Jessica Simpson's entryway experiments with a painting technique that's risky but powerful (when done right)

Jessica's two-story Christmas tree makes a statement in her entryway – but we were distracted by a quirk that will transcend the holidays

Jessica Simpson
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Jessica Simpson is the latest figure to unveil her Christmas decorations, and in true celebrity style, they're impressive. 

The singer shared her two-story tree, dressed in abundant silver and white ornaments, with the world – and of course, her display is something to note. However, we admit, despite the festivities, we were slightly distracted by her backdrop – or, more specifically, her two-toned painting technique – that makes a powerful statement beside her staircase. 

Jessica has experimented with both a dark navy blue (on the bottom half of her wall) and a rich turquoise (on the top) to create an illusionary effect that's hard not to admire. This bold entryway paint trick is somewhat visible in all her photos but is best seen in the third image of her photo carousel below.

Jessica's two-toned technique demonstrates perfect symmetry and a color scheme that complements her space – the latter of which is particularly important for allowing this technique to work successfully. This paint trick can be risky, but when done correctly, it pays off. Vancouver-based designer Keely Smith agrees. 

'I've been working as an interior designer for over ten years now, so two-toned walls are something I've had experience with on past projects,' Keely notes.

'They're a great way to add some visual pop to a space. Rather than a plain, fully-painted wall, contrasting the top and bottom sections with different colors makes the space more engaging and dynamic. This technique also allows you to experiment with color combinations without fully committing to them. If you're unsure about a color or want flexibility later on – a half-painted wall is a lower commitment option.'

Keely Smith
Keely Smith

Keely Smith is an interior designer expert and artist at Home Stratosphere, a leading interior design studio in North Vancouver, BC. With over 10 years of experience, she's helped numerous businesses and individuals realize their interior design goals. 

It's perhaps no surprise that Jessica Simpson's home showcases an array of architectural assets, including spiral stairs and large window panes that stretch from the wooden floor to the ceiling. Keely explains that her two-toned painting allows Jessica to accentuate her home's architectural features  – but it's possible in every property, whatever characteristics we're working with.

'Two-toned walls are great for emphasizing architectural features too. Painting above and below a chair rail or window can draw the eye to focal points like high ceilings or unique molding. This is an easy way to make a statement.' she says. In small entryways, this trick has the power to 'manipulate' the space. 

'Using a darker shade on the lower half can create the illusion of more height in a room and make it feel larger than it is,' she explains.

Two toned paint

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Lastly, from a maintenance perspective, half-painted walls are also beneficial. 

'They require less paint compared to a fully covered wall. And because only a portion is the contrasting hue, the overall wall is easier to clean if scuffs or marks occur over time,' Keely says.

'Some of my favorite combinations include cream and turquoise, which creates a fresh modern look, crisp gray and white for powder rooms, or darker pink below with light off-white above to disguise wear and fingerprints in high-traffic areas.'

And, paint aside, just for the moment, we think Jessica's Christmas decorations also deserve a moment in the sun. We're tapping into her look with these picks below. 

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