Joey King's simple living room celebrates a minimalist style with refreshingly pared-back shelf styling – here's how to recreate her perfect design

The actress's living room is proof that you do not need excessive decoration to make a space look stylish. Her simple built-in shelves make all of the difference

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Joey King's living room is a masterclass in minimalist styling. This pared-back look has been growing in popularity over the last several years, and King's space is a perfect example of how to make it look warm and intentional. Her simplified built-in shelves are one of the biggest stand-outs in creating a minimalist look.

The Family Affair actress's living room ideas pursue a white and brown color scheme, beginning with the light hardwood floors stretching to bright white painted walls. Chocolate furniture and a dark wood fireplace, with antique carving marble insets and a mirror above, bring a sense of history to the space. Built-in shelves with houseplants on top add a lived-in feel without contributing clutter.

'Minimalist living room ideas can be so effective in a historic space like Joey King's,' says Jennifer Ebert, digital editor at Homes & Gardens. 'By leaving the shelves uncluttered, King's designer highlights the antique beauty of the fireplace and her high-quality hardwood floors. These materials really shine in a way that would be impossible in a more maximalist design.'

She continues, 'I love how she has chosen to adorn the living room shelving with just two plants: one on the top shelf and one on the bottom, keeping any necessary items like books in the cabinets beneath the built-ins. These plants coordinate perfectly with the decorative statues on the mantelpiece, working together to create a design that looks minimal but not spartan.'

To recreate Joey King's neutral living room ideas, first, think through your decorative objects to choose just a few favorites. In this case, she has displayed objects in sets of two and allocated different zones for plants and sculptures. Next, consider how you might display these objects with plenty of space. King's space prioritizes one item per shelf, but it's possible to create a look that is still minimalist with a few more items.

Shop the Shelving Edit

Introducing simple shelving with a houseplant and a piece of pottery will elevate your space without making it look overcrowded. These easy examples work to add a touch of unimposing color and would work especially well with natural wood shelves.

While there is a time and place for more maximalist decor ideas, minimalist shelf styling where you take a more slow and intentional approach, can still look just as beautiful. King's living room shows us the fewer decorative items on show, the more each one shines.

Sophie Edwards
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