Kendall Jenner's warm, welcoming living room wall decor is a masterclass in how to choose artwork

The art in Kendall Jenner's LA home is the perfect choice for her space – experts weigh in on decorating with art the right way

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Kendall Jenner's stylish white living room is anything but boring. Though neutrals feature heavily in the socialite's space, she uses varied materials to add visual interest to the room.

Jenner's living room idea, created by Clements Design, is awash with a mix of materials. The dark floors are upholstered in a soft white rug. Boucle chairs and a sofa surround a marble coffee table. On the wall, wooden painted panels create a gorgeous, naturally inspired contrast to the modernity of the space. This piece of art grounds and centers the space.

Art experts laud how Kendall has decorated her living room walls. Katharine Earnhardt, Founder of Mason Lane Art Advisory states: 'Clements Design selected a piece that certainly highlights the height in the space and nods to the organic surrounding design elements. More importantly though, if Kendall connects with the piece - its materiality, structure, story, and the characters shown in it, then that makes it perfectly suited for this intimate social area of her living room.'

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Furthermore, the choice of a wooden piece particularly compliments Kendall's neutral living room. 'Wood has a softer look and feel that creates a warm, welcoming energy, which is particularly appealing in the home,' Earnhardt says. She continues, 'Many artists who work with wood also consider the story of the wood and how it can be repurposed. This fuels their artistic practice and informs how and what they create.

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Katharine Earnhardt

Earnhardt is the Founder of Mason Lane Art Advisory Services with offices across the US and Canada. With nearly 20 years of experience in the art world, Katharine has an in-depth knowledge of art, business, and entrepreneurship. She has worked at the Museum of Modern Art, Christie’s Inc, and Gurr Johns, conducting extensive research on art value and investment. Katharine has a dual degree in Art History and Economics from Williams College and a Master's in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art.

Choosing art for your home can be difficult, but following the guidance laid out by Kendall's space makes it much easier. Earnhardt tells Homes & Gardens: 'Select artwork that connects with you on a personal level. Instead of considering whether you love it or hate it, consider whether it's interesting to you. This exercise enables you to develop a greater awareness for what makes you tick. If you acquire works aligned with that understanding, you'll end up with meaningful pieces that speak to you in the long term.'

Glen Hardwick-Bruce, expert at Art world advisory group adds: 'When choosing art for a living room, it's important to consider the overall aesthetic and function of the space.' He continues, 'Choose artwork that complements the existing decor style. For example, a modern living room might benefit from contemporary art, while a traditional space might suit classic paintings or prints. Take measurements of the wall space where the art will be displayed and choose pieces that fit well proportionally. Oversized artwork can make a bold statement, while smaller pieces can be grouped together for visual interest.'

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Glen Hardwick-Bruce

Glen founded Art World Advisory Group where he offers bespoke education, curated tours, and advisory services. Before starting his own venture, he was the Director of Continuing Education at Christie's Education for 12 Years. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Archaeology and Communications and a Master’s degree in Ancient Art and Architecture.

He concludes, 'Ultimately, choose artwork that speaks to you personally. Whether it's a favorite artist, a meaningful subject, or simply a piece that brings you joy, selecting art that you love will enhance your enjoyment of the living room.'

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Unique, personalized pieces are what makes Kendall Jenner's living room feel so comforting and cozy. Vintage pieces that incorporate natural materials will lend a similar feel.

Kendall Jenner's space is more evidence that decorating to the beat of your own drummer can never be a bad thing. When you choose decor that you love, the effects can be amazing.

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