Drew Barrymore just designed an accent chair versatile enough to work in every type of living room

The actress wants to create the things she 'wants to see in the world' and this chair is our favorite result

Drew Barrymore and large fabric coffee table in cream
(Image credit: Beautiful by Drew Barrymore)

When launching her brand, Beautiful, Drew Barrymore announced that she wanted to create the things she hoped to see in the world – and, so far, her designs haven't disappointed. 

From kitchen appliances to coffee tables, the actress has slowly started influencing every corner of our home, and her new accent chair is the latest piece to rightfully demand a place somewhere among our four walls. 

The Wrap Me Up Accent Chair is described as the perfect blend of style and comfort – crafted with a sturdy wood frame that will withstand years of usage because of course, a neutral piece like this is unlikely to ever fall out of fashion. And the most surprising part of all? It's less than $200.

After launching the Beautiful by Drew living room collection, the actress emphasized her mission to make everybody's home even more aesthetic – and this is made possible through her surprisingly low price points.

'I've always believed that you shouldn't have to spend a lot of money in order to create a space you love, and I want to help you do just that,' she comments.

As the name suggests, an accent chair is there to make a statement in any space we may choose. Typically, this is the living room, but we're also no strangers to bringing a piece into the bedroom, or even our entryway, for that instant first impression. Wherever we make the (small) investment, however, knowing how to style this accent chair is key. 

'Unnatural positioning can make an accent chair stand out for all the wrong reasons. If an accent piece feels like it's been put into the space carelessly, the whole room will be thrown off and feel in-cohesive,' says Kelly Collins, an interior designer and head of creative at Swyft.

'Instead, experiment with an object you have of a similar size, moving it around the space to test for appearance and continuity. Mark it out, or leave it in the space for a while and see how it feels. Getting used to the new room makeup will fill you with confidence before you even make the purchase.'

Interior Designer
Kelly Collins
Interior Designer
Kelly Collins

Kelly Collins is a trained interior designer and head of creative at the sofa company Swyft. Her role involves observing sofa trends and working with designers and influencers to create spaces anchored by beautiful furniture. 

Before investing, Kelly also urges us to decide on a primary purpose for our accent chair, wherever it may be. 

'We all have a reason for wanting things, so make sure you ask yourself this upon purchasing an accent chair,' she says. 

'Decide the function of yours and let that dictate its placement in your home. If it's for further seating and socializing, make it an attractive place to sit rather than banished to an unfriendly corner. But, if it's just for show, find the best place to make your interiors pop.'

Plus, we can't forget where Beautiful started: in the kitchen. We've Drew's iconic air fryer below.

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Beautiful 6-Quart Touchscreen Air Fryer |was $79.00, now $69.00 at Walmart
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