Eva Longoria's dining room is a lesson in longevity and simplicity – rooted in this design aesthetic

Wood dining furniture makes this space feel calmer and warmer during the coolest (and most sociable) seasons

Eva Longoria
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It seems that Scandi-style has no sign of slowing down, with the minimalist trend taking over spaces from our kitchens to our bedrooms. Eva Longoria is hopping on the Scandi train with her own spin on the coveted design in her dining room – and we are into it.

The actress posted a photo of her minimal wood dining set, including a table and set of chairs in a light finish, matching her wood-paneled glass doors and framed painting.

During times like the winter, when coziness is a priority, this Scandinavian decor becomes even more desirable with warm and simple elements to incorporate into the home. However, it's appeal is no surprise to experts.

'Scandinavian design tends to prioritize longevity, simplicity, and sustainability over any desire to keep up with the latest interior trends or newest must-have items,' says Catharina Björkman, Scandi interiors expert at Contura. 

'Such priorities reflect wider Scandinavian philosophies such as lagom, a concept rooted in the belief that balance and moderation are central to happiness, and friluftsliv, which emphasizes the importance (and benefits) of spending time in nature. It is therefore unsurprising that Scandinavian homes often feature natural, minimalist, and timeless interiors, with the belief that all such elements will help to foster a happy, peaceful environment, perfect for the home – which should act as a haven.'

Catharina Bjorkman
Catharina Björkman

Scandinavian lifestyle expert Catharina Björkman is Style Director at Contura – the Swedish wood burning stove brand.

Natural wood furniture, like Eva's table and chairs, enhances the peaceful ambiance within a home. It's worth noting, though, that any natural materials will have a similar impact, so the choice is limitless. 

'Wood, bamboo, and natural stone are ideal and sustainable choices for incorporating solid, rustic, and smooth surfaces into each room,' Catharina says. 'Add softer textures using plant fibers and natural fabrics amongst other eco-friendly materials. Think velvety cashmere blankets, light cotton lampshades, fluffy wool rugs, woven jute baskets, seagrass placemats, reed baskets, and cork pinboards.'

dining room with white walls woven chairs and oval wooden table

A similar space to Eva Longoria's dining room

(Image credit: Amy Bartlam)

When we incorporate sustainable styles into our homes, we can also do so knowing that we are doing something beneficial for the planet.

'Wood is also one of the most sustainable materials. Living trees absorb carbon dioxide and are also able to be replanted again and again,' Catharina explains. 'More specifically, hardwood tree varieties – such as ash, chestnut, or oak – produce high-density and, consequently, extremely durable wood, an ideal material to use for larger surfaces and objects, such as flooring, wardrobes, and shelves. The long lifespan and low maintenance nature of hardwood make it well-worth the investment.'

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