Diplo's living room is the perfect combination of industrial and rustic charm – experts say it's the 'ultimate chill-out space'

The living space in the DJ's home is a delicious blend of natural textures and materials – the eclectic look is oh-so inviting

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Great interior design rarely occurs when all of the arrows point in the same direction. Instead, the magic happens when a mixture of seemingly competing themes, materials, and motifs come together to create something cohesive yet completely unexpected. Diplo's home strikes this perfect balance.

The music producer and DJ's living room is a strong example of this principle. It unites urban and natural design in an original and pared-back way. The space features a gray velvet sectional, wooden barrel chairs, and a low granite coffee table. Concrete walls and natural stone floors give the room a cool, grounded feel. Though we would not expect to see this variety of pieces together in one space, the overall effect is stunning.

Contrast is a key element of what makes the rustic living room work so well. Melissa Read, London-based Principal Designer at Studio Burntwood tells Homes & Gardens: 'This space combines industrial and rustic charm, resulting in an ambiance that is both contemporary and timeless. Textures play a crucial role here, beginning with the stone flooring that anchors the room. At its heart, a substantial stone coffee table stands as a centerpiece, beautifully contrasted by carved wooden armchairs. The scattered floor cushions add a playful, eclectic touch.'

She continues, 'Each piece of furniture and styling feels personal and deliberately chosen as if it was collected over time. Natural woods are a recurring theme, from the armchairs to the accessories. The concrete walls, with their raw, unpolished finish, add an industrial decor edge. This living room is the ultimate chill-out space, balancing a playful vibe with a grounding sense of comfort.'

melissa read of burntwood studio
Melissa Read

Melissa Read is a leading Interior Designer and Founder of Studio Burntwood, a London-based interior design studio, specializing in luxury residential design for clients across the UK and globally. Their focus is on crafting timeless spaces that enhance clients' lifestyles.

This contrast comes through a mix of materials, design styles, and shapes. Nicholas Kaiko, Principal Designer at Kaiko Design Interiors says: 'The living room showcases a blend of textures, each contributing to a cohesive and somewhat dynamic aesthetic. The formed concrete walls provide a raw, industrial feel and a stark yet elegant backdrop. This contrasts beautifully with the “crazy paving” floor, which introduces an organic, almost mid-century texture.'

Nicholas Kaiko
Nicholas Kaiko

Nicholas Kaiko, founder of Kaiko Design Interiors, is a highly sought-after interior designer based in Sydney, Australia. With over a decade of experience in the interior design industry, Nic has honed his skills as an interior architect and decorator, working on luxury hotels and high-end residential projects both locally and internationally.

He goes on, 'The irregular stone patterns bring a tactile richness that complements the smooth, sleek surfaces of the concrete. The carved solid timber chairs add an artisanal touch, introducing warmth and a natural element to the space. Their sculptural forms stand out against the more subdued, natural tones of the other materials. The vast green backdrop just outside enhances this textural diversity, softening harder elements and connecting you to the exterior.'

The varied living room colors are another element that makes Diplo's space feel so special. Kaiko says: 'The black window frames and select furniture pieces introduce a deliberate, high-contrast effect. This sparing use of black highlights key architectural features and adds a modern edge to the overall design. The presence of timber, with its warm, natural hues, infuses the space with a sense of comfort and groundedness, balancing the cooler tones of the concrete and stone.'

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Diplo's living room is the perfect inspiration for artfully combining textures, shapes and materials. Contrast isn't something to be afraid of, the best designers run towards it with open arms.

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