Bathroom lighting ideas to brighten up your space

An essential part of any bathroom project, a well-considered lighting scheme will set the mood.

Lighting is such an integral design element these days that it should be planned at the start of a project, and nowhere is this more important than in the bathroom. Here, fittings are generally built into the very fabric of the room, providing not only bright, general light to help with tasks such as shaving, but also ambient light for mood, which may involve a number of applications.

Oversized pendants, smart task lighting and elegant table or floor lamps are all ways to make a statement when it comes to lighting the home. Mixing styles and shapes will add interest and personality. Try building up layers to create an ideal fusion of style and purpose.

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A good set out provides the bare bones but it’s ease of control that matters to the user. Lutron systems are the industry standard but also look at new developments such as Taptile – a wireless touch sensitive system that uses sensor controls positioned behind a wall tile; touch the tile to turn your lighting on and off. It can control up to three different circuits from the one touch panel including extractor fans and sound systems, and is totally waterproof so it’s suitable for wet areas.

There are strict regulations regarding lighting in the bathroom and you must ensure any lighting products are certified for use in the bathroom, with an IP rating appropriate to the zone it’s located in – IP44 is for general use in bathrooms with IPXX for use in wet areas such as shower enclosures. British Standard regulations divide the bathroom into zones based on a perceived level of risk, so consult your electrician before choosing fittings.