Courteney Cox's headboard makes a grounding statement thanks to its natural and timeless material

Design experts say that large and dramatic headboards are having a moment – with the ability to transform bedrooms

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Bed styling comprises of many elements, but perhaps the most considered three are linens, pillows, and mattresses. However, we are inclined to argue that the headboard should have a top spot as a key part of any good bed set-up. The crown of the bed and headboards can provide dramatic impact (or alternatively, soften) any space, and as such, they should be chosen thoughtfully.

Our latest headboard inspiration comes from none other than Courteney Cox. The Friends alum and Homecourt founder recently shared a photo to her Instagram page in partnership with her homeware line, and we were instantly taken by her dark, wood headboard. Imperfect, with scuffs and wavy markings, the rich headboard adds a natural touch to her all-white bed scheme.

While the choice of a wood material draws from current, nature-inspired trends such as organic modern and Japandi, experts say that in general, a headboard can and should evoke a specific mood, with headboard ideas ultimately being up to personal preference.

'Adding an opulent headboard can instantly elevate the bedroom into a beautifully styled space,' says Georgia Metcalfe, Creative Director and Founder at French Bedroom. 'Choose one that is upholstered in tactile fabrics such as velvet to add a more luxurious look and feel. While the beauty of a curvier-shaped headboard will create further interest in the space, I also say the bigger the headboard, the better, for that real wow factor.'

Cox has clearly adhered to the large-scale tactic, with the headboard taking up most of the wall space.

Wood is a highly popular choice for bedroom furnishings of all kinds, from dressers to floors, for good reason: it's highly versatile, durable, and timeless.

According to Neel Bradham CEO of flooring brand Parador, wood 'not only lends natural warmth and depth to your home, but it also offers several practical benefits. The deep tones create a cozy atmosphere, bringing richness and contrast to a room.'

In terms of styling around a wood headboard, our editor, Jennifer Ebert, says that monochrome linens are a great choice.

'Courteney Cox's all-white sheets add a crisp contrast to the rich, wood headboard and evoke the organic modern trend,' she states. 'However, the beauty of wood is that it complements practically any color; neutrals are always a safe bet, or you could try another calming hue, like a sky blue or a sage green.'

Below, we have sourced a wood headboard that makes a subtle statement in the bedroom.

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