Cher brings her neutral bedroom to life with a boutique hotel-inspired feature that's 'taking center stage' for 2024

Designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, the singer's sleep space blends soothing hues with a statement (and on-trend) Moorish feature

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Few homes possess the grandeur of Cher's Moorish Malibu estate, curated by Martyn Lawrence Bullard to fit a unique design ethos. 'When you have somebody who is so free with their design intentions, you can create amazing fantasies. In the current reiteration of her home, she said: ''I'm a Buddhist behaving badly.'' When these people give you that kind of description, you can get very inspirational,' Bullard reveals in an exclusive interview with H&G. So where does a Buddhist behaving badly sleep? In a Moroccan-inspired bedroom where a statement bedhead takes center stage.

Bold headboards are synonymous with design-led hotels and the most maximalist of homes – but when paired with neutrals (as in Cher's case), they can translate to every style of home. We can't all have a mansion on the scale of her abode, but we can still draw inspiration from her sleep space, starting with her attention-demanding headboard.

In her neutral bedroom (seen in the third photo of the carousel below), Cher introduced an intricate, silver-hued headboard above her cream bed. The ornate nature of the piece makes a statement against the off-white colored walls but doesn't overpower the space and it's a decorating technique that's just as replicable on a smaller scale.

'Adding an opulent headboard can instantly elevate the bedroom into a beautifully styled space,' comments Georgia Metcalfe, the creative director and founder at French Bedroom.

'Choose one upholstered in tactile fabrics such as velvet to add a more luxurious look and feel. While the beauty of a curvier-shaped headboard will create further interest in the space, I also say the bigger the headboard, the better, for that real wow factor.'

Headboards are no new phenomenon, having famously adorned the walls of the most prestigious residences for centuries. However, as Metcalfe explains, 2024 is the year we are particularly seeing a headboard resurgence starting with a patterned piece like the one in Cher's bedroom.

'Patterned headboards will take center stage in bedrooms as a striking focal point to style around,' she explains. 'To incorporate in your own room, consider working against a neutral color palette to let the pattern speak for itself. For a more eclectic approach, take the pattern and run with it! Mirror the headboard through similarly styled rugs, bedspreads, and cushions.'

Bedroom with textured, cream painted walls, headboard with natural, black and cream woven design, white bed linen with orange cushion and patterned throw, black and wood bedside table, low hanging pendant light with cream fabric shade.

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With approval from design and sleep experts alike, this Cher-inspired piece has the ability to elevate even the most minimalist of bedrooms. It may come as no surprise, though, that the entirety of the singer's home is just as inspiring. Bullard's book (available below) offers an in-depth look around the Malibu abode (alongside the homes of other celebrity clients, including Kendall Jenner and Ellen Pompeo.

'It's been a pretty amazing journey. I have to say I'm very, very lucky to experience and be part of that,'

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