5 bathroom countertop decor ideas to add a stylish finish to your space

Learn how to introduce beautiful bathroom countertop decor that won't get in the way

Bathroom countertop decor ideas
(Image credit: Charlotte Lea Photography & Dmar Interiors/Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler/Ania Agardy & Pompi Gutnisky)

So often, we forget to consider bathroom countertop decor, granted, there isn't always lots of space to get as creative with decorative displays as you would in a living room or bedroom, but a few small additions can make a world of difference in making your bathroom feel more inviting and homey.

Color, tiles, and hardware are all highly considered when it comes to bathroom ideas, but as much as these features contribute to the overall design of the space, the aesthetic items displayed on the countertop can provide a much-needed finishing touch.

To offer up some inspiration that adds beauty without cluttering your surfaces, we've asked interior designers for their favorite bathroom countertop decor ideas that work in even the smallest schemes.

5 bathroom countertop decor ideas

If you've neglected bathroom countertop decor in the past, you're not alone. But as we become more conscious of spaces like bathrooms and kitchens – where a lot of time is spent – some simple pieces can make them feel more beautiful and unique, and your bathroom countertops are a great place to start.

1. Freshen the space with greenery

traditional bathroom with mid green cabinets, wall sconces and gold mirror and photo frames on the wall

(Image credit: Blakely Interior Design, photography Greg Premru)

Whether you prefer a cut flower arrangement, a potted plant, or a bouquet of greenery, adding plants and flowers to your bathroom is a great way to add a decorative element.

If you want something that will last rather than needs replacing regularly, opt for a potted plant that thrives in a bathroom environment. The best bathroom plants will benefit from the humid environment and grow better than in any other room in your home.

In this green bathroom, a simple glass vase filled with greenery and flowers has been added to the countertop. This space benefits from double vanity bathroom ideas, which allows plenty of space for a larger arrangement. If you have less counter space, simply opt for a smaller bouquet, or even just a few stems in a pretty bud vase, such as this Dinosaur Designs Skipping Stone swirled resin vase from Net-a-porter.

2. Add a tranquil scent with pretty candles

Bathroom countertop decorated with a lamp and scented candles

(Image credit: Original BTC)

So often, decorating a bathroom is all about creating a tranquil, spa-like space. Introducing bathroom countertop decor that caters to this is key, so why not add a beautifully scented candle in a pot that matches your design scheme?

'My absolute favorites are aromatic candles from a top brand like Nest, Manuel Canovas, or Diptyque,' says Miami-based designer Ania Agárdy. 'The fragrance always gives that luxurious feel to any space.'

Adorn your bathroom countertop with a single scented candle, adhere to the rule of three by adding a collection, or add a candle alongside a lamp and stylish storage, like in this bathroom. We explore more ways you can make a bathroom feel cozy in our dedicated feature.

3. Display a framed artwork

A bathroom with a large vanity mirror and dark blue cabinetry

(Image credit: Charlotte Lea Photography / Dmar Interiors)

Art is one of those decor pieces that people are uncertain about whether or not it should be used in the bathroom, but there is no reason not to introduce a favorite framed piece as bathroom countertop decor.

This bathroom scheme demonstrates how simple countertop decor can create a homey, personalized feel to your space. A framed landscape artwork has been placed next to a wildflower arrangement in a vase, creating visual interest and introducing subtle color.

The main thing to consider when introducing bathroom art ideas into your space is the type of frame you use. Opt for something made from a resilient material, such as metal or a water-tight design, to ensure your artwork remains protected.

4. Add elegance with a decorative towel holder

Bathroom countertop decorated with a decorative towel holder

(Image credit: Ania Agardy/Pompi Gutnisky)

Bathroom countertop decor comes in so many forms, but one way to add aesthetic appeal is through the hardware and finishes. If, for example, you have a brass or gold theme in your bathroom, try adding decorative pieces in the same finish.

'I love a chic vanity top towel holder stand. In a powder room, I adore linen hand towels for that extra touch of elegance. In the primary bath, the fluffier the better,' says Ania. You're going to need somewhere to hold towels, so why not make it decorative?

The towel holder in this bathroom ties in beautifully with the faucets, while the towel adds a sense of comfort and luxury to the space. We look at more towel storage ideas in our dedicated feature.

5. Make bathroom accessories aesthetic and functional

Maximalist bathroom with countertops decorated with a vase of flowers and aa decorative soap dish

(Image credit: Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler)

If you're working with a smaller surface space for small bathroom ideas, or simply prefer a more minimalist look, adding decor that is both pretty and functional offers the perfect alternative. Consider the everyday items you describe as essentials and how you can make them work as decor.

Nowadays, you can find really aesthetic designs for once mundane items like soap dishes, toothbrush holders, or even hand wash and hand moisturizer dispensers. 'To help with decluttering a countertop and achieving a chic and minimalist look, opting for clever bathroom storage ideas like a soap and tumbler holder offers the perfect combination of style and utility,' says Mike Manders, CEO at Nôsa.

Look for pieces that feel at home in your bathroom scheme – timeless spaces might benefit from simple, elegant designs, whereas a more eclectic space would look elevated with bathroom accessories that feel more collected.

There are plenty of bathroom countertop decor ideas to add a stylish finish to your space without it feeling cluttered. Whether you opt for flowers and plants or keep things simple with aesthetic bathroom accessories, there's a decor style to suit every bathroom scheme. For more decorating inspiration, we explore ways to make a bathroom more luxurious.

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