Ashley Tisdale's coffee table blends rustic and refined aesthetics – mastering this emerging design movement

From tableware to light fixtures, biophilic design is in for 2024 – and the actress' organic modern piece is a pioneer in the trend

Ashley Tisdale
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Ashley Tisdale has been making a name for herself beyond the screen these last few years, entering the interior sector with her lifestyle and wellness brand, Frenshe. It makes sense, then, that the High School Musical star's own home is a trend-forward oasis, combining modern accents with timeless staple pieces.

Her living space, in particular, is thoughtfully curated to evoke a sense of calm. She seems to have an affinity towards coffee tables made of raw, organic, and natural materials, and we have to admit that it's rubbing off on us, too.

During the winter season, we tend to hibernate, and our homes become our sanctuaries from the cold. Bringing in pieces that are made of organic materials can create a natural ambience in even the most modern spaces; and to top it off, experts say it can improve mental health.

'There is strong evidence that the stronger our connection with nature, the happier we are,' says Michael Sillitoe, Design Manager at Nulty Bespoke. 'Yet our 'natural' habitat is increasingly an urban one. This is where biophilic design comes in, as it strives to counteract the effects of modern urban life by bringing nature into a space.'

Michael Sillitoe
Michael Sillitoe

Michael’s career has always involved the world of lighting and product design, beginning with a Bachelor of Arts in Product Design from Sheffield Hallam, and then moving on to get his MA in Design Products from the Royal College of Art.

He has produced luminaires and installations globally for the likes of Swarovski, David Gill Galleries and Isometrix. Michael loves to explore the challenges that light produces, especially where dynamic lighting technologies are concerned. All reasons as to why he is set to be a great fit for overseeing commissions and developing our collection of standard composition ranges.

When looking for organic pieces to incorporate into the home, unlearning what perfect pieces should look like is part of the process.

'The key to this sensibility is beautiful imperfections,' Michael says. 'Nature isn’t flawless; it’s a living and breathing entity, so design must reflect this.'

Seek out carved and crafted pieces, such as wood tables, which may have curves or markings that don't technically look 'perfect' but possess charm and a one-of-a-kind essence.

Beyond tables, Michael says organic materials are also trending within the lighting sphere, where designers are taking creative leaps using raw materials to create truly remarkable pieces.

'The prevalence of organic forms isn't new in the world of decorative lighting – flowing lines and shapes are timeless and lend themselves perfectly to beautifully realized schemes where chandeliers and pendants are used to create a focal point,' he says. 'But for 2024, the trend will truly deepen due to a growing appreciation for biophilic design and a desire to connect with the integrity of nature.'

Peruse our nature-inspired living room picks below.

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