Jessica Biel uses this quietly luxurious statement piece to invite calmness and beauty into her bathroom

The actress' bathroom ushers in tranquil energy with a warm, opulent bathtub design. The look will never go out of style, according to interior designers

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Jessica Biel swears by bathing in 20 pounds of Epsom salt for its calming benefits. Though she credits the magnesium in the soaking salt for her sense of total relaxation, we think there's another mineral in her bathroom helping to create total tranquility: the marble in her bathtub.

The Candy actress's bathroom is a masterclass in quiet luxury. Her space celebrates the simplicity of natural materials and muted colors; from the white walls to the simple silver hardware against modern lines, the room revels in understated opulence. What stands out the most about the space is the large white and gray marble tiles that line Biel's shower and bathtub. The effect around the bathtub is especially effective, as the architect has built a nook around it, giving the space an extra cozy and intentional feel.

The combination of colors and materials used in Biel's bathtub idea is lauded for its positive psychological effects. Jennifer Ebert, interiors expert and digital editor at Homes & Gardens, states: 'Gray is one of the most tranquil colors you can use to decorate your home. Because of its cool blue undertones, the shade is naturally calming.'


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She continues, 'The fact that the gray comes through this space in marble has further relaxing effects. Scientists have long documented the positive impacts of spending time around materials that come from the earth, and this beautiful, earthy stone is the perfect way to bring that principle into your space.'

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Furthermore, this quiet luxury look is never going to go out of style. Ebert states: 'Though the quiet luxury style has been a huge trend over the past year, the tenets of the style, which include neutral colors, high-quality materials, and understated but chic design, are classics. Biel's bathroom will be on-trend for the rest of time.

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Though redoing the entire bathtub on a whim is out of reach for most, it does not mean you cannot recreate the relaxing effects of Biel's bathroom in other ways. One simple, low-investment method to add gray marble to your bathroom is through accessories made of the stunning material. Here are a few of our favorites.

Jessica Biel's bathroom design is simple, but effective. Marble bathrooms are one of the most stylish and timeless looks ever, and they might even help boost your mood.

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