a gray bathroom double vanity unit with white sinks and a gray and black mosaic tiled floor

(Image credit: C P Hart)

‘Double vanity units are naturally larger than single, so it’s important to boost the sense of space even if your actual space is limited,’ says Yosuef Mansuri, head of design, C.P. Hart

‘Revealing as much floor as possible is a smart small bathroom idea, as it gives the impression of a larger room, so opt for a vanity that is either wall-mounted or on slim legs to give a feeling of openness.’

7. Let the bathroom vanity take center stage

A marble bathroom double vanity unit with large matching wall mirrors and towel storage below

(Image credit: Fiona Barratt Interiors)

Taking a double vanity away from the walls can prove a far better use of floor space. 

‘In this bathroom, there were doors and windows on three of the four walls, so it felt natural to place the vanity unit in the middle of the room,’ recalls Fiona Barratt Campbell, founder, Fiona Barratt Interiors

‘A central vanity unit with impactful mirrors and beautiful materials also provides a great focal point.'

8. Incorporate a statement wall for high drama

Blue and white statement tile-effect wallpaper behind a double vanity unit with white sinks and gold taps

(Image credit: Porter Bathroom)

A traditional pedestal-style washstand is utterly timeless and perfect for showcasing statement bathroom wall ideas, like this tile-inspired wallpaper by Pierre Frey

On-trend antiqued brass adds warmth to this classic ball-jointed frame. Choosing a double vanity with open storage below makes the unit appear lighter and provides opportunity to add some personal touches and texture.

Use baskets to keep toiletries tidy and towel bails for coziness.

9. Add a splash of color with a painted vanity unit

An example of bathroom vanity ideas showing a red bathroom vanity unit with two white sinks above and towel storage below

(Image credit: Adam Carter)

This bathroom by Artisans of Devizes is all neutrals, except for the double vanity unit that adds a touch of drama to the scheme with a bold red-painted finish.

Set in a family home full of charm, character and color, this bathroom's Marble Mosaic is offset by the bold red vanity unit, created for impact.

10. Use a double vanity to max out bathroom storage

A double vanity unit with two built in sinks in a large bathroom with storage beneath and matching mirrors above

(Image credit: John Granen)

In our opinion, choosing a double vanity sink is the perfect opportunity to incorporate well-organized drawers and increase storage space.

Useful bathroom shelf ideas will increase your storage, but pull-out deep drawers like these will make space for everything, from makeup to towel storage, all neatly hidden behind cabinetry.

11. Nestle a vanity in a niche

A marble bathroom with double vanity unit built into a niche with matching circular mirrors above and storage below

(Image credit: Cara Woodhouse)

Creating a niche for a bathroom vanity is a neat way to enclose the space, making it feel luxurious and streamlined, and providing many more opportunities for storage.

Cladding the niche in a luxurious material is a must for following through on that boutique hotel look. This bathroom designed by Cara Woodhouse achieves just that.

What material is best for bathroom vanity tops?

Although there are many different bathroom tile ideas, the best material for a bathroom vanity top is a man-made stone-look composite.

This material can be designed to mimic everything from marble to quartz. It comes in a vast range of colors and finishes, can withstand soaking without damage, and is resistant to spillages of caustic materials, such as nail varnish remover. It is also very easy to clean.

What bathroom vanities are in style?

Bathroom vanities that are in style are those that incorporate some kind of storage – hidden for neat, streamlined bathrooms, or open for those with a more laid-back feel.

Depending on the look you want to go for, bathroom vanity trends range from very contemporary, sleek designs to those created from antique – or antique-look – furniture.

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