Christie Brinkley's muted blue cabinets instill a 'sense of tranquillity and relaxation' in her eclectic kitchen

Painted cabinets in the model's kitchen create an atmosphere that is both calming and chic, thanks to a mix of modern and antique accents

Christine Brinkley
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Colorful kitchen cabinets are a design trick that can instantly brighten any space. Hue choice, however, can determine the overall ambiance of the room – a vibrant yellow takes a sunny approach, while a deep green is modern and refined. We are inclined to say that blue is a happy medium – subtly invigorating, yet bespoke in nature, the color suits a variety of kitchen design trends.

Christie Brinkley's whimsical kitchen is proof. The supermodel recently posted a photo of her drinking wine at her marble dining table, with a stacked bookshelf, gallery wall, and light blue painted cabinets behind her, creating a cozy yet refined feel. 

A popular color in bedrooms and bathrooms, blue's calming properties make it a go-to for those looking to create an oasis in their home. Those of us looking to translate that sense of calm into the kitchen can place our bets on decorating with blue to get the job done.

'Blue is renowned for its ability to instill a sense of tranquillity and relaxation,' says Nina Lichtenstein, Founder and Principal Home Designer of her eponymous company. 'Lighter shades like sky blue or aqua evoke a beachy, coastal vibe, perfect for a breezy and laid-back kitchen atmosphere. Deeper blues such as navy or indigo bring depth and sophistication, creating a more dramatic and cozy feel.'

Blue kitchens are all about balance, Lichtenstein says, and as such she suggests allowing the painted cabinets to serve as the main focal point while infusing other elements with more subtle shades.

'Balance darker blue cabinets with lighter countertops and backsplashes to keep the space feeling open and airy,' she recommends. 'Introduce blue through smaller accents such as decorative vases, tableware, or kitchen linens. Mix and match different shades of blue to create depth and visual interest.'

A kitchen with dark blue cabinets and marble backsplash

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Beyond colors, other considerations when styling around blue paint include textured materials and lighting.

'Enhance the calming effect of blue by incorporating natural materials such as wood or rattan furniture, woven baskets, or potted plants,' Lichtenstein suggests. 'Choose light fixtures in matte black or brass finishes to complement blue and create a cohesive look.'

We love the antique, brass picture frames on Brinkley's gallery wall, and marble table, as they provide visual interest and contrast from the solid blue cabinets. We also can't help but shout out her eclectic bookshelf in the backdrop – reminding us that the most beautiful kitchens are simultaneously the most personal. 

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