Drew Barrymore's 'viral' living room seating is the perfect neutral color – and it keeps selling out

Invest in the viral chair that is comfortable enough to sink into – but is versatile enough to go with anything in your home

Drew Barrymore
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Since 2021, Drew Barrymore has turned her attention away from the silver screen to focus on her retail empire, which is growing at a rapid rate. Once again, it proves that the actress, TV host, author and entrepreneur is a force of nature when creating a trusted household brand. 

You may have already spotted her kitchen appliances and gadgets line – Beautiful by Drew Barrymore – in Walmart stores up and down the United States. But, for us, Drew Barrymore cemented her furniture design status with the launch of the social media-famous swivel chair in 2023. Since its highly-anticipated release, the Swivel Chair has been a best-seller for her brand, often going out of stock just as quickly as it is being restocked. 

We've already spoken at great length about her fantastic furniture range, but Beautiful by Drew Barrymore has just launched our favorite living room seating in the most versatile neutral color of them all – gray. This sultry shade goes with every color and can be used to add depth and sophistication to any room.

Beautiful by Drew Barrymore Swiwel Chair

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Elegant and timeless in their simplicity, gray room ideas will always be a hugely versatile and popular room color scheme. Of all the neutrals, gray is the one that instantly brings gravitas. 

Decorating with gray also comes with many other benefits, too. Using gray furniture and furnishings in the home, especially deeper iterations is calming and can add depth and dimension to a room. In psychology, it represents peace and balance which is so important within a home. It’s practical, simple and reliable.

'Gray harmonizes well with almost every other hue, making it a most adaptable neutral and giving good reason for its popularity, says Helen Shaw, director at Benjamin Moore. 

Gray tones can make a lovely palette for a living space as they exude a sense of calm, believes Charu Gandhi, founder and director of Elicyon. ‘Gray shouldn’t be considered boring or cold; there are ways to make it feel warm and a focal point, either with fabrics and finishings. While in previous years cool grays alongside silver and high gloss tones were fashionable, we are using deeper, darker greys or even near-blacks in some of our homes. These richer tones envelop you as you enter the room and add coziness.’

Treat gray as a neutral and layer it with darker and lighter tones, including plenty of texture and some accent pattern. It offers schemes a sanctuary of calm. Consider pairing it with contrasting colors, too. Designer Vanessa Arbuthnott believes ‘many sage greens, softer pinks, and warm blues’ work wonderfully as complementary colors.

Sophisticated and nuanced, the easy-to-live-with shade of charcoal gray on Drew Barrymore's Swivel Chair (from Walmart) will shine in spaces both modern and country in style.

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