Chrissy Teigen's take on the 'slab backsplash' trend is the most luxurious we've seen – her look is both decorative and functional

Practicality meets pure, indulgent style in this Jake Arnold-designed space – one that is ahead of one of 2024's most talked-about kitchen trends

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Last year was the era of earthy-hued cabinets and unusually shaped islands, but this 2024, our backsplash is taking center stage.

The aptly-named 'slab backsplash' (involving a single, continuous piece of material to cover the space behind our countertops) is leading the revolution, but in some cases, some of our favorite celebrity kitchens experimented with the aesthetic long before it was a certified trend. Zendaya, Jennifer Aniston, and Chrissy Teigen, we're looking at you.

The latter space, designed by Jake Arnold, is one of the most impressive examples we've seen to date – spanning not only the space above her countertops – but the entirety of her back wall. And, if the scale of this kitchen backsplash isn't impressive enough, its veined marble aesthetic adds further luxury and drama to the space.

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Teigen's large, marble piece is a statement twist on the conventional splashback, but we can still incorporate drama in our kitchens without needing to invest in such luxury. Decorating with marble will always be among the most powerful ways to elevate our spaces, but as Devin Shaffer, the lead designer at Decorilla explains, it's possible to follow suit with less expensive materials.

Plus, while changing our backsplash will always be something of an investment, the practicality and style of this feature make it worth the change in the end.

'Slab backsplashes are such a practical way of form and function. Their original job was to protect walls from splashes and steam from cooking but they inevitably became a great way of adding a touch of decor and style to kitchens. I personally love them, I think they are decorative and functional at the same time. So it’s not like you’re buying an extra piece of furniture or decoration. Something else has to be on the wall either way, so might as well make it your own,' Shaffer comments.

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While Teigen's space is far from compact, Shaffer explains that this kitchen trend is particularly beneficial to small spaces.

'Clients find it hard to incorporate different materials and mix and match due to the size constraint. That’s when I come in and more often than not, suggest slab backsplashes,' he notes. 'There are different materials, colors, styles, and shapes that you can play with. And that’s the fun thing about them, you can get creative with them and see them as this new touch that will be added to your kitchen.'

However, whatever the size of our kitchen – and whatever material we chose – we can rest easy that this feature is refreshingly low maintence. 'They're just easy and simple to clean. Low-maintenance stuff is what we’re all looking for nowadays. We have busy schedules, a fast-paced life, and there’s nothing better than just investing your time wisely,' Shaffer says.

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